1. Zenith [10:32] MP3 soundclip of Zenith [2:59]
  2. Gyroscopic Nutation [3:33]
  3. Chord [3:21]
  4. Melanie [8:02] MP3 soundclip of Melanie [3:00]
  5. Osaka Hai [10:17]
  6. Tangent [8:22]
  7. Time Node [10:58]

    Bonus track:
  8. Time Node [11:57] MP3 soundclip of Time Node [3:00]
    From 1991 KLEMdag rehearsel
Originally released on cassette in 1985. Re-released in 1993 on Surreal to Real.
This is the 2001 release with a bonus track.

2001. Press Information Hello everybody..I am a 28 year old and I discovered the music of Wavestar a couple of years ago and have been hooked ever since - may it is just their beautiful melodies or the scenic haunting qualities that make their music perfect tone poems. I make films and their music have been a constant companion and a source of inspiration. There was a time when I used to listen to 'Edge of morning' from Moonwind every night before I went to sleep.

It is wonderful that I got to read the comments of Mr Ward-Hunt's family members and would like to give them my regards...cheers.

2013. Joyson Das / Mumbai, India As I sit here in from of my PC going through the Groove catalog from A-Z listening to the bonus track of Zenith I keep looking over to my CD player gazing away and just swooning to these beautiful sounds.
This will always be a true classic, A retro Berlin School style as smooth as you could hope for.

2010. The Cosmic Frequencies Originally released on cassette in 1985 (then on CD in 1993), this music has been remastered and added to, resulting in a total of 67 minutes for this 2001 CD reissue of this second album by Wavestar (aka John Dyson and David Ward-Hunt).
If this material is "dated" at all, it is firmly rooted in a time of expansive majesty in the genre of electronic music. Ambient electronics float in a sea of actively sequenced keyboards. When these sequencer rolls are not fulfilling the music's rhythmic quotient, E-perc delivers the required energetic elements. Searing guitar injects a visceral quality, bestowing both guts and intellectualism to the music.
The melodies are carefully balanced between brooding soundscapes and explosively dynamic structures. Slowburn passages lead into more intricate waves of ascendant music.
Besides featuring a different version of the track "Time Node" from the original release, this CD also features a live version of that piece from Wavestar's rehearsal for their KLEMdag concert in 1991.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity It's a wonderful CD of the great masters of electronic music. All the tracks have this symphonic sensation of the melodic music who get into the soul. Thanks for the bonus track and the re-edition.
I love the music of Wavestar and John Dyson. Congratulations to Groove for edit this music.

Teobaldo Mercado / Chile Hi, I am David Ward-Hunt's granddaughter and I am so happy that people can remember him over the Internet as he was the most thoughtful and happy person I knew. We love you GaGa.

2003. Claire / England Waves stares music I think is really inspirering. My grandad is David Ward-Hunt who was in the group but sadly passed away about 5 years ago. I wasn't shocked to see that my sister Claire had writen a message too, because all we want to see is that we love you.

2004. Gemma McRoberts / England If you’re a synth music fan and don't know the history of this UK group by now, well........what can I say.
Formed in early ‘80’s they hit the synth scene with a bullet in ’85, rose to giddy heights to headline "UK Electronica ‘87" and then split up after an abortive deal with a USA label that folded on them.
"Zenith", now recently remastered for CD, sounds just fantastic and here the band give full vent to their range of music from the languid cosmic melodic splendors of the atmospheric tracks to the epic ‘Time Node’, a track that became a concert-favorite, here represented by the studio version and a previously unreleased twelve minute live version.
The whole CD is full of wondrous synth layers and melodies, strong sequencers, lashings of string synths and yet still retains a vitality and sense of wonder that makes it a classic album to this day.

2004. Andy G. Hi I am David Ward-Hunt's youngest daughter, Melanie! I think its great that Wavestar is still being talked about. Dad loved his music, and music in general! in every sense. In return he was loved by everyone he met and by most of all his family.
Sadly his mother (granny) died in November last year, but Pop (Peter Ward-Hunt) is still looking after us all, with his fresh vegetables every season!! I am honoured to be a part of my family and even more honoured to of had the privilige of being David Ward-Hunt's daughter.
He was and always will be the kindest man I've ever met.
Always in my thoughts

2004. Melanie Ward-Hunt To Live in Memory is Not to Die, That's all there is to say, Eldest Daughter of David Ward-Hunt.
Happy memories that I think of daily x

2007. Sue Ward-Hunt / England Ah, those were the days. Listening to a Wavestar album, for this listener at least, is never less than a pleasure. I've heard some say they never really understood what all the fuss was about. OK, in terms of technical precision and timing these albums can sound a bit "rough around the edges" by modern standards. But it's like living in an old house. You like it because of the imperfections, not despite them. Yes, the Wavestar cassettes in the form of Mind Journey and this their much heralded second album Zenith are by no means perfect, but the spirit and adventure leap from every note, amply aided by the late Dave Ward-Hunt's sequential mastery of the Digisound modular and John Dyson's uncanny knack for picking out infectious melodies.

I'm unsure of the rarity value of the original Surreal-to-Real CD release, but if you haven't got this album and you are a fan of the more melodic branch of Berlin School then you must give this a try. From the opening sequential refrains of Zenith this album never loosens its grip. In similar fashion to Moonwind the album is sculpted around 3 key tracks, the title track, the Japanese sounding Osaka-Hai (the latter section of which is simply not to be missed) and the legendary Time Node. This CD release is slightly different to the original because it contains a bonus live version of Time Node recorded at the Klemdag rehearsal 1991(the same version which appears on the 'Surreality' sampler). The original version just shades it for me, but both are fantastic.

Sound wise I can't hear any difference between the releases, perhaps another round trip through the digital domain may have given this a bit more top end sizzle but both CDs are a richly deserved improvement on the hissy cassettes.

Yes, those really were the days. Wavestar will never fail to rekindle fond memories. The sad death of Dave Ward-Hunt has ended any hopes of a Wavestar come-back, but at least those fans hitherto without access to this masterpiece can hear it in all its glory. Mind Journey next? And Steve, we must get around to Zenith issue 4 one day;-)

2001. GG / UK There are some bands and releases that one returns to time and time again. Wavestar and their first two offerings are just such an example. I first saw them at Electronica 87 and sat there entranced. Their blend of majestic melodies, their mastery of soundscapes and sequences, choice of sounds etc etc hits the spot for me everytime.

2009. Bernie Dawson