1. Loneflyer [4:10] MP3 soundclip of Loneflyer [3:00]
  2. Poetry and Power [5:12] MP3 soundclip of Poetry and power [3:00]
  3. Judgement [2:52]
  4. Jonathan¹s theme [8:40]
  5. Above the clouds [9:04] MP3 soundclip of Above the clouds [3:00]
  6. Collision [7:07]
  7. Healing [7:19]

    Bonus tracks from "Ludus" (E-Live '99 concert arrangements)
  8. Stars Symphony [3:45]
  9. Gracia de Amor [7:03]
ARP 2600, Mellotron, Fairlight CMI II, Synclavier, Chamberlin, Minimoog, Oberheim Expander, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, EMU Modular, Roland SH-101, Roland CR-78, TR-808 and TR-909, Korg Polysix, Hammond B-3. This could be a selection from the encyclopaedia of legendary electronic music instruments. But they are also the instruments Victor Cerullo sampled in his Kurzweil K2500S music workstation for use on his second album "Loneflyer". The first album from the Italian, "Ludus" from 1998, was one of the highlights in electronic music that year and received many very positive reactions and reviews. Victor’s concert with the band Intelligentsia at the E-Live festival in 1999 confirmed his growing position in electronic music. Two pieces from "Ludus" they played, "Stars Symphony" and "Gracia De Amor", are featured as bonus tracks on this CD.

"Loneflyer" is based on the novel "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" from Richard Bach, a source of inspiration for many musicians (Gandalf for instance). Cerullo dedicates the album to all the gulls living far away from the flock, as well as to his father. The album is an excellent blend of melodical, rhythmic and progressive electronic music with sometimes traces of the music of Jean Michel Jarre. A great example of this is the impressive track "Above The Clouds" which really gives you the feeling of flying above the clouds. All alone, but free.
With "Loneflyer", Cerullo proves that he’s one of the finest new talents in electronic music.

2001. Press information I think Victor Cerullo is an extremely underrated composer/artist. Truly his three albums: Ludus, Loneflyer and Andre Tarkovsky are more powerful than the music of most artists spanning decades long careers. I would love to hear more music from him though my searches once in a while bring back no new results. To me his music is unique but has elements of Jean Michel Jarre. Loneflyer is an excellent album that takes you on a journey (as do his other albums) great melodies and intricate. The title track is one of the most moving and beautiful pieces ever composed. Thank you Victor. I hope you find the inspiration to make more music. Your work is incredible.

2018. Michel / USA The album opens with 'Loneflyer', a measured guitar/synth combination piece rather reminiscent to the title track of Wavestar's 'Moonwind'. Not quite up to that standard, but still good all the same. 'Poetry and Power' takes over seamlessly and the opening synth riffs start to hint that this album might be something special - when the track gets going with robust rhythmics and a pleasing, if slightly non-descript, melody the jury remains out but there was something about the opening synth pads, the textures and melodies, which scream "class". This album has not shown its hand yet.

Track 3 'Judgement' is a weird/atmospheric 3 minute bridge, and then the threatened brilliance emerges. 'Jonathan's theme' hits home and what a track! Sensational sequencer work, and magnificent melodies. Some may bemoan the pan pipe lead vox, but hey it must be due a come back – and it sounds so "right"! We then enter a magnificent sound collage which is best described as combining the expression of Vangelis with the synthesis expertise of Jarre (the last few seconds of the piece is pure 'Equinoxe'). This is right in the middle of pure synth territory, for me the sort of sound I got "into" EM for in the first place. Gosh, almost brings a tear to the eye such is the beauty, the restrained power, the vastness of the pictures it creates. Better stop, Dave will hit me with his "twee" mallet. Seriously, this is magnificent. For this track alone this CD will not leave my collection.

The track merges into 'Collision' which again serves up a top notch melody which swings around with the sequencers as they change key – classic stuff for those who like that sort of thing – ie ME! The track lasts just over 7 minutes and the 5 minute mark heralds a dramatic change to atmospherics – one of the most notable aspects is the "Choronzian" way it makes this transition – very clever. Finally we get 'Healing' which is another fine piece, punchy sequencing and melodics which are picked out on a cello style vox.
I'd better explain why "Finally" is not quite correct - because there are 2 more tracks included, these are "bonus" tracks taken from the previous 'Ludus' album, judging by track times they are extended versions. 'Stars Symphony' and 'Gracia de Amor' remind me what a fine album 'Ludus' was – and what a crime it is to have not played it recently.
One slight blemish on this album is that discarding the bonus tracks there's only 45 minutes of new music. But, as ever it's quality not quantity that counts and in places this is EM of the very HIGHEST quality. Recommended.

2001. GG Loneflyer is a CD inspired by Richard Bach’s "Jonathan Livingston Seagull." Victor Cerullo’s soundscape would serve well as a soundtrack for this fable about aspiring to be more and about nonconformity allowing the heart and soul to take the physical being beyond conventional reality. Victor’ soundscape includes symphonic synthesizer washes, subtle electric guitars and genuine seagull samples. Victor mixed and arranged the soundscape with great integrity and meticulous detail. The result is a crossover of symphonic sequences and pastoral ambience. Vintage instrument samples augment and integrate the sound design. It has a "new age feel" without pushing the envelope. The CD is pure electronic fun! Victor has chosen to highlight the purity of Jonathan’s quest to become more. The deep pastoral synth washes and manipulated samples maintain thematic integrity. The symphonic overtones create a grand crescendo. Deep rhythms and sequences provide the dénouement. The CD closes with two tracks from Ludus as arranged for E-Live 99. They serve well as a coda.

2001. Jim Brenholts

This 55 minute CD from 2000 features music inspired by Richard Bach's "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" novel. (Also included are new versions of two pieces from Cerullo's "Ludus" debut CD from 1998.)
As a result of this inspirational springboard, one can expect samplings of seagull cries to appear amid the electric gurgling and symphonic keyboard rushes. While the emphasis is definitely on harmonious flight, the music frequently strays into more active territory with E-perc and dynamic riffs. From flutish notes to rich astral tones, there is quite a versatility of sounds going on in this pleasant music. Cerullo's style of contemporary electronic music blends traditional synthesizer tones with modern, more rhythmic structures. Sinuous keyboards accompany atmospheric airs, excellently achieving the mood of flight and the loneliness of birds aloft. The melodies are engaging and dramatic without being hyper or intrusive.

2001. Matt Howarth I am now listening to an album that I bought a long time ago. Each time I play it I cannot help thinking just how good this album is.
But I have hardly ever seen anyone else mention this album.
Who else owns this album? Does anyone else agree with me that this album deserves more recognition?

2004. Keith Adams