1. Troposphere [5:54]
  2. Cumulonimbus [5:30]
  3. Stratosphere [5:50]
  4. Stratocumulus [5:42]
  5. Altocumulus [5:38]
  6. Atmosphere [7:22] MP3 soundclip of Atmosphere [2:29]
  7. Mesosphere [6:34]
  8. Nimbostratus [6:21] MP3 soundclip of Nimbostratus [2:33]
  9. Altostratus [4:37] MP3 soundclip of Altostratus [2:41]
  10. Thermosphere [6:33]
  11. Cirrostratus [4:37]
  12. Exosphere [6:07]
The inspiration for this album came from the atmosphere around the Earth. The songs are inspired by the different layers of air around our world, the different cloud formations that are encountered in these layers and the sounds of different weather phenomena. While listening to this album you will travel through these layers of air starting on the surface of the Earth and ending up in space.

2008. Press Information Dans le PR 53, nous avions qualifié le 1er album de Michel Van Osenbruggen de "pas mal pour un début". Le Hollandais ne s'est pas endormi sur ses lauriers (ça donne d'ailleurs un goût trop prononcé à la chair) et, des lois de l'aérodynamique, est passé aux couches de l'atmosphère, entrecoupées de nuages, atmosphères que nous retrouvons dans sa pop synthétique aux accents prog.

Même si MVO privilégie le sens du rythme avec ses boucles de percussion, ses synthés qui rappellent parfois Kraftwerk, et une impression générale de musique électronique très inspirée de Jean-Michel Jarre, on sent affleurer à de nombreuses occasions l'envie du musicien de se démarquer de la voie tracée et d'explorer des sentiers plus troubles, voire dérangeants.

L'ambient lui tend les bras et il ne serait pas étonnant qu'AtmoSphere marque un tournant dans la déjà passionnante carrière du synthétiste batave.

2010. LouLou / Prog-résiste This release from 2008 offers 71 minutes of pleasant electronic music. Synth.nl is Michel van Osenbruggen. He is joined by Hans Landman, who plays most of the lead lines in one track.

A study of the planetary atmosphere, voyaging from the ground to outer space and examining the various cloud formations and weather conditions that dwell within that gas envelope. One might expect this music to be airily ambient, but it possesses a suitable degree of rhythm and lively melody. The electronics exhibit a chugging quality, comprised of cyclic pulsations that churn amid a foundation of atmospheric textures. Keyboard triggered riffs float with undulant disposition. What seems to be an elegant simplicity in structure is actually a pleasant complexity achieved as the sonic threads intermingle and merge into a pacific flow. Most of the sounds are light and airy, excellently conveying a sense of gaseous certification. There are instances wherein deeper tones are employed, injecting a touch of drama to the fanciful whimsy. E-perc defines languid rhythms which provide soothing locomotion to the melodies. The beats are soft and understated so as not to disrupt the music’s delicate character. Environmental samples of a meteorological nature are utilized to lend the electronic pastiches a terrestrial flavor.

These compositions manage to be simultaneously spry and calming. The activity found within these songs displays a meticulous restraint, never going overt or reaching a hyperactive pace, while the passivity is deceptively lush, exploring melodic realms too substantial to be considered ambient. The result is a selection of affable tuneage crafted with delicate intentions.

2009. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity Synth.NL is Michel van Osenbruggen whose debut CD was inspired by the subject of Formula 1 racing – so you'd have thought that tracks inspired by different atmospheric layers and cloud formations would have been a little more relaxing. Far from it – Michel find lots of turbulence and disruption here, so the swooshing and swirling noises soon give way to rolling sequences and forceful drums as well as abstract sound effects.
There’s more information here on different types of cloud formation than there is on the keyboards used (though lots of Korg T1 patches are in evidence) but there’s a good mix of rich analog sound, sampled vocal noises giving some hints of Enigma or Enya, drum machines, rolling arpeggio patterns and choral swirls.

Possibly not such a varied album as his debut, but still an enjoyable listen.

