1. Night Crossing [12:06] MP3 soundclip of Night crossing [2:59]
  2. Deep Cut [9:27]
  3. Inner Life [3:45]
  4. Turning Point [6:12]
  5. Exciting Impression [6:55] MP3 soundclip of Exciting impression [2:59]
  6. Moments of Darkness [8:10]
  7. Spirit of the Age [3:33]
  8. Destination Infinity [13:37] MP3 soundclip of Destination infinity [3:00]
  9. Tales of the Backside [5:11]
  10. Final Memories [5:04]
Original number: 883 998-907.
Re-released and remastered on Groove Unlimited GR-068

Recorded and mixed by R.K.H. at the "Hemisphere Studio" from August '91 to July '92
All titles composed, played and produced by RALF KNAPPE-HEINBOCKEL.

Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel - 2x Korg Wavestation E-MAX 1, Roland D550, Roland D10, VFX, Phophet VS, Oberheim DPX 1, Kawai K3m, Voice

I own the original 1992 version. A very good album to have in anyones collection.

2004. Randy Pemberton / USA The brand of Space Music created by Hemisphere in this cd is characterized by a clear protagonism of melodies. These spread throughout different registers, ranging from the stately to the melancholy, with marked romantic airs in several passages, as well as some mysterious touches. The dense orchestrations increase the strength of the compositions. The use of sequencers is also wise, as it provides the music with a greater personality.

Edgar Kogler