1. No inhibitions [22:44] MP3 soundclip of No inhibitions [3:00]
  2. In the blink of an eye [13:36] MP3 soundclip of In the blink of an eye [3:00]
  3. A glimmer of hope [12:50]
  4. Rise to the occasion [8:33] MP3 soundclip of Rise to the occasion [3:00]
  5. Collide [11:21]
Composed, played, recorded by Create. Mastered by Ron Boots.

Steve Humphries - Access Virus B, Access Virus Indigo, Alesis Andromeda A6, Creamware Minimax, Creamware PRO 12, Dave Smith Mono Evolver Keyboard, Doepher MAQ 16/3, Doepher Schaltwerk, EMU PX7, Ensoniq Fizmo, Evolution MIDI Keyboard, Korg ER1 MK II, Korg Radias, Korg Triton Rack, Clavia Nord Lead 3, Roland JV1080. Ça doit être quelque chose comme le 6ème album pour Create, le pseudonyme derrière lequel se cache l’Anglais Stephen Humphries. Avec In the Blink of an Eye, il continue d’explorer le monde des séquences rythmées chères aux précurseurs allemands et, plus proche de nous, à ses compatriotes de VoLt.

Deux pièces enregistrées "live" en studio introduisent et concluent ce très bon album. La première, No Inhibition, est représentative de cet excellent album et rappellera des souvenirs aux lecteurs de ma génération, tant le morceau est construit comme le Nowhere -Now Here de Klaus Schulze, avec une longue intro calme mais angoissante, qui se poursuit par un enchevêtrement de séquences rappelant per moment le thème initial. Les morceaux suivants sont du même accabit, alternant ou mélngeant ryhtmiques syncopées, séquences lourdes et soundscapes hallucinants. La palette sonore d’Humphries est toujours aussi riche et propose des sonorités tantôt colorées, tantôt agressives, tantôt cosmiques.

En définitive, il s’agit là d’un des meilleurs albums de Create, qui ravira les amateurs d’AirSculpture et de KS.

2010. LouLou / Prog-résiste Delicate rhythms and sequencers is the order of the day when you put this baby in the Cd player. Create is quite well known for their ability to invent dreamy/haunting yet bright and uptempo Tangerine Dream alike music, and proof on that can be heard already on their first record called 'Reflections From The Inner Light'. They do continue, more or less Id say, in the same 'Create sound' but this time they have taken their creativity to a slightly higher level, and a very good example on that can be heard on tracks such as 'Rise to the occasion & Collide' which are stunning and marks Create at their finest hour. Incredibly haunting & inventive from start to finish.
If you liked their earlier albums then you can't go wrong with this title, as this is definitely among their best work along with 'Reflections From The Inner Light' & 'From Earth To Mars'.

The verdict is, if you like hypnotizing soundwords with a dash of good old TD sound and some haunting treats, then this is for you! And certainly for those who are familiar with Create's music already.
A Keeper!

2009. Kristian Persson / Sweden „The Blink Of An Eye" ist das mittlerweile siebte Album des britischen Elektronikmusikers Steve Humphries, der unter dem Namen Create bekannt ist. Dieses Mal geht er nicht ins All, sondern widmet sich dem kurzen Moment eines Wimpernschlages bzw. das, was man in diesem kurzen Moment wahrnimmt. Entstanden sind die fünf Stücke, die sich auf dem Album befinden, in der Zeit zwischen November 2007 und August 2008. Aufgenommen hat Steve die Tracks in seinem „The Backroom Studio".

