1. Edgar Froese - Armageddon in the rose garden part 1 [9:13] MP3 soundclip of Armageddon in the rose garden (E. Froese) [3:00]
  2. Ron Boots - Through hills to find [7:48] MP3 soundclip of Through hills to find (Ron Boots) [3:00]
This limited edition cd-single is especially made for the Edgar Froese performance on April 13th 2008. It contains a unique track by Edgar Froese and a unique track by Ron Boots.

2008. Press Information Have you been sleeping the last year in a coffin, and has Tangerine Dream been marking time in the subconsciousness, you have missed a great many things. Maybe you succeeded in ignoring Tangerine Dream performing in Eindhoven, where compositions from Edgar Froese's back catalogue were performed. An exclusive split-single was released on the occasion, where a track credited to Edgar Froese carrying the title "Armageddon In The Rose Garden, Part I" was supplied by an emancipated, alive and kicking Ron Boots, whose quality control ignored blemishes, in honor of spontaneity and joyful playing in the style of the old, Berlin school.

In the underacted Part II, that opens "Purple Diluvial" with the exact same intro, before the black-colored sequencer that plays its testimony upon the theme from Part I, one could marvel at lack of lust or faith in completing the suite.
Itís my impression that the primary target group still prefers the compact disc format, and in the right sequence, with no further effort. Iím surprised with Edgar Froeseís genuflection for Ron Boots, and his new recruit, Thorsten Quaeschning. I do not know if it is due to respect for their music making, or the lack of dedication to own works. In my eyes, Armageddon In The Rose Garden Part I+II is an inseparable combination, that ultimately becomes overshadowed by the following contributions.

Jacob Pertou On April 13th, 2008 the third E-Day festival organized by the Dutch Groove label took place at the auditorium of the Technical University Eindhoven (Netherlands). Performing artists were Tangerine Dream, Ron Boots & Friends and Remy. The event was sold-out with about 425 visitors.
TD's gig was announced under the title "Tangerine Dream plays Edgar Froese" and was later released on DVD as The Epsilon Journey (2008).

Due to this occasion, Groove released a CD single featuring two compositions, one by Edgar Froese, the other by Ron Boots. The Froese track (which was not performed during the concert) is part one of the two-part composition Armageddon In The Rose Garden which was continued on the TD album release Purple Diluvial. Both parts were later released together as Armageddon In The Rose Garden.

Michael Berling