1. First Monument [13:18] MP3 soundclip of First monument [3:00]
  2. Second Monument [4:20]
  3. Third Monument [14:33]
  4. Fourth Monument [8:28]
  5. Fifth Monument [7:13] MP3 soundclip of Fifth monument [3:00]
  6. Sixth Monument [18:27]
  7. Seventh Monument [5:08] MP3 soundclip of Seventh monument [3:00]
Composed, played and recorded December 2003 by Frank Klare
Adds on First, Third and Sixth Monument composed, played and recorded July/August 2004 by Ron Boots
Mixed and mastered by Ron Boots

Frank Klare is an experienced musician from Germany who already has a long career behind him in electronic music with band like Synco and Traumklang, numerous solo releases, many collaborations and a lot of appearances on compilation albums.
"Monumental Dreams" is his debut on our Groove label. He created the album together with no-one less than Ron Boots who has added his sounds on three of the seven movements (First, Third and Sixth). "Monumental Dreams" is dedicated to the "Tangerine Tree"-project, an initiate of Tangerine Dreams fans to release all kinds of live material from this legendary band. Not surprisingly, Frank’s music has traces of that of "TD".
The sequences and melodies on "First Movement" and "Second Movement" could have come from a TD album out of the eighties (listen to these leading chords!).
Frank has a sound of his own. This can be heard very well in the sequences he uses. The one in "Third Movement", for example, is excellent.
"Fifth Movement" is a slow rhythmic affair with soft melodies.
The highlight on the album is "Sixth Movement"; here Frank creates the best sequence on the cd and this, together with the typical TD-sounds, makes this track an absolute treat.
After so many years of being around in electronic music, "Monumental Dreams" could mean the real breakthrough for Frank. And then the cover: again it is a fantastic surreal and futuristic masterpiece by the Argentine artist Pablo Magne.

Press Information The Frank Klare album ranks as his best to date. This time he’s joined by Ron Boots, who played on 3 tracks, as well as mixed and mastered the music. The result is 7 conceptual pieces that musically combine to create a rather stunning EM work filled with flowing melodies, sequences and that patented Berlin School sound.

Archie Patterson This release from 2004 features 71 minutes of retro electronic music.
German synthesist Frank Klare has been recording electronic music for many years, as a solo artist and with bands like Synco and Traumklang. Klare is joined on this release by Ron Boots, who lends his EM expertise to three of the album’s seven tracks.

Generous atmospherics fill a cold sky with mounting warmth. Layered sequences descend from the beyond, adding strong definition and appealing melodies to this harmonic flow. A feeling of sedate calm is laced with strident chords that elevate the tranquillity to more dynamic territory, generating a lavish disposition of sonic majesty and meticulous intention. Long intros melt into involved compositions that bristle with verve and passion. This slow-building fashion allows each melody to evolve and flourish in an unhurried manner, resulting in tunes that flaunt earnest creativity with abundance.
E-perc plays a sneakily integral role in these compositions; often these beats are generated by sounds that possess no impacts, becoming rhythms by their cyclic utilization. Ah, but more conventional rhythms are present too, fleshing out the songs with engaging tempos that superbly propel the melodies to grander heights.
Twinkling keys spawn nimble chords that dance around additional riffs like moths pursuing a mobile night-light, generating a lavish interplay that weaves with an appealing sway. With each rotation, the patterns reach higher and higher in both majesty and emotional content.

Deriving deep roots in the works of Tangerine Dream, this release is certain to excite fans of that sound.

2005. Matt Howarth / soniccuriosity This fantastic collaboration highlights the best sides of two veterans of synthesizer music, Frank Klare and Ron Boots. Klare is known for his bright optimistic sound, with flowing melodies. Boots is known for this too, as well as excellent sequencing and arranging.
Put together, they make a great combination that sounds like a perfect melding of Tangerine Dream styles from the Haslinger and Schmoelling line-ups.

