1. Valö by Night [8:21] MP3 soundclip of Valo by night [3:00]
  2. After the Stripper [9:34] MP3 soundclip of After the stripper [3:00]
Special limited edition CD single, signed and numbered, 500 copies.
This single was available on E-Live '98 and sold for 10 guilders. The remaining copies were normally sold.
Both tracks are not and will not become available on any other CD. "Valö by Night" was recorded during our concert in Sweden and is an improvisation.

"After the Stripper" was recorded on a private party of one of our customers. He's a big fan of Ron and wanted him to play during his retirement's party.
Many people asked about the name of the title... and the answer is YES... Several nice and unexpected things happened during the party :-)

The party started early at night and lasted till early in the morning (around 05:00 if I remember correctly).
During the party we almost continually performed. Partly with a backing tape and partly totally improvised. This piece is totally improvised and based on a preset-loop in one of my synths. Ron and Harold improvise on this loop.

2003. Kees Aerts "E-Live 98" is a concert set by BAH - Ron Boots, Kees Aerts and Harold van der Heijden. It was totally improvised at a private party and on the island of Valo in Sweden.
It is a mini CD and is available in a limited edition (500 copies).

Despite his limited discography, bright and innovative moments like this heighten the anticipation for Kees' next release, tentatively due in (ARGHHHH!) 2002.
The first piece introduces the festivities. The second piece, presumably a second act, followed another entertaining interlude. Difficult as it is to imagine, "After the Stripper" is the perfect music to encourage relaxation after such an uplifting (sorry!) event.

This is a cool CD. The good folks at Groove Unlimited (Kees and Ron) are experts at knowing what to release and when.
This collector's item is a winner!

Jim Brenholts This is a numbered, limited edition of 500 copies and the review copy is signed so I'm presuming that so are the rest. Both tracks are advertised as "not being rehearsed, both were born during the concerts".

The first track ‘Valö by Night’ was recorded at their Swedish concert and primarily consists of lengthy synth leads backed by a heavy drum beat and bass laden sequencing. Initially it takes a while for all the timing to click but eventually it does turn out to be a reasonable outing.
‘After the Stripper’ was recorded live during a private party (sounds like my kind of party) and slots into chill out mode with a laid back rhythm and some cool melodics which sound remarkably cohesive for an improv piece.