2009. Mark Jenkins Colored images of quickly moving and transforming clouds appear with the first chords of the album "AtmoSphere" by Synth.nl. Its music is very vivid and visual. And yet, it is very strong and well-composed.
Michel van Osenbruggen (a.k.a. Synth.nl) creates the project in the best traditions of European electronic music. It recalls Tangerine Dream and in the whole the best releases of famous Berlin School. On the other hand Michel van Osenbruggen’s music is penetrated with the spirit of romanticism (like compositions of Jean-Michel Jarre).
"AtmoSphere" is the second album of Michel van Osenbruggen. His synthesizer’s melodies amaze by clearness of musical palette. The artist masterfully weaves the sounds of thunder storms, rain and wind into his music. And it is a very melodious and full of aerial harmonies. Also, Michel van Osenbruggen’s music has a strong dramatic effect.

Synth.nl is undoubtedly a new bright project not only on the European but also on the world electronic music scene.

2008. Serge Kozlovsky To start off words cant even compliment this fabulous cd. The theme seems to be very mysterious. Bright synth pads, cruising sequencer lines, driving percussion and drums. The bass lines alone deserve credit alone, i can say wow, the thumping gets your feet tapping.
Alot of EM artists these days seems to be queued on a certain sound which makes it quite boring and not at all interesting. Michel however seems to create his music in a way that you will want to play it over and over again without being boring.
Track 6 is loaded with choirs, what a fantastic piece. Not to mention every one is awesome. Berlin School this isnt, but exciting, interesting, modern EM this is. Great job Michel, keep the great music coming

2008. Mikey / United States Behind the modern and recognisable artist name Synth.nl is the Dutchman Michel van Osenbruggen. On his first album "AeroDynamics" he managed to mix two of his big passions into a very interesting musical bag: Formula 1 racing (watching) and electronic music. "AtmoSphere" is again a concept-album. The twelve songs are inspired by the different layers of air around our world; the various cloud formations that are encountered in these layers, and the sounds of different weather phenomena.
Michel’s music is somewhat else than we hear a lot in electronic music. It is rhythmic, melodically and has a great drive.

The album opens in "Troposphere" with a slight homage to the great artists that came before him, like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis.
"Cumulonimbus" has a wonderful film-like melody. The mentioned drive can be heard very well in pieces like "Stratocumulus", "Nimbostratus", "Altostratus" and "Thermosphere" that again could have been made for a film. Michel is also capable of creating some great sequences. That can be heard in the warm "Cirrostratus" and "Exosphere". He has a nice and fluent playing style.

It is a wonderful thing to hear that artists are developing themselves. Michel certainly does. With the approach of mixing electronic music with clever concepts, he might become an important name in "EM".

2008. Paul Rijkens "AtmoSphere" representa el segundo trabajo del sintetista holandés Michel van Osenbruggen más conocido como Synth.nl, una nueva muestra de la utilización de esas máquinas conocidas como sintetizadores que en su momento algunos calificaron de frías, sin sentimientos, pero que el tiempo ha acabado demostrando que los que afirmaban eso estaban totalmente equivocados.
Este trabajo está publicado por el sello holandés Groove, especialistas en música electrónica de calidad, abarcando desde la Berlín School hasta el ambient.

Synth.nl es un proyecto que respira de la música sintetizada, de la Berlín School y de los sonidos de Jean Michel Jarre. Como en su anterior disco, el compositor nos vuelve a sorprender con la fuerza de sus composiciones, en esta ocasión su inspiración no es la aerodinámida, sino la atmosfera terrestre de ahí el título del trabajo. Son doce temas que van tratando cada una de las partes que forma nuestra atmósfera, temas de puro contenido electrónico, de ese que tanto apreciamos los seguidores de estos estilos musicales y que en algunos momentos parece que hayamos perdido, afortunadamente no es así.

"AtmoSphere" un disco que nos muestra nuestra atmósfera desde el punto de vista electrónico, un disco para seguir creyendo que la electrónica está viva.

2008. Ultima Fronteira October 11th, 2008 saw the release of the second album of Dutch synthesist Synth.nl, aka Michel van Osenbruggen, a concept-cd inspired by the layers of air in the atmosphere surrounding our globe.
Listening to the 12 tracks (ranging between four and seven minutes) feels like an relaxed journey, offering a nice range of fresh sound pads, fx’s, (sampled) environmental sounds and sequencer lines, spiced up by drums and percussion. I feel, Michel has brought more rest and expression to his music compared to the outcome on his debut "AeroDynamics".

It sound solid and mature to my ears, the solo’s have more expression and the music sounds transparent and worked up all the way. Especially "Stratosphere" is an encompassing, warm and uplifting travelogue up the sky. The slight influence of Jarre can be noticed on various spots on the album, but Michel’s moody music expertly pursues its own direction, delivering its own thing to accessible synthesizer music.

