1. The Stand [15:53] MP3 soundclip of The stand [3:01]
  2. Goodbye [6:13]
  3. The Amber Sage [8:26] MP3 soundclip of The amber sage [3:00]
  4. Khazad Dum [8:37]
  5. Morannon [5:53]
  6. Paths of Death [14:32]

    Bonus track:
  7. Mojave [11:34] MP3 soundclip of Mojave (bonus track) [2:59]
Remastered music from his 1989 C-60 cassette.
(The cd is also available in a box with an extensive 56 page booklet with lots of photo's, biography and discography.)

"Mojave" is from the Synteam cassette "Cycles of Nature".
All tracks are carefully cleaned and valvenized to bring the music to nowadays standard but with preservation of the original feeling.
No overdubs or additional music is added. "Bookworks" features 69 minutes of music originating from 1989. A single bonus track has been added. Here, Boots mixes sedately meditative tones with somber, almost haunting tuneage, generating a rich flow that calms with a touch of expectancy. E-perc again plays a part, but continues to remain unobtrusive.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity "Bookworks" marked many ends and beginnings for Ron Boots. Its release coincides with the birth of his first child. He also lost a dear friend whom he remembers and honors with "Goodbye," a fittingly dramatic and somber dirge and drone.
The album is also marked with Ron's signature Berlin school sequences and his gentle ambience. The bonus track is a true oddity. "Mojave" might be the only desert ambience piece written and performed in the Berlin school sequencer style.

It is cool and it works!

Jim Brenholts