1. Snowhedges, Winter Coldness [14:02]
  2. Snowplaines, Frozen Leaves [7:50] MP3 soundclip of Snowplaines, Frozen Leaves [3:00]
  3. April Breeze [4:45]
  4. Blossom awakes [7:23] MP3 soundclip of Blossom awakes [3:00]
  5. Spring Birds [6:24] MP3 soundclip of Spring Birds [3:00]
  6. Thunderstorm, Lightning [8:55]
  7. Summerwind [6:32]
  8. Northwind, Leaves fall - and days grow short [14:20]
Remastered music from his 1987 C-90 cassette.
(The cd is also available in a box with an extensive 56 page booklet with lots of photo's, biography and discography.)

The last track from the original cassette "Swallows Passing" is on the CD "Odds & Ends" because it didn't fit on this CD.
All tracks are carefully cleaned and valvenized to bring the music to nowadays standard but with preservation of the original feeling.
No overdubs or additional music is added. "Wind in the Trees" features 70 minutes of music originating from 1988. Arctic winter plays a strong part in this music, producing a prominent chill with these intertwining of ambient textures and more active keyboards. Most of these tracks feature lively E-perc that attributes a joyful quality to the freezing tunes.
The melodies are similarly infused with more pep, as rhythmic riffs command more of the mix, drowning the ambience with their emotional harmonies.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity "Wind in the Trees" is a brighter and gentler album of Ron Boots electronica.

It is also more rhythmic than his previous efforts and less atmospheric. The soundscapes are thick and dense. The rhythms are steady and subtle. They hold the flow together without driving or dominating the album. This is fresh rhythmic ambience.

It stands up to the new millennium very well!

Jim Brenholts