All in all, Michel did a very fine job on "AtmoSphere". I trust Synth.nl will go far for sure.

2008. Bert Strolenberg / Sonicimmersion Hello all! Now I have the new album AtmoSphere from SYNTH.NL and I will like to give an opinion to this:

The design of the cover is "atmospheric" :) and in the booklet you will find a description of the spheres, clouds and weather around our planet, which in this album the song-titles are. Great idea! You can find also some specifications about SYNTH.NL and this album.
I hear this album in my car and in my living room at the dolby-surround-system. The sound of the album is great, but you must hear this album with a good headphone, because SYNTH.NL hid many details in the songs, that you can hear much better with headphones. I hear it now to fourth time and I think I did not find any detail anymore now. The synths and the self sampled sounds that SYNTH.NL use in the songs are fantastic. The wide Pads, the Leads, Basses and Drums carry me from the earth's surface. The songs are very good arranged and they have very much alternation.

My result about this album:
If you like electronic music, like Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and so on, and if you want to dive into a relaxed world, you must buy this album.

2008. Mc.Honert / Germany This album by Dutch artist Michel van Osenbruggen is dedicated to the atmosphere of our planet Earth and each track is named after a specific gas layer above the surface, starting from the lower ("Troposphere") and going up right until "Exosphere", where the gas molecules are so sparse that it is almost like outer space already. Some tracks are named after specific types of clouds.

The first track begins with whooshing wind and subtle synth effects. Little by little a nice relaxed rhythm develops and a nice melody is played by a Mellotron-like choir. A louder, symphonic theme dominates the second part of this track. Nice relaxed stuff.
"Cumulonimbus" begins with subtle rain effects and a mysterious synth theme. A laidback rhythm starts, joined by tinkling sequences. A somewhat melancholic theme is introduced, but everything then calms down for an atmospheric section, dominated by great synth effects. The rhythm returns after a few seconds as the main theme reappears towards the end.
"Stratosphere" begins with excellent synthesizer effects - very atmospheric (no pun intended). A rhythm slowly develops among the sparkling clusters of synths. A rather serene melodic theme is then introduced. The track is rather upbeat but is nevertheless quite relaxing. The theme that comes after 3 minutes is very effective. And it's rather unique, too. Synth.nl certainly has his own style. One can hear various influences in Michel's music but the overall sound and presentation are fairly unique.
"Stratocumulus" begins with some effects and a simple bass sequence. A rhythm starts, joined by phased pads. A rather melancholic theme played by a violin-like synth patch is introduced. The track then gets quite spacey and serene, with symphonic melodic synths all over.
"Altocumulus" starts in a symphonic way with mucho pads and synth effects. This is bright and yet somewhat melancholic stuff. An upbeat rhythm starts, as the track brings in some decidedly Jarre-like flair to the proceedings, with strident melodic themes alternating between the atmospheric and the full-blown epicness. The sequences are present but are not dominating.
The title track begins with echoing synthesizers and rain sounds. Very soon, a sequence develops and the rhythm then joins the proceedings, with choirs, bass synths and various pads being the main melodic ingredients. Again, it's a bit similar to Jarre without sounding derivative. An excellent solo appears in the second half of this track.
"Mesopshere" is the most mysterious-sounding track so far. All kinds of bell-like synths and a phased pad (ala "Oxygene") provide a rich backbone upon which a nice melodic theme is installed. The track then transforms into a rhythm / melody combination that's as effective as ever.
Michel really knows how to write good themes. Some of the bubbling synth effects are taken straight out of "Equinoxe". "Nimbostratus" was inspired by the dullest of cloud - you know, the sort of grayish type of cloud that covers the entire sky and brings continuous snow or drizzling rain. A bass sequence is joined by yet another resonant pulsation, as the synth pads sound fairly melancholic. There are also some great unusual synth sounds. It is nice to see that Michel actually spends time programming his synths, without resorting to the factory presets. There are a lot of rain effects throughout this track. A slight Classical (Baroque) influence creeps in towards the end before it all returns to the spacey synth melody / pad / rhythm formula.
"Altostratus" sounds a bit mysterious with a touch of menace. Some expertly programmed sequences appear on this track. The synths are superfat and the stereo field is used to its maximum, with various sounds and spacey effects appearing around you all the time.
"Thermosphere" is introduced with radio chatter beneath a menacing pad. Soon, some bright sequences develop, as the same type of rhythm that dominated a lot of the tracks on this album appears. An excellent melodic theme enters. And again I cannot resist the Jarre comparison. Mind you, it's not a copy, far from it, but that's what comes to my mind.
"Cirrostratus" is next. Synths as airy as said clouds are lulling you and inspire you with their cosmic chant. Excellent melodic sequences are joined by silky pads. Beautiful, beautiful and once again, beautiful, both melodically and sonically. Absolutely cosmic, serene, airy, crystal clear, it feels like you are floating in the air, leaving the earth behind.
"Exosphere" is the last track, as we are approaching space in our journey through our planet's atmosphere. Out-there effects and are joined by menacing synths. A relaxed rhythm begins, as the arrangements are relatively sparse on this track, consisting mostly of a melodic line, some additional sounds & textures and subtle bass.