Zwei der fünf Stücke hat Steve im Studio live eingespielt, so auch das eröffnende, mehr als 22minütige Stück „No Inhibitations". Langsam erklingt aus dem Off eine Synthiefläche auf dem Steve wellenförmige, Zirpende oder auch lang gezogene Synthiessounds legt. Nach gut vier Minuten schmeißt er dann den Sequenzer an und aus dem eher ruhigen Stück entwickelt sich ein rhythmischer Track, bei dem auch Mellotronsounds zu hören sind, so wie man ihn von Create kennt.
Das mehr als 13minütige Titelstück folgt als zweites. Hier entwickelt sich, wie beim Opener, aus einem ruhigen Anfang ein rhythmischer Track, bei dem zunächst wieder die Sequenzer den Takt angeben. Allerdings wartet Steve nicht erst vier Minuten, sondern lässt die Sequenzer schon früher den Rhythmus bestimmen. Im späteren Verlauf ändert sich die Stimmung und es bildet sich ein von Mellotronsounds getragener Track im Stile der frühen Tangerine Dream.
„A Glimmer To Hope" zeigt ein etwas anderes Bild. Zwar sind auch hier zunächst sehr schöne Flächen im Vordergrund, doch durch die Tonlage klingt dieses Stück sehr offen und hoffnungsvoll. Ein schnell trabender bzw. wie ein D-Zug wirkender Rhythmus treibt diesen Titel immer weiter voran. Die Melodiebögen sind aber an der ein oder anderen Stelle etwas flach. Vielleicht der schwächste Track des Albums.
„Rise To The Occasion" hat nichts mit dem Hit zu tun, mit dem die Band Climie Fisher im Jahr 1987 die Charts stürmte. Vielmehr ist es ein weiterer, sehr rhythmischer Track, der – wie ich finde - eine tolle Grundstimmung verbreitet. Auf diesem Boden setzt Steve seine Melodiebögen, die mich ebenfalls überzeugen können. Schöner Track, in den man sich verlieren kann.
„Collision", das zweite Stück, das live im Studio eingespielt wurde, beendet dann die CD. Auch hier bietet uns Steve an „Berliner Schule" der 70’er Jahre erinnernde Musik. Ein einfacher, aber wirkungsvoller Synthierhythmus stellt die Grundlage dieses Tracks dar, auf dem Steve dann einige Mellotronpassagen ausbreitet. Durch Hinzufügung von weiteren Syntiestimmen entwickelt sich ein hypnotischer Track.

Nachdem mich Create’s letztes Album „Lost On An Island Of Adventure", bei dem Steve solide Kost geboten hat, nicht wirklich vom Hocker gehauen hat, gefällt mir sein neuestes Werk schon wieder wesentlich besser. Freunde von Create’s Musik oder der Sequenzer orientierten „Berliner Schule", können hier wieder bedenkenlos zugreifen.

2009. Stephan Schelle / Muzikzirkus Magazine This release from 2009 features 69 minutes of enthralling electronic music. Create is Stephen Humphries.

Peaceful electronics are laced with gutsier enhancements. Fundamental drones serve as an ethereal substructure for more demonstrative melodics. Surging loops emerge to season the flow with vigorous locomotion. An astral density is achieved and then bolstered by additional layers of nimble-fingered keyboard patterns. Fanciful diversions appear with regularity, keeping the music entertaining and lively. The electronics resound with deep intonations, delivering an oomph that is never murky. Meanwhile, this heaviness is countered by the resolute presence of more fanciful pitches that provide a pleasant propulsion. The union of these elements establishes a rich panorama that is flavored with glittering cosmic augmentations. While most of the tracks feature no percussion, the cyclic application of strident sounds provides a suitable rhythmic presence. In one piece, the faux rhythms achieve a startling vitality; while in another song, softly chugging beats establish an amiable tempo.

These compositions employ a slow-building structure, starting out as tenuous harmonics which steadily evolve into pastiches of zealous vitality. A sense of growth is accomplished through the constant expansion of melodies, yet the music rarely has any urgency, with each escalation flowing naturally and unhurried. A strong air of expectancy is generated as the intertwining riffs compound into thrilling configurations that shimmer with puissance and optimism.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity After the bubbling and spectral Lost On An Island Of Adventure, Create continues its exploration of the rhythms, sometimes sober or complex, which respire in astral nebulosity. Masterised by Ron Boots, In The Blink Of An Eye is divided into 2 parts; one live studios and the other part in studio. An interesting approach, allowing us to seize the structural evolutions of Stephen Humphries’s compositions.

