1. David Wright & Friends - Gaia [9:11] MP3 soundclip of Gaia (Dabid Wright) [3:00]
  2. Erik Seifert - Cern [12:00] MP3 soundclip of Cern (Erik Seifert) [3:00]
  3. E.R.G. - Asturiana [2:42] MP3 soundclip of Asturiana (Erg) [1:00]
  4. Free System Projekt - Day Of E [24:29] MP3 soundclip of Day of E (Free System Projekt) [3:00]
  5. Code Indigo - Eden to Chaos (The Corrupted Time Mix)[11:44] MP3 soundclip of Eden to chaos (Code Indigo) [3:00]
Special cd for the E-Day 2010 festival containing never before released music.

2010. Press Information Here is another fine sampler with unique music from artists who performed at the E-Day festival (this one's from 2010).

David Wright and friends get going with "Gaia" - an alternative version of a track that is going to appear on "A Different Colour" album from Code Indigo (yet to be released at the moment of writing). What can be said about this track? It's melodic and has nice guitar. It's good, relaxing stuff that will suit those who want a nice background during a long drive down the highway. Not sounding very electronic, like most of CI stuff, it's a solid slice of New Instrumental atmospheres that will sure have a wide appeal.
Erik Seifert continues with "Cern" - a 12-minute EM tour-de-force. A dark and abstract intro sends us straight into space. A moody sequencer section follows that just reinforces the fact that Erik is one of the best Neo-Prog / Berlin School synthesists around. Exquisite electronic rhythms interact with each other, forming a spacey and dreamy melange of synthetic sounds. If Electronic Music of the cosmic variety is your thing, then do check out Erik's music.
E.R.G. is an unknown name to me. Seems to be a guitar / electronics duo from the Netherlands. Their "Asturiana" is a short melodic track where acoustic guitar and theremin are most prominent. Nice change of pace.
"Day of E" by Free System Projekt is a massive, 24+ minute epic. It starts with subtle effects over a bed of warm organ pads. A dark and mysterious melody is heard before a warm analog synth pad is introduced, supported by Mellotron flutes. Amazingly, it's 10+ minutes into the track and it still remains ambient and rhythmless. Only towards the 12-minute mark an excellent sequence by Ruud Heij starts creeping in, supported by Marcel's tron choir licks. More tron textures are added for a classic, unaltered 1975 - 1978 Tangerine Dream sound. A flying Moog solo is all it takes to complete the cosmic picture portrayed by this composition.
Code Indigo give us "Eden To Chaos" - a remixed version of a track from their 2004 album. This piece has great melodies played on synthesizers, piano and guitar, all set to a relaxed electronic rhythm.

This album demonstrates once again the high standards of music played at E-Live and E-Day festivals each year. So, if you can, do visit this year's E-Day, on the 15th of April in Oirschot, Netherlands, in De Enck.

2011. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music This release from 2010 offers 60 minutes of electronic music.

An anthology release offering unique tracks by David Wright & friends (Andy Lobban, Niel Fellowes, & Nigel Turner-Heffer): A very Pink Floydish piece with sultry keyboards, astral guitar, and sedate percussion. Tasty melody and slick performance make this a wonderful excursion through pastoral realms leading to a cosmic destination. (An alternate version of a track from an upcoming Code Indigo album.)
Erik Seifert: Sinuous electronics and zephyr textures lead to busier territory wherein snappy e-perc and bouncy keyboards define an alluring tune littered with buzzing effects.
E.R.G. (Allard Krijger and Ruud Peeters): Heavy use of theremin in conjunction with strummed guitar establishes a classic mode for this melancholic short piece.
Free System Projekt (Marcel Engles and Ruud Heij): This long piece occupies half of this sampler CD, affording the tune the opportunity to slowly evolve from a passive opening of gurgling diodes and haunting texturals into a pastiche of gentle electronics. While sedate in tone, the music moves through several stages in which the understated electronics engage in mild variations, finally reaching a sequencer laden liveliness at mid-point that builds in density without becoming obtrusive. Layers undulate and stretch out into an expansive ambrosia that is tempered by intertwining auxiliary low-key riffs.
Code Indigo (David Wright, Robert Fox, and Dave Massey): Luxurious electronics mingle with reserved guitar while elegant rhythms provide courteous locomotion. The guitar soon loses its gentility and commences to offer searing riffs, as the electronics are seasoned by piano threads that evoke a dreamy beauty. (A remix of a track from Callisto's 2004 TimeCode album.)

Fans of David Wright and Free System Projekt will thrill to the exclusive gems offered by this collection of tracks.