"AtmoSphere" is a nice album of melodic and spacey EM that should appeal to most EM fans. Best track: "Cirrostratus" - there's nothing like it.

2008. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music Der Niederläder Michel van Osenbruggen ist im vergangenen Jahr mit seinem Album 'AeroDynamics' ein erstaunliches Debut geglükt, dass durch einen tollen Sound, gespickt mit zahlreichen Effekten sowie mit sehr eingängigen und schönen Melodien aufwarten konnte. Im Herbst 2008 legt er mit dem Album 'AtmoSphere' sein zweites Werk nach, das in die Futapfen des Vorggers tritt.
Bei der Musik hat sich Michel von den Schichten der Atmosphäre unseres Heimatplaneten sowie den unterschiedlichen Wolkenformationen und Wetterphomenen inspirieren lassen. Ein Dutzend Soundscapes mit Laufzeiten bis maximal knapp über sieben Minuten Länge bietet die CD.
Dem Thema entsprechend finden sich Titel wie 'Stratosphere', 'Stratocumulus' oder 'Exosphere' auf der CD wieder.

Der Operner 'Troposphere' beginnt mit einem Rattern und elektronisch erzeugtem Windrauschen. Auch hat man das Gefühl ein Windspiel zu hören, das ebenfalls elektronisch erzeugt ist. Neben diesen elektronischen Effekten hat Michel aber auch Samples von selbst aufgenommenen Geräuschen mit in seine Musik integriert.
'Cumulonimbus' hat durch den Einsatz eines Schlagzeugsounds, der recht gut klingt, da er den Eindruck erweckt, es wde ein analoges Schlagzeug gespielt, einen gewissen Songcharakter, der nach einer Band klingt.
Bei 'Startosphere', wird eine sehr eingängige Melodie aus der kurz mal ein Bondmotiv hervorzustechen scheint, leider durch zu viele Sounds konterkariert.
Das folgende 'Stratocumulus' nimmt den Hörer mit auf die Reise in luftige Höhen. Der Track gefällt mir recht gut.
Auch das folgende 'Atocumulus', das den Sound von Synth.nl mit Elementen der 'Berliner Schule' und modernen Klängen verbindet geht sehr gut ins Ohr.
Bei 'Atmosphere' kommt eine sehr schöne Perkussion zum Einsatz, die einen arabischen Hauch in die Musik bringt.
Und mit 'Nimbostratus' hat er ein faszinierendes Stück auf der CD, das ein Flair von Jean Michel Jarre verbreitet. Tolles Stük.

In den Stüken scheint immer eine gewisse Leichtigkeit und Luftigkeit vorzuherrschen. Man hat ständig das Gefühl, als wden irgendwelche Windste um einen herum wehen. Dazu kommen die eingängigen Melodieben und glasklaren Sounds aus Michels Synthies. Mit dem zweiten Werk 'AtmoSphere' ist Synth.nl ein ansprechendes Album gelungen, das meines Erachtens aber nicht ganz den Standard, den er bei seinem Debüt gelegt hat, halten konnte.

