1. E-drive [8:25] MP3 soundclip of E-Drive [3:00]
  2. Interpolation [2:59]
  3. Foreign affairs [2:47]
  4. Moravian moondance [6:50]
  5. Niobe [6:02]
  6. Travelin' Lite [6:19] MP3 soundclip of Travelin` lite [3:00]
  7. Hillside [1:43]
  8. Alexander+ [2:53]
  9. Aspherical [8:38] MP3 soundclip of Aspherical [3:00]
  10. Gathering of the elders [7:33]
  11. Die faktore / parallax [12:05]
  12. Nocturned [7:14]
"A synthesizer is not an "imitator" of sounds, on the contrary, it has added total new colors of tones to the musical environment of today." This is what Dutchman Dirk H.J. Nusink says in the booklet of "Tranzversal", after "Voyage" his second CD as his musical outing Tranzit. Which lover of electronic music can argue with him? He also says, "Synthesizer or - E.M. music - is timeless, and not attached to any trend or fashion." Well, this is surely where this album is all about.
Nusink creates electronic music which is really is not attached by any trend or fashion. He doesn’t pinpoint on one style of electronic music but uses elements from all the known genres. You can say, this leads to a totally new style of electronic music, perhaps to be called "Tranzit-electronic music". From the progressive/symphonic sounds in "E-Drive" with its sparkling analog solo, "Moriavian Moondance" and "Niobe" to the more traditional retro-sounding "Travellin’ Lite" with its soft sequence and "Alexander+" via the spacey sounding "Aspherical" and "Gathering Of The Elders" to the experiments in "Interpolation" and "Die Faktorei/Parallax". You can hear it on "Tranzversal".
"Tranzversal" is a perfect album for those who can’t or won’t specialize themselves on style alone in electronic music but who don’t have the money to try everything out. "Tranzversal" has it all!

2000. Press information This one caught me by surprise. I hadn't heard of Tranzit. I would have expected some "buzz" on the internet about a CD I like this much. There is nothing particularly original or groundbreaking here, but it's very fine melodic EM, just the same.

The very upbeat "E-Drive" gets things going quickly, but it's the mellower numbers that follow that really set this disc apart for me. "Moravian Moodance," one of my favourites, is a gently piece of atmospherics, reminiscent of the softer tracks on Ron Boots' earlier work, such as "Ghost Of A Mist" or "Detachment Of Worldy Affairs". "Travelin' Lite" is another spacey, airy track with a very similar feel. Not so coincidentally I suspect, Boots did the final compilation and mastering. The disc has a really nice flow to it. Longer pieces are bridged by several shorter tracks, each track transitioning smoothly into the next. For example, "Hillside" runs under two minutes, but the beautiful electric harp sound and assorted electronics makes for a great momentary diversion between the tracks surrounding it. Some might consider songs like "Niobe" a little lightweight, but I find them so pleasant that it doesn't matter that all the edges are perfectly rounded and smooth. The music is comfortable, yet assured. Though the music mostly is low key, some higher energy surfaces toward the end, such as "Aspherical," which has a very cool, bubbly sequence running through it. "Parallax," which again sounds very much like Ron Boots, is an excellent mid tempo piece with great balance between the rhythms, sequencing, and textures. The last track, "Nocturned," seems a bit bland. It tries to bring the disc to an emotional, epic conclusion, but doesn't quite work.

Still, I thought the rest of the disc was really very good, and I'll look forward to hearing more from Tranzit.

2000. Phil Derby / Sequences Magazine Tranzit is Dutch musician Dirk H. J. Nusink who creates melodic music which is sometimes rhythmic, sometimes more ambient. Dirk's talent is evident on pieces like "E-Drive", "Travelin' Lite", "Hill Side" and "Alexander+" from Tranzversal.
Just listen to the brilliant sparkling solo on the first track "E-Drive". This is simply superb stuff, very well done. "Hill Side" is very unique, featuring electric harp sounds coupled with synth textures, very unusual, I haven't heard anything like this.
"Alexander+" is a very earthly ambient piece, I can clearly imagine some old square rounded by baroque buildings and lots of pigeons and sparrows chirping around. Very atmospheric stuff.

Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music (www.eem.hotbox.ru) Tranzit is Dirk H. J. Nusink, and this CD features 73 minutes of his esoteric electronic music. Synthesizers galore and driving E-perc rhythms make this music quite delightful. Keyboard riffs and cyclic weirdness occupy the soundscape with their lively melodies, filling the air with joy and exhilaration. Extremely spacey sounds are in prominent utilization, plunging the tune age into far flung future realms with spiraling squeals and cosmic pulsations.
Nusink's music rarely dwells long in any one trend, flowing from the dance floor to atmospheric introspection with unpredictability. Always keeping a back beat going, there are few dull moments. Moody passages grow dense and dark, spacey excursions throb with up tempo sensibilities. Complex harmonies and strong melodic tend to win out with satisfying frequency, despite the style in Tranzit.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity Part of Groove’s label coverage includes electronic groups of a Techno ambient nature, a style that I am not particularly fond of.
This album by Tranzit starts off in that mode with the track "E-Drive". Much too beat-oriented for my tastes and sounding like a rave Tangerine Dream, I was concerned about how I would like the rest of the music.
Fortunately it is far better going after this, in that at least the more overtly mainstream elements of electronic music have disappeared.
"Moravian Moondance" has a nice slow beat with lots of symphonic string synths, and although its beat is more lead-footed, "Niobe" is more of the same.
The CD gets more textural with "Travelin’ Lite" and "Alexander", which are nice, picturesque, symphonic pieces. Tranzit uses a lot of very big key patches, lush, modulated wedges that remind me of Vangelis or latter- day Tangerine Dream.
The 7½ minute "Gathering of the Elders" is a superb textural piece with storm and water sounds and slow drifting chords in the background.
The remaining music again shows Tranzit’s strong affinity with the music of 80s Tangerine Dream, including the 12- minute, White Eagle-like "Die Faktorel/Parallax".

A bit all over the map overall, with some scintillating highlights.

Mike McLatchey / USA It indeed is always a very special experience to hear how creative and imaginative fellow musicians can be. Especially since I have met Dirk Nusink a couple of times, you get an idea what a wonderful and devoted Artist this man is.
The Music is really great and I personally wish him lots of success with it.

2004. Andreas Akwara / Germany El holandés Dirk H. K Nusink es un sintetista que comenzó en el mundo del rock... Quizás por ello sus trabajos en solitario gravitan entre la electrónica "pura y dura" y las bases percusivas, sobre todo de carácter latino, un ámbito musical en el que se formó al principio y del cual no ha renegado. El primer tema de Tranzversal, titulado E-Drive es un claro ejemplo.

Tranzit nos invita a escuchar los 73 minutos de este trabajo "de un tirón"... Al entender que la música de sintetizador es, básicamente una idea conceptual, el disco debería leerse como un libro o ser observado en su totalidad como una pintura. En cualquier caso, si te gusta la música electrónica, este es un claro ejemplo de lo que se puede hacer cuando se tiene las ideas claras de cómo utilizar esas herramientas sonoras llamadas teclados.
En lugar de describir uno por uno cada uno de los 12 temas de este trabajo, intentaré dar una idea general del disco. Completamente cercano a la electrónica, contiene elementos de diversos sub-géneros bien conocidos por los aficionados a estos tipos de música. Como ya he comentado, es especialmente notable el uso de las bases de percusión que, aunque han sido en su totalidad programadas y realizadas con multitud de patrones, no esconden la mencionada afinidad de Tranzit con los ritmos.
A lo largo de todo el disco, observarás electrónica de la escuela de Berlín, junto a partes más enérgicas cercanas a la británica, así como momentos planeadores... El uso del secuenciador para crear texturas de bajos sintéticos también es algo que admirar en Tranzrapid. Como curiosidad, mencionaré que no se han utilizado ningún tipo de muestras sonoras para grabar este disco. Tan sólo un arsenal de más de 20 sintetizadores, cajas de ritmos y demás maquinaria.

Y... no olvides escuchar todo el disco con los auriculares e intentar entrar en el mundo alternativo de Dirk H. K. Nusink.

Jorge Sergio