2010. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity El sello holandés Groove Unlimited nos acaba de presesentar nuevas produciones, de momento, vamos a destacar en especial este disco, el "E-Day 2010"
Este es un disco limitado a 500 unidades para el "E-Day 2010 Festival" con temas no publicados hasta el momento, aquí nos podemos encontrar a:

· David Wright & Friends - Gia: Tema inédito compuesto por David Wright, Andy Lobban, Niel Fellowes y Nigel Turner-Heffer y es una versión alternativa del tema aparecido en el nuevo trabajo de Code Indigo. Precioso tema electrónico acompañado de una guitarra eléctrica que nos sumerge en un rock instrumental tranquilo, que hace el placer de nuestros oídos.
· Erik Seifert - Cern: Secuencias melódicas y tranquilas, un tema para disfrutar y saborear poco a poco.
· E.R.G. - Asturiana: Curioso título para este tema compuesto por Allard Krijger y Ruud Peeters, donde comienza con una guitarra acústica a la que se incorpora un Theremin para crear una extraña símbiosis.
· Free System Projekt - Day Of E: Marcel Engels y Ruud Heij vuelven a hacer maravillas detrás de sus instrumentos electrónicos, más de veinte y cuatro minutos, con una primera parte ambiental y una segunda que se convierte en un verdadero orgasmo secuencial.
· Code Indigo - Eden to Chaos (Corrupted Time Mix): David Wright, Robert Fox y Dave Massey remezclando este clásico tema publicado en el año 2004 en su disco "Time Code" con una espectaculares guitarras y unas voces corales que harán la delicia de todo aquel que lo escuche.

Más de setenta minutos para todos los amantes de la música electrónica, un trabajo que no debería de faltar a ningún aficionado de este género musical.

2010. Roberto Vales / Ultima Fronteira Radio This is a limited edition CD where nearly all the music is otherwise unavailable (it is only the Eric Seifert track I am uncertain about).

A gentle rhythm and strummed acoustic guitar backed by lush synths make a lovely start to the highly melodic ‘Gaia’ by David Wright and Friends. They are joined by beautiful gently played electric guitar. It’s basically a conventional soft rock instrumental rather than electronic music as we would usually think of it but that doesn't get in the way of it being an absolute corker!
Erik Seifert donates his track ‘Cern’. It starts with gurgling sounds and half heard sampled text. A little melodic motif hangs teasingly in the air then in comes a fizzing sequence, another close on its heals. A lovely shuffling rhythm really gets in its stride. This is such an infectious track. The melodic sequences, lead lines and foot tapping beats are so full of joyous energy it is impossible not to love it.
I imagine that E.R.G. will be new to most customers, they certainly are to me! ‘Asturiana’ is a short acoustic guitar lead piece accompanied by Theremin warblings. Sort of pleasant- but also rather odd!
Next we get a twenty-four minute beauty from Free System Projekt called ‘Day of E’. Metallic tones shimmer over bubbling effects. Things take a dark, even spooky twist. It all sounds like something from Klaus Schulze’s ‘Cyborg’ actually, until the mood changes with the introduction of soothing flutey synth. The wonderful chilled out feel is banished with the introduction of an absolutely stonking ballsey sequence backed by blissful mellotron. Another, even more bass laden sequence joins the first. The pattern of the pulsations is so complex that it draws you in, resulting in quite a hypnotic effect.
Code Indigo’s ‘Eden to Chaos (Corrupted Time Mix)’ is a new version of the ‘TimeCode’ track. Gentle rhythms mix with samples of speech and the most gorgeous wordless female vocal coloring. Then in comes a mellow piano lead line and in complete contrast, scything electric guitar flourishes. The rhythms also seem to become more intense, the guitar really letting rip nearer the end.

As with the opener this is also more like a rock instrumental but this time with added oomph!

DL The next E-Day will be held on April 16th 2011 and, as in each occasion, the Groove label will produce a CD composed of unreleased tracks offered by the artists invited to this festival. On May 22nd 2010, this intimate festival which is annually held in the city of Oirschot in the Netherlands welcomed some big names of the contemporary EM with David Wright, Erik Seifert and Free System Projekt. A newcomer, E.R.G., completed this musicians' array for this 5th edition of the E-Day festival. Once again the organizers, Kees Aerts and Ron Boots, knew how to ally a contemporary EM, and even progressive, to music closer to the roots of Berlin School while brushing the harmonies and melodies which know how to get the attention of an already conquered crowd but not dupe of any kind of products. A magic music festival of which Groove puts us in appetite with a CD which is a faithful reflection of what the present spectators were lucky to see.