Let‘s start with the live parts. The opening of No Inhibitions is presenting with twisted waves undulating on circular reverberations. A lyrical synth, with fluty breaths, circulates in this static sound mass, adding a contrasting melody in a tide of biting sound effects which spit industrialized dusts. Towards the 4th minute, a heavy sequence appears from this sonorous fixation lighting up a rhythm to constant arcs which open with loudness on velvety stratums, brooding the movement of apocalyptic serenades. From then on, a superb parade of synthesized harmonies glance through this hopping rhythmic structure before re-crossing the initial atmospheric movement in middle-course, before taking back a more caustic rhythm on synths more acutenesses.
Collisions present a more furtive, but rather heavy, sequential structure which the measure grows on a synth to multiple layers, as sedentary as fickle, where androgynous singing exercises flirt with brief harmonious inserts.
The intro of In the Blink of the Eye, the title track, takes us out quite straight ahead from the bosoms of No Inhibitions. The rhythm settles down more quickly on a circular sequencer which waves among brief brightness of an untimely keyboard. The rhythm is heavy, wrapped by a synth to floating waves and waltzing stratums which surround a more aggressive structure, fed by robust solos which are getting lost in the multi-layers of a synth to aggressive colors in accordance with the sequential permutations. A good track with unexpected rhythmic turns, branded by Create unique synthesized tone.
Quieter and slowly bring to daydreaming, A Glimmer of Hope floats on pealed chords, hemmed by a coiling synth. Fine percussions light up a rhythm which crescendoed out of breath, from a static rhythm fed by a biting synth to infernal loops which stagnate in a so electronic sea.
Rise to the Occasion begins in a cosmos with mellotron choir. Fine rolling percussions breathe a light rhythm which forms a strange cha-cha, worthy of Klaus Schulze good movements.

In the Blink of the Eye pursues the sound tradition of Create. An album with unpredictable rhythms which surprise so much by their permutations than their slow lascivious evolutions, in particular on Rise to the Occasion.
A beautiful album which will please certainly to Create fans as well as Air Sculpture and Klaus Schulze. Which is completely new in the complex musical world of Stephen Humphries's Create.

2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness A live-in-the-studio jam titled "No Inhibitions" kicks off this newest album by Create aka Steve Humphries. There's an atmospheric intro with all sorts of sharp synth sounds and a mournful Mellotron flute. A menacing bass sequence seeps through the web of pads and effects. More pulsations are added for what sounds like a rollercoaster of a track. What we then get are a few really fat and screaming solos. More resonant sequences are added as the tension gradually builds. The melodic themes are rather sparse but they are effective nonetheless. The sequences subside around the 11-minute mark, leaving you alone in a sea of sharp synthesizers and cosmic effects. A subtle pulse starts, growing in intensity. Another sequence joins and in comes what sounds like the most sonically rich section of this track. All kinds of electronic pulsations, pads and melodic themes populate the sonic space with a perfect mix between the propulsive and the abstract. The track ends with yet another atmospheric section that sounds similar to the one that opened this jam.
Mysterious soundscape gets the title track underway. Fast paced sequence glides through, accompanied by high-flying pads. This is some excellent music, very original. The atmosphere is that of mystery and scientific exploration. A new tinkling sequence appears, accompanied by yet another, grating pulsation. A lead line is all it takes to complete the picture of this purely Berlin School track. Mellotron strings are added for extra dramatics. The bass pulse from the first half of this track returns in solid form for the finale.
Dramatic atmospheres and a melodic theme straight from early 1980's Tangerine Dream welcome "A Glimmer of Hope". This is the definitive moment of this album - very nicely done! A fast sequence gradually develops from under the surface of smooth Mellotron pads and fat, screaming synth textures. This track has got some of the most frenetic sequencing I have heard in a while. Not that it's superfast but it's so assuring and bold, you have to hear it. The rest is pretty much standard Create stuff, but the sequencing really makes this track stand out. Interesting, we need more stuff like that.
"Rise To the Occasion" is brought forth by means of quite dramatic pads and wonderful cosmic effects. A pulse starts after 3 minutes, accompanied by distant hi-hat-like claps. More typical laidback sequences are added and a very nice melodic theme appears. Good!
"Collide" is another "live" jam recorded in the studio in one take. Straight into business with this one - a bass throb sets the pace, as a mournful Mellotron string part wraps in up like a warm blanket. More sequences are added and the sound gets fairly intense. Another sequence supports the flow of a track that can only be described as "the hymn to sequencing". Some of the pulsations remind me on Wahnfried's "Time Actor". However, whereas on that classic work the sequences are for the most part subtle, here, they are loud and in your face.

