1. Die Geschichte [5:21]
  2. Tranquil [6:36] MP3 soundclip of Tranquil [3:00]
  3. Look up to the Sky [5:48]
  4. Probes and Shuttles [6:31]
  5. A Clear view [6:53] MP3 soundclip of A Clear view [3:00]
  6. Tarnished Drops [11:50]
  7. Serenity [7:26]
  8. Do we Believe? [6:30] MP3 soundclip of Do we believe? [3:00]
  9. The Story [5:25]
Music made over a period of 7 years that adds to the story of "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight". In complement to Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight, Ron Boots offers to his fans a limited edition of 400 cdís of his musical reflections regarding concerts which he presented in diverse planetariums in his last 7 years. Boundary Tales is an album very near Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight, but with a more intimate touch where the rhythm goes alongside to long atmospheric passages sometimes poetic, sometimes atonal.

The album opens with Die Geschichte, a German replica of The Story whom we find on Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight. Poetic, Tranquil is a musical sweetness which bathes in galactic aurora borealis where cosmic waves recover an atonal twinkling luminosity.
A contrast of tranquility compared with the boiling Look up to the Sky and its funky jazz rhythm, with its trumpets sonorities, tinted by a techno approach. A title that recalls the madness tribal celebrations of Mind Over Matter with these tablas percussions and its ethereal voices which flow with a zombie insistence. The rhythm is heavy and leans on a resonant bass which a synth encircles of hopping and stroboscopic arpeggios. A burning, and stunning, title from Boots repertory.
Probes and Shuttles is a slow spatial journey where the atmospheres inherent to the operations of space shuttles or NASA operations rooms prevail on a very ambient and cosmic movement.
A Clear View is very representative of its title with its crystalline chords which skip such galactic xylophone keys on a soft synth of which orchestral oscillations take a moving tangent. Itís soft, warm and very inspired. Ron Boots brings us where he wants.
A suave fluty synth opens the atmospheric passage of Tarnished Drops. A fine sequence appears slowly from this morphic movement, drawing heavy oscillations which pound with strength before plunging into a beautiful synth / sequencer rhythmic fusion. Fine keys flutter in this somber sound mass from where a soft synthesized breath leaks out. Slowly the synth coats the sequential stream, which keeps the same rhythmic frenzy, shaping a more limpid movement where arpeggios skip in a sound whirlwind filled of heavy undulations. A very good title which suits marvelously the planetariums universe of Ron Boots.
As its title indicates, Serenity is of an astral tranquility with its soft keys which hesitate to clear themselves a passage among this long corridor dotted of galactic sounds.
Do we Believe begins with fine synthesized loops which wave with a fine serpentine echo. An echo which draws a light hiccupping movement before falling under an untimely percussions avalanche movements, creating a fascinating symphonic anarchy where chaos is pierced from everywhere by a synth to echoing arpeggios and twisted solos.
The Story concludes Boundary Tales with a minimalism loops music which rolls in a sound universe slightly animated by heavy pulsations which throb in a twinkling sound adornment. The same music as The Story, without words.

Boundary Tales isnít the kind of album which contains the rests of musical ideas forgotten in time. Without having the impact of its older brother (Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight), itís more spacey, floating and cosmic. But it contains some very beautiful titles which illustrate very well the sense of the structures and the melodies which light up Ron Boots creativity.

2009. Sylvain Lupari