1. Cradle of Life [14:06] MP3 soundclip of Cradle of life [3:00]
  2. The Story [5:28]
  3. At the Dawn of Life [6:21]
  4. In the Skies [11:35] MP3 soundclip of In the skies [3:00]
  5. The Vastness of Space [5:31] MP3 soundclip of Vastness of space [3:00]
  6. Galactic Traveller [6:46]
  7. Sunrise on FarPoint station [6:42]
  8. Heroes [6:53]
  9. Giants in the Skies [8:01]
Planetarium concert in Bochum, Germany on May 24, 2009

Frank Dorittke - guitar Musician Ron Boots did several planetarium concerts in the past seven years or so, but it never came to a cd-release. "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight", released at Ronís Planetarium concert in Bochum, Germany on May 24, fills this "gap", offering 71 minutes of both atmospheric and dynamic but always captivating music. The background of the conceptual music is told by Ron on the second piece "The Story". Although almost all music on the album is made by Ron, the encompassing music at times is complimented by some great guitar parts by Frank Dorittke (aka F.D. Project).

After some harsh metallic sounds at the intro of the opening track "Cradle of Life", the sonic journey into endless spaces smoothly takes off on the following eight tracks: emotional soundscapes, groovy, multi-layered and choir synthpads, synth solos and rhythms lead the way, reaching its first peak on "In the Skies".
The deep, freeform cosmic spaces are explored on "The Vastness of Space", later on flowing in the slowly sequenced, spacious realms of "Galactic Traveller".
The music shifts to a higher gear again on the rhythmic "Sunrise on FarPoint station", after which we arrive at the emotional "Heroes", which creates a 7-minute momentum of reflection. I remember especially this track worked out much stronger when played live.
The finale of "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight" excels once more with the dynamic 8-minute "Giants in the Skies", a marvellous track opening with vintage sounds, but soon drums and a good dose of Frankís excellent guitarsolos kick in.

As an extra to "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight", Ron also released the cd "Boundary Tales" (a limited edition of 400 copies).
It contains eight tracks of additional music which Ron composed over a period of seven years that adds to the same story, but overall taking a bit more unusual, mysterious and even slightly experimental approach to the same concept.
"Boundary Tales" is for those who love a deeper, more adventurous listening experience.

Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion It is in a complete metallic anarchy that begins Cradle of Life. Metal on metal, in an atmosphere stuffed with cosmic breaths, Live Cradle feels oneís way along towards a corridor of harmony, molded by choirs of which breaths become entangled to oblong synthesized strata. What could we expect more from an introductory title for a concert presented in a planetarium? Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight is the last one of a series of concerts that Ron Boots performed in planetariums during the last years. Accompanied by Frank Dorittke (F.D. Project) on guitars, the Dutch synthesist offers in Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight his vision of a parallel world with a music which mixes deliciously ambient passages to numerous lively structures.
If Cradle of Lightís intro is caustic, its awakening and blossoming go by a superb ambient passage worth of sublime landscapes of Chronos. A bass awakens a structure to tearful synthesized breaths by a series of pulsations which plunge Cradle of Light towards a more rock progressive structure than electronic, fed FDís guitar, a good rhythmic mold into keyboards to cosmic insertions and percussions which hammer a steady rhythm.
Itís under the timeless loops of The Story, which roll in loops in a cosmic corridor, that Ron Boots explains the vision his musical conception around Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight.
A track that breathes on a quiet musical structure, to flickering sound effects, which slides lovingly towards the superb At the Dawn of Life and its honeyed structure where the ethereal atmosphere of infinite spaces is living through a synth to crystalline arpeggios which float between two spheres, while a soft battery resounds its skins in the cosmic borders which illuminate our imaginations.
In the Skies dive directly towards a rhythm livened up by nervous sequences which hiccup a jerky tempo hammered by good electronic percussions, under a magnificent mellotron coat. Synth solos fuse from everywhere and are joined by Frank Dorittke's biting guitar which adds much more power to a loud and vigorous track, of which these solos cross a furious rhythmic which, quietly runs out and cogitates in an ambient and caustic structure. Bouncing pulsations prepare a rhythmic revival which will be a bit less vigorous, but just as weightier with a very acuteness guitar which is molding marvelously to Ron Boots solos in what becomes a beautiful merger of electronic and progressive music.
After the very atmospheric and enigmatic strange The Vastness of Space, Galactic Traveller presents a somber pace sprinkled of hopping arpeggios which float in suspension in a cosmic universe where the synth predominates of solos to apocalyptic breathes which scan the space of their intense musical beams. Contemporary Blade Runner on a very soft cosmic tempo.
After a morphic intro, Sunrise on FarPoint Station appears from cosmic mists with a series of percussions filled of echotic doubloons which shape a rhythmic with heavy pulsations, under the hold of an opaque mellotron veil. A not so common track where the rhythm waves on a beautiful line of bass running in cascade, but which is in constant tightness with a stagnant nebulosity, where percussions to metallic flitting and a ochre synth are the beginnings of a strange cosmic melody.
Very moving, Heroes is a title which depicts perfectly its conceptual orientation with a soft synth to juxtaposed breaths, among which one fits to perfection a solitary flute that whistles for its harmonies above mellotron mists. Fine percussions resound with their echoes among fanciful choirs which shape with delicacy and compassion to this so melodious musical piece that reach its highlight with Frank Dorittkeís a bit lonely guitar. One of the very beautiful melodies of 2009 where nothing is left at random, not even these small bells which coat Heroes of his so sensitive cachet.
With its very Floydian, Giants in the Skies is a skillful mixture of progressive blues and contemporary EM with the excellent guitar of FD Project which spits heavy sensual solos to a lascivious and heavy tempo where keyboards plunge us in the heart of Wish you Where Here.

Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight is another signed jewel Ron Boots. The Dutch synthesist offers a skillful mixture of an ambient EM, livened up by sober sequences, but fed by beautiful electronic percussions. There are wonderful titles in this work which caresses romantic steams of a contemporary EM while flirting with a more rock progressive approach with Frank Dorittke's presence on guitars. A very beautiful album which is lists in the 2009 Top10.

2010. Sylvain Lupari Ron Boots, the most important electronic musician from The Netherlands, has done a lot of interesting things in his fine career. During the past seven years or so, he has given a number of planetarium concerts. He played great music there but sadly the music was never released on cd. "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight", released at Ronís planetarium concert in Bochum, Germany on May 24 2009, changes this. "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight" brings music that shows the many sides of the versatile musician Boots but it has a more atmospheric approach than what he usually does.

With "Cradle of Life" the album opens with experimental sounds that move into a wonderful thrusting sequencer track that has traces of masterful albums like "Tainted Bare Skin". The electric guitar is played by Onder Nomales, a musician Ron met at his work. Ron tells the essence of "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight" on "The Story", a quiet track in which he reflects on the things that move him. "At the Dawn of Life" continuous the spacious sound of the album. Another fine guitarist, Frank Dorittke (aka F.D. Project), makes a contribution on two tracks of the album: "In The Skies" and "Giants In The Skies". "In The Skies" again shows great sequencer work, but now the Mike Oldfield-like guitar parts of Frank are added which makes this a collaboration to remember (and hopefully there is more to come in the future!). Real spacemusic can be heard on "The Vastness of Space". This track brings the listener into deep space. "Galactic Traveller" is a melodically track with a melancholy feeling. Then the music moves into more rhythmic moments in "Sunrise on FarPoint Station". "Heroes" has a somewhat "heroic", euphoric, idea to it. This track could have been made by Vangelis. It shows that Ron is also capable of making music for soundtracks because this music would have fitted a film well. Dorittke returns on the symphonic "Giants In The Skies". The drums are very good here.

Often, electronic musicians cannot really catch a strong drumsound: this is absolutely not the case here. One can only be very happy with the fact that Ron has decided to re-work and release his planetarium-music on "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight". It has resulted in one of his best albums ever. As an extra to "Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight", Ron also released the cd "Boundary Tales". This is a limited edition (400 copies) cd that contains eight tracks of additional music.

Paul Rijkens Ron Boots brings you in deeper space with this fantastic piece of music, Ron Boots demonstrates here his music skills.

Listening to this music again on cd you hear an great musician who can made many styles of music, there is balance, melodic and the typical Ron Boots sound. The music is fresh with a story and not only music, relax on your chair and let Ron Boots you bringing to the unlimited space with this music, enjoy your journey to the deeper space feel the power and harmony. The guitar parts and the vocals are very welcome it gives more body to the music and brings the music to an higher level of understanding, love and harmony.

This is mine first cd of Ron Boots but many will follow his music is very good and shows that he is an great musician and not only Klaus Schulze, Vangelis or many others can make this music now I going to travel on the wings of Beyond the Boundaries of Twilight. Ron thanks for this piece of music.

2010. Marco Smit / The Netherlands