Stabbing synth chords in "Second Monument" are reminiscent of late 80s TD in feel and sound.
"Fourth Movement" has crisp percussion and contagious rhythms, along with strong melodic synth solos and sequencing, bouncing along enthusiastically.
More relaxed is "Fifth Monument", slowing down the thumping bass and beats as light airy synths add to the tranquil mood. But where the disc really shines is on the three lengthy sojourns that feature Boots, tracks one, three and six making up well over half the disc. Each one builds just right, flowing smoothly from one theme to the next, sometimes changing up halfway through into something completely different.
"Sixth Monument" sounds just like a lost TD track from Le Parc or Underwater Sunlight for the first third of it, shifts into fantastic hypnotic sequencing in the middle third, then lays back for the final section though to the end.
"Seventh Movement" ends the disc with pretty piano, again calling to mind the way TD used to perfectly blend more traditional music with electronics. The melody is particularly nice here, a sweet light number that ends the disc just right.

Two thumbs way up.

2005. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space Imagine that you could stop time for over 20 years. Also, imagine that this album was not released in 2004 by Frank Klare and "our own" Ron Boots, but that this CD is a "new" Tangerine Dream album from 1981, not spotted before, as if it was a forgotten painting.
This was my impression when listening to this splendid album.

For over 70 minutes in 7 "Monuments", we are treated to the dedicated music of the Tangerine Tree Project. Dreamy? Yes. But there are no interminable TD like sequences, and the tension is there all right. The beautiful melody lines added to the smooth sequences hold one’s attention, although you really want to have your EM fling when listening to this music that so strongly reminds one of TD albums, such as "Force Majeure", "Stratosfear", and "Le Parc".
On "M2" we find a more modern rhythm with a somewhat "groovy" bass synthesizer riff. Ron contributed to tracks 1, 3 and 7, and, accidentally or not and in my opinion, these and "M6" are the longest and most beautiful numbers on this CD.
"M3" opens with soundscapes and a little percussion. It slowly evolves into subtle sequences and thin melody lines, and then the rhythm becomes a trifle heavier. The music then ripples along only to strongly return to a beautiful climax. A few floating, heavy chords finish the piece.
"M4" has the same atmosphere and style that "M3" has, with modest percussion elements, but still it is similar to "M3".
"M5" is a very spherical track. That is, it contains a simple sequence and calm majestic chords that are slowly "dressed" and then again eased back.
"M6" opens with three chords (B flat, C, and D minor), and then synthesizers take on sounds similar to acoustic guitars. As for the basis of "M6", it resembles the first one, although it is differently filled. In particular, the second part is different as it is a very lovely piece and it reminds one of Schulze. The ending has a style similar to "Stratosfear".
"M7", with its organ and piano sounds, is the most varied track on this CD, and it accounts for a wonderful "Dominium" like closing piece.

This is a very meritorious CD and a true homage to TD (in my opinion, the TD in their best period to be sure!).

Menno von Brucken Fock / mennovonbruckenfock.nl Artefice di interessanti gruppi come Synco e Traumklang, polistrumentista prolifico e devoto alla scuola berlinese degli anni '70, Frank Klare esordisce con Groove con un gran bel disco.
"Monumental dreams" č un titolo quanto mai eloquente: il monumentale sogno di Klare, quello di dedicare un disco agli intramontabili Tangerine Dream, non solo vede la luce, ma anche la collaborazione di Ron Boots, boss dell'etichetta olandese.

Il "Tangerine Tree - project" č un'iniziativa dei fans di Edgar Froese, con la quale gli aficionados fanno circolare live inediti della band tedesca: č a questo progetto che Klare e Boots si sono ispirati nei 7 movimenti che danno corpo e anima a questa sontuosa suite. I suoni sono chiaramente quelli di Froese e compagni, degli anni '80 in particolare: ampi drappeggi tastieristici, melodie che si aprono lentamente come un'alba che si rivela pian piano in tutto il suo splendore, vedi ad esempio il primo movimento, che dŕ la stura ai successivi.

Klare riesce bene a utilizzare il "parco macchine" a sua disposizione, dando omogeneitŕ al discorso e facendolo evolvere con vera abilitŕ, tanto da arrivare al sesto movimento - il piů riuscito - in assoluta grazia.
Se il quarto passaggio si distingue per l'esaltazione del ritmo martellante, il quinto spicca invece per l'atmosfera mistica ed eterea. Disco di kosmische musik canonico ma ben congegnato, "Monumental dreams" merita un ascolto anche da chi non segue l'elettronica tedesca.