"In the Blink of An Eye" is a fine work that relies even more on the sequencing than Steve's previous efforts.

2009. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music "Welcome once again in the electronic world of Create". This is how Englishman Steve Humphries opens the booklet of his new cd "In The Blink Of An Eye" under his artistname Create. Steve’s world is deeply rooted within the Berlin School style of electronic music. This is a style in which he became a well known and household name during the last years. He does this solo as Create, as a duo with Jez Creek as Astrogator or with a group of musicians as Quadra. In the beginning, in his electronic world there was only place for a computer and the Reason software but soon he started using hardware synthesizers, new and old. And armed with this gear, he could also play live as he proved on many occasions.

"In The Blink Of An Eye" contains music Steve composed in his Backroom Studio. Two of the tracks, "No Inhibitions" and "Collision", were played live in this studio. Steve’s music is beging built up in an excellent way. Where many retro/Berlin School-musicians use long intros with experimental effects and atmospheric sounds, Steve gets to the point rather quickly and starts his sequencers, over which he plays his solos and lays his retrosounds.
"No Inhibitions" is clearly a fine example of Steve’s approach.
The titletrack opens with soft and relaxing sounds, after which a great sequence follows. To speed things up, he uses very interesting rhythmic sounds in the thrusting "A Glimmer Of Hope". And just listen how fat the solosynths sound!
A metallic sequence dominates the wonderful crafted "Rise To The Occasion". Here, Steve’s love for one of the Grandmasters of electronic music, Klaus Schulze, can be heard well.
"Collision" again is played live in the studio. It contains a wonderful ongoing sequence that belongs to the most innovative ever created.

"Wherever you are in the world so much can happen in The Blink Of An Eye", Steve says in the booklet. That is absolutely true. Let’s just hope that his career in electronic music will take many more blinks of the eye. This album proves again that Steve has moved himself in the top of the retro/Berlin School style of electronic music

2009. Paul Rijkens Steve Humphries is back with five new electronic music excursions, beginning with the 22-minute retro epic "No Inhibitions." Filter sweeps, Mellotron flutes and rumbling drones combine to make a dreamy atmospheric intro, until a pulsing bass sequence fades in at 4:20, and the layered sequences and cool synth leads just keep coming after that, finding a cool moderate groove that moves along nicely for most of the remainder, with softer ethereal passages in the middle and again at the end.
The title track is another long journey, starting in spacier realms and once again returning to solid sequencing.
Create has always been inspired by AirSculpture, and "In The Glimmer of Hope" reminds me of their excellent Thunderhead album, rapid sequencing and squelchy synth leads combining well.
Each track does a fine job slowly evolving, hitting peaks and valleys at just the right times.

If you like the Berlin school style and Create in particular, then this is certainly another one to add to your collection.

2010. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space