2008. Stephan Schelle / DE In een gesprek met (naar ik meen) René van der Wouden vroeg de Amerikaanse interviewer zich enigszins verwonderd af hoe het toch komt dat in zo'n klein land als Nederland zoveel muzikanten zich bezighouden met elektronische muziek. Rene moest zijn gesprekspartner het antwoord schuldig blijven. En inderdaad, het is opvallend hoe een toch wel lichtelijk marginaal genre door relatief zoveel Nederlanders (en Belgen!) levend wordt gehouden. En dat is met name te danken aan Ron Boots en diens Groove-label. Aan de lopende band brengt Groove het ene na het andere uitstekende album uit, van artiesten die vaak wel een steuntje in de rug kunnen gebruiken.
Neem nu 'AtmoSphere', de zeer recent verschenen tweede cd van Synth.nl, het alter ego van Michel van Osenbruggen. Vorig jaar verscheen zijn debuut 'Aerodynamics', dat me niet helemaal wist te overtuigen. Dat had voornamelijk te maken met de thematiek van het album: snelheid. Van Osenbruggen is een groot Formule 1-liefhebber en verschillende nummers bevatten aanzwellende en brullende race- en motorgeluiden. Ik heb helemaal niets met snelle auto's en vond de gebruikte effecten vooral irritant.

Voor 'AtmoSphere' pakte Van Osenbruggen het anders aan en liet hij zich inspireren door (je raadt het al) de atmosfeer. Het album neemt je mee op een reis door de verschillende atmosferische lagen, beginnend bij de 'Troposhere' en eindigend in de ruimte met 'Exosphere'. Zo op het eerste gehoor bevat 'AtmoSphere' vriendelijke, open elektronische muziek, met af en toe opduikende lichte Jean-Michael Jarre-invloeden (met name dankzij de sweeps op de achtergrond) en een jaren tachtig-touch. Fijn, maar niet wereldschokkend, zo dacht ik aanvankelijk. Totdat ik me realiseerde dat het album de afgelopen week constant op repeat in mijn cd-speler heeft doorgebracht - zonder dat het ook maar n seconde begon te vervelen. De ingrediten zijn dan ook precies goed: NASA-samples op de achtergrond, subtiele beats en natuurgeluiden (vooral regen- en onweersbuien), ronkende sequencers, een scheutje sfeervolle ambient en af en toe een vette synthsolo.

'AtmoSphere' is een op een onopvallende en bescheiden manier ijzersterk album, dat niet alleen staat als een huis, maar het ook verdient om door een groot publiek gehoord te worden.

2008. Araglin / NL Michel van Osenbruggen (Synth. NL) 2nd album is inspired by the layers of atmospheres which surround our planet. A little in the same vein as its 1st opus, AeroDynamics, the Dutch synthesist continues to forge energetic music with catchy rhythms. Atmosphere offers a beautiful range with a touch closer to nebulas atmospheres than cosmic one, as we found on AeroDynamics. A new kind of progressive synth pop with a heavy approach.

Troposphere is fomented like a grain in space. A train comes from nowhere and releases heteroclite sound effects. The ambiance is cosmic, except for fine cymbals which initiate a percussion set more vigorous, in a cosmic sphere with Mellotron chorus and light hazes. A syncopated sequence is melting agreeably in this space landscape, creating a sustained rhythm which girdles an active nebulosity. In a track, Synth.NL situates his music. Melodious and rhythmic, stuffed of heavy Mellotron which gives the impression to slow down the tempo. Heavy and dilly-dally Troposphere, just like Cumulonimbus which seems to be his remix, rebound in the tympanums with an amazing sound richness.
Atmosphere abounds of these titles with vaporous and climatic intros which lead to frank and vigorous rhythms, with a Jean Michel Jarre touch. Titles like Troposphere, Altocumulus, the excellent Altostratus and the very Jarrian Exosphere with his delightful violins, exploit chipped sequences on percussions very well freshened and on melodious synth. Some great cosmic candy, intelligent and appealing.
Stratosphere intro plunges us into a cosmic static broth which is animating softly on circular cymbals and a hiccupping sequence which surrounds a movement hardly rhythmic. Melodious, the synth floats wistfully whereas the title immerses in a black mood with, in background, the initial melody which floats more than agitating. One of the more ambient tracks we find on this album, along with Thermosphere and Cirrostratus which always oscillate between the fragmented nebulosity and rhythms. Atmosphere is more elaborate. A soft rotary sequence with a Mellotron choral insufflates a soft melody that dry strike of percussions does not manage to spoil. A good track, like the majority that composes Synth.NL 2nd opus.
Synth pop with a more progressive touch, like Mesosphere and its long synth solos and Nimbostratus with its dramatico-cosmic approach.

