1. Deep Down Under [9:00] MP3 soundclip of Deep down under [3:00]
  2. Red Or Blue [10:04]
  3. Between Fiction And Reality [14:34] MP3 soundclip of Between fiction and reality [3:00]
  4. Echoes From Another Dimension [12:47] MP3 soundclip of Echoes from another dimension [3:00]
  5. Jules' Journey [8:13]
  6. Perception Of Time [9:56]
  7. Science [6:19]
The music on this album was recorded live in the studio on a 16-track recorder, without using computer sequencers.

Richard Stuij - composing and performing music.
Arjan Steenbergen - engineering and additional drums and effects. After going through the Groove catalog from A to R I ended up here. I must have past this CD dozens of times and I didn't know Remotion even existed, I clicked the #4 sample and it's atmospheric flow left me numb as I was taken out of myself. And with this beautiful Dutch CD and Liveform on it's way I know that my worries will be unfounded.

2011. Mike / USA Remotion is the Dutch duo Richard Stuij and Arjan Steenbergen, who recorded the music of this album live in the studio without using computer sequencers.
Richard took care of composing and performing the music, while Arjan did the engineering job next to adding additional drums and effects. Although recorded back in 2001, the music of "Between Fiction and Reality" still sounds fresh and exciting this very day.

Overall, the music is well done, its compositional style is strong from head to tail, bringing a infectious mix of rhythms and sequencer lines. "Between Fiction and Reality" contain seven accessible tracks ranging between 6 and 14 minutes. The longest tracks are found in the first half, offering melodic elements, smooth sequencer patterns, keen rhythms and an occasional solo, very nicely kicked-off by the moody "Deep Down Under". The music airs great atmospheres and cinematic views, and sometimes makes you think of the works of Ron Boots (who also did the expert mastering of the cd).
The music of the strong 14-minute title track, an excellent mix of the Berliner School sound and e-percussion, comes close to Wave World’s album "Structures". For me though, the highlight of the album is the fourth track "Echoes from another dimension", which is almost 13 minutes of pure electronic delight with strong imaginative impact.

All in all, "Between Fiction and Reality" is an well-executed effort, of which the second half ventures into more cinematic, highly atmospheric and sometimes even mysterious lands. Those of you who like appealing electronics with a warm and steady flow, this is for you.
Nice going, guys!

2010. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion This debut CD by Remotion (aka Dutchmen Richard Stuij, who does the composing and overall performing, and Arjan Steenbergen, who supplies engineering and additional drums and effects) features 71 minutes of relaxing electronic music shot with edge and powerful rhythmic sensibilities. Inspired by Berlin School roots, Remotion spurn computer sequencing. Their live-in-studio recordings rely upon nimble fingers and appealing melodies. E-perc plays a delicious part in that structure, propelling the dreamy passages into more dynamic territory with sinuous and alluring tempos that remain subdued despite their motivational purpose. Sighing tones of a peaceful nature tremble in the wind, soaring on breezes stirred by a slow-building core of melodic chords and fanciful riffs. By the time the percussive enter, the listener is lulled and primed for a journey into livelier regions. Borne on this rhythmic foundation, active keyboards ooze into the mix to unfurl complex riffs that intertwine with each other, generating a lush panorama of compelling tuneage. Upon achieving an emotional euphoria, the sonic mass dwindles, receding into minimal codas that bridge each separate track. While each track exemplifies a compositional command, producing interesting melodies that tickle the mind with their playful nature.

2001. Matt Howarth Pas in 2008 heb ik (meteen 2!De tweede is een kado voor een vriend) dit plaatje gekocht. In mijn oren is dit het beste Nederlandse product op muziekgebied sinds Johan Timman! Op dit plaatje hoor ik sferen á la Wollo met tóch die typies Nederlandse touch. Ga zo door Richard en Arjen zou ik zeggen. Kudos!!

2008. J. ten Napel / Nederland Remotion is musician Richard Stuij assisted by engineer Arjan Steenbergen.
Like contemporary Ron Boots, Stuij is profoundly influenced by Berlin school electronic music in addition to the more accessible synth music as popularized by Jean-Michel Jarre.
The seven tracks on Between Fiction and Reality cover the gamut of these influences, from the Equinoxe-like opener "Deep Down Under" to the late 70s influence of Schulze on the 14˝ minute title track. Remotion sticks largely to sequenced material in all its forms, and Stuij seems to be incredibly proficient with them.
Not only are the lines worked out and interesting, but sonically they are warm and pleasing to the ear. In fact, as the album progresses, the music tends to move away from the more upbeat influences to the world of deep space music, all propelled along by inventive sequencing programming. The final, and shortest piece, is indicative of this happy marriage, coupling warm atmospherics with percolating sequences.

The production is the icing on the cake; Between Fiction and Reality being a strong example of a competent Germanic descendent.

Mike McLatchey For me the best album of these ten last years.

2007. Fabrice Baudinot / France Stuij & Steenbergen bring us a completely different style on this album than their predecessor from Liveform. I must admit this is my favorite combination of sequences and rhythms. This style is clearly heard throughout the album.

Actually the only track that differs from this is Echoes From Another Dimension where a piece of rest and quietness is introduced. The rest of the songs are build around sublime sequencelines with steady rhythms.
Deep Down Under starts with a sort of gas pump sound where the rhythms slowly fade in and an excellent sequenceline plays with an electronic guitar. This song is absolutely into the Remotion style.
What I like about the transition to track 2 is that the previous song doesn't stop at once but slowly transforms into the next song.
Red Or Blue is a great song which introduces a nice groovy rhythm with sequence and a chorus-piano.
Between Fiction and Reality starts with an electronic piano part followed by a dark synth bass and mystic strings. The song evolves with a galaxy-style sequence and steady rhythms to nearly 15 minutes!
Jules'Journey has this fantastic rhythm with a bell-sounding sequence line and near the end is an excellent guitar phrase played (probably played on keyboards I guess). This song truely breathes the emotion.
Perception Of Time starts off with strings and flows into a bell-style sequence underbuild with a great rhythm and improvised solo drums. What more can I say but a great track this is.
Science has a mystic intro and a sort of airbells are heard, drums are improvised again and the song has a sort of sad element. Very nice track.

Again this album is the true favorite of my collection where sequencelines and great rhythms are combined with a precise accuracy.
If you like the combination of this then don't wait and order your copy now !

2005. R. Verdel /NL I can hardly believe this is their first album, it is such an accomplished piece of work. I was so impressed with this CD I sent the one I had bought to a friend and ordered another copy for myself!
If you like sequence-based electronica with imagination and depth, this is one artist and album you should definitely not go past. Any future work of theirs will automatically be on my shopping list :)

2003. Gwydion Elderwyn / Australia