Donato Zoppo / MovimentiPROG Sometimes it seems like the good folks at Groove have an unlimited stable of performers from which they draw their amazing library of work. There is just no end to the wonderful music and great artists on that label!
After 21 yers of recording and releasing his music in other venues – primarily on Syngate, Frank Klare has created Monumental Dreams (with input and assistance from Ron Boots) for Groove. This is a perfect fit for their catalog. This is pure Berlin school electronica – heavy sequences, persistent rhythms and precise melodies. Frank's technical expertise is uncontested (another aspect of that school). He does add some flair and kick to the style for his own stamp. The soundscapes are infused with lots of positive energy.
This is a win-win-win situation for everybody! Groove adds an accomplished veteran to their lineup. Frank gets the increased exposure of Groove. Listeners get more great music!

Jim Brenholts / Ambient Visions Na záv r se naše pozornost sto í k N mci Franku Klaremu, který na hudební scén p sobí také u n jaký ten pátek. První desku nato il v roce 1983, poté byl do poloviny 90. let lenem party Synco, je nesla vysoko zdvi ený prapor Berlínské elektronické školy, a dnes ho zastihneme mimo práce na sólovém materiálu nebo u p íle itostných kolaborací (nap . s Johnem L. z Ashra Tempel na albu KLAL! nebo naposledy s Ronem Bootsem na desce Monumental Dreams) v triu Traumklang. Na desce Moods ovšem p esedlal nárazov k atmosféri t jším kousk m, kterými naplnil více ne hodinu a tvrt tohoto alba. Kolekce je postavena na teorii tvrdící, e r zné frekvence a tóny, je jsou zpracovávané mozkem, mohou naladit poslucha e do r zných duševních rozpolo ení.
Album obsahuje celkem t i tracky, které mají za cíl navodit stavy relaxace a meditace (první track Alpha Moods), stimulace a ilosti (dvojka Beta Moods) nebo hluboké meditace a sn ní (záv re ná Theta Moods). Jak nás navádí text v bookletu, nejlepších výsledk dosáhneme se sluchátky na uších.

Podívejme se na jednotlivé tracky podrobn ji:
Alpha Moods je více ne p lhodinová kompozice primárn vytvo ená pro skupinové odborné dýchánky, je by m ly zasv covat do taj relaxace. Minimalistická kompozice postavená na poctiv osmdesátkových, lín se plou ících elektronických vrstvách navozuje p edstavu, e kdyby byl Philip Glass v tší elektronik, mo ná by n které jeho skladby zn ly práv takto.
Beta Moods je oproti p edchozí skladb jasnou poctou Klausi Schulzemu a jeho geniálním kousk m ze 70. let. Perkusivní rytmika a jemná práce s vesmírnými sekvencemi nás zavádí na vyhlídkovou jízdu Mlé nou dráhou. Stejn jako na no ní dálnici, i zde se elegantn vyhýbáme p eká kám na cest a kocháme se p irozeným a elegantním pohybem v prostoru. K tomu jíme lehký sladký dezert, zapíjíme osv ujícím ovocným nápojem a podle návodu aktivn dobíjíme energii. Stopá více ne 35 minut není v bec p ehnaná.
Theta Moods je oproti p edchozím vitálním "beta náladám" ist ambientním trackem, který svojí meditativní a snivou misi plní na výbornou. Veškeré hudební lánky se pomalu no í do nekone na prostoru, kde dlouze majestátn doznívají...

Jak promo materiály vtipn dodávají, tato deska není zrovna ideální k mytí nádobí. Hrozí toti nehorázné nárazové navýšení spot eby vody b hem nutného zpomalení záslu né innosti.
Znovu solidní deska od Groove Unlimited. Solidní, ale pro vyšší hodnocení bych prosil v tší progresi.

Pavel Zelinka / Radio Akropolis During the seven themes that constitute this release, we can hear traits from styles like Atmospheric Pop, Ambient and Space Music. There also are symphonic traits. Almost all the music is very dynamic, with powerful rhythms, although there also are slow parts. The melodies usually are warm, lively, in an atmosphere typical of a soundtrack for an adventure movie. There also are moments of a greater introspection, perhaps near to meditation, together with other instants of a amazing experimentation.

2004. Virginia Tamayo