If you have like AeroDynamics, AtmosPhere will not disappoint you. A strong album in rhythm and which brushes the roots of ambient EM does not go unperceived. There is a strong Jarre influence, in particular on percussions and synthesized refrains which bite easily the ear.
A good album for fans of pop synth, with great percussions moves and well builds orchestrations.

Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness AtmoSphere is more playful upbeat melodious synth music from Michael van Osenbruggen. Whereas AeroDynamics was based on the theme of motion, this time van Osenbruggen has his head in the clouds, quite literally, going through the many levels of earth’s atmosphere.

Starting in the "Troposphere" the music is appropriately, uh, atmospheric of course. Though it is floaty it is also thoroughly electronic, with just the right tribal touches as well. It progresses smoothly from a mellow to a more upbeat sound, with solid sequencing and melodic synth leads.
"Cumulonimbus" starts appropriately with distant thunder and an ominous mood, though it turns light and bouncy as well.
There is a Jarre-like playfulness here and on the next track "Stratosphere", but Osenbruggen carves out his own sound and style within the genre. Sometimes there is a more majestic tone, often right in the middle of otherwise toe-tapping tracks, but transitions are deftly handled. I sometimes found his debut a little too playful and light, but AtmoSphere shows more restraint and maturity in the compositions which works to its advantage. Even when tracks do get a little sweeter, as on "Stratocumulus" and "Altocumulus", it seldom if ever carries things too far on the cute or cheesy scale.

When I’m in the mood for the lighter melodic side of EM, AtmoSphere will be a disc I will reach for often.

2008. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space Take a cruise journey through different weather patterns and storms, The CD title really lives up to it's name, I met Michel van Osenbruggen on Myspace and at the time Analogy vol.3 was released, But then came Aerodynamics and track 12- Lift just blew my mind, His synth work has mellowed here to a more swooning journey through all 4 seasons of the year with smooth rockin melodies.

2008. The Cosmic Frequencies / USA The style of this work is situated on the border between Synth-Pop and the most futuristic areas of Techno. Also there are some traits from Space Music, that contribute to enrich the pieces. Almost all the music is very dynamic, with powerful rhythms, although there also are slow parts. The melodies usually are lively, in an atmosphere typical of a soundtrack for an adventure movie. This is a fresh and innovative album, which no doubt will contribute to increasing the reputation of the artist.

The most impressive piece in the album is, in my opinion, "Nimbostratus".

Alejandro Hinojosa Atmosphere is a great new album of synth music from Dutch synthesist Michel van Osenbruggen, aka Synth.nl.
Atmosphere is a concept album, based on the layers of atmosphere that surround the Earth, the various types of clouds that are encountered within each layer and the sounds of weather that might occur at each layer. The tracks are arranged to follow the layers of the atmosphere, as if you were taking a trip from the earth into space. The "atmosphere" concept isn't heavy-handed, but serves as a framework for Osenbruggen’s music, which is electronic music in the synth music tradition of artists like Tangerine Dream, 80’s Jan Hammer & Jean Michel Jarre. The music has a symphonic electronica texture with an emphasis on traditional analog-style sounds.

The tracks on Atmosphere are very melodic, without being pop-ish.
One of the highlights of the album is Stratocumulus. It features a sequenced synth bass line, a string/brass synth melody line and phased synth strings. Synth.nl builds on this with tasteful use of electronic percussion, effects and a bit of sampled ambient effects.
Another highlight is Allocumulus, which has an almost hymnlike quality. It begins by stating the theme with muted synth strings, accompanied by subtle percussive effects. It then repeats the theme in a series of variations, repeating once in an arpeggiated version, and then building to a broader statement of the theme with electronic rhythms and new instrumentation of the melody. Osenbruggen brings back the arpeggiated variation on the theme and then builds the piece back up to another peak.
Jarre fans may smile a bit when hearing the track Mesosphere, which echoes the sounds of Oxygene and Equinoxe with its use of heavily phased synth strings and a melodic bass line.
Another highlight is Allostratus. It’s built around a descending bass line that repeats throughout most of the piece. Osenbruggen gives it a modern feel by using multiple layered basslines and electronic percussion, without taking it into dance music territory. Osenbruggen adds interest through effective used of synth orchestration and the use of several breaks.

Overall, Synth.nl’s Atmosphere is a treat for synth fans. Osenbruggen’s style of symphonic electronica will appeal to fans of classic synth music & space music artists of the late 70’s and 80’s – but it’s not too hard to imagine these tracks being remixed as dance music, too.

2009. Synthtopia