Helped by his walk-ons and friends Andy Lobban, Niel Fellowes and Nigel Turner-Heffer, David Wright offers us a track which depicts marvelously his very poetic and harmonious musical universe. A superb melody which oscillates between the universes of Moody Blues and Pink Floyd, Code Indigo’s meeting point; Gaia is waking up with fine hesitating pulsations which embrace delicate hits of percussions. An intro with a tribal flavor covered by notes of an acoustic guitar which scratches among musical prisms and nice mellotron violins, irradiating Moody Blues’ most beautiful melodious approaches. On a delicate rhythm, Gaia is adorned with its most beautiful musical assets with notes of a melancholic piano and with a harmonious keyboard, before the electric guitar throws a suave veil of romantic sweetness. It’s a nice ballad, more progressive than electronic, tinted of a maudlin romanticism with its quixotic violins which transport Gaia beyond the doors of the dream and its whims.
Cern presents us Erik Seifert's sibylline universe, there where the melody and harmonies go alongside to the musical strangeness of the German synthesist. The intro is dark and glaucous with its spectral winds which blow along the walls of a cave buried in a halieutic universe. A mysterious voice, hardly audible, pierces an aquatic veil filled with sinuous reverberating waves from where escape hesitating twinkling arpeggios. Arpeggios which skip and are subdividing to dance on an anamorphosic structure where reverberations cross scattered percussions. Slowly the hiccupping rhythm of Cern is settling down with more solid percussions and keyboard keys with hybrid tonalities. Quavering chords which sparkle nervously in a heavy musical corridor divided between two rhythmic approaches and duped by heavy twisted reverberations.
Asturiana is a too short track where a soft acoustic guitar courts a synth with Theremin waves. It’s a nice, but curious I may say, spectral ode that hooks immediately on feelings.
With Free System Projekt’s Day of E, we enter into the delight of the Berlin School musical subtleties. A long track of nearly 25 minutes, Day of E begins with all the charm of the transcendence that we find in the EM universe. Sonorous boiling hatch and shape a strange hypnotic pulsation which bubbles under the waves of an old caustic synth. Monastery voices clear the abysses, immersing us of a melancholic tuneful coat in the furs of old Schulze, Irrlicht or Cyborg eras’, whereas a soft oniric flute is dragging us in the musing of Tangerine Dream. A slow morphic intro which borrows a somber path filled of sinuous breaths at around the 10th minute point, the lead of a nice cadence besieged by a sequence to frenzied wavy-like chords. Although soft, the rhythm modifies subtly its structure while keeping its hypnotic constancy such a train crossing a sequential road covered with a synth which mixes its fluty and violin lines. A nice and soft Berlin School, typical to Free System Projekt's backward style, Day of E has all the necessary ingredients to please fans of Tangerine Dream and from ‘la belle époque’.
Eden to Chaos (Corrupted Time Mix) encloses this album with an approach closer to hard progressive rock than EM, a little as Gaia but with much more fury. A track which allies all the fineness and the romanticism of David Wright, while exploring a more powerful tangent, even violent, Eden to Chaos starts with a soft atmospheric intro where David Wright's piano throws its melancholy on a latent rhythm which grows slowly, such a train looking for its cruising speed. Ambivalent and constantly caught up by the notes of a gloomy piano, the tempo of Eden to Chaos is in continuous permutation embracing more balanced passages and diving into heavier and more powerful structures, as those that we find on good and solid progressive electronic rock.

From progressive electronic rock to good old Berlin School, while passing by rich atmospheres and a more contemporary EM, E-Day 2010 is an excellent way of cajoling the various styles of modern EM. There is music for all tastes in this excellent initiative of Groove which makes every effort, year after year, to foam the beauties of a music which has borders only the limits of our imagination.
It’s a very good album, well balanced and structured which is beyond the standards of a single album of various artists.

Sylvain Lupari / Guts of Darkness E-Day is an electronic music festival, held every Spring in the South of The Netherlands. Together with E-Live, which is organized each Autumn, this is the biggest electronic festival in the world. It attracts spectators from countries all over the world. E-Day is organized by Kees Aerts and Ron Boots who are also the guys behind the biggest electronic music label in the world, Groove Unlimited. The 2010-version of E-Day was one with a huge variation of performing artists, ranging from retro/Berlin School with Free System Projekt and Gert Emmens, melodically with David Wright and Friends and experimental with E.R.G. All artists that gave concerts during the day have contributed special and unreleased tracks on this limited edition cd that was created especially for this event.

The cd starts off with Englishman David Wright, an experienced musician who works with a great number of friends and also under other names like Code Indigo and Callisto. His “Gaia” is a wonderful melodically and a little bit “proggy” piece with a Pink Floyd/Camel blues-like electric guitar sound. German Erik Seifert is a fast growing force in electronic music. His albums as well as his sounds are well received. “Cern” is a track inspired by the scientific research centre in the Swiss city Geneva. It is a thrusting piece with a fine drive and well constructed sequence. The variation of E-Day can be well heard in “Asturiana” by the Dutch duo E.R.G. (Allard Krijger and Ruud Peeters) because this is something completely different: an acoustic guitar and the longing and crying sound of a Theremin. The writer of this document has never heard somebody playing the Theremin so well in tune as Krijger does! Free System Projekt (Marcel Engels and Ruud Heij) are masters in re-creating the sound of Tangerine Dream from the second half of the seventies. The great thing on E-Day was, that a part of the set they were accompanied by Gert Emmens on drums and that sounded just like Klaus Schulze from the same mentioned period. So, they can do that to! On this cd they come with the suitable title “Day Of E”. It begins soft and eerie but soon menacing sequences and Mellotron-strings fall in, bringing the listener back to the days when Rubycon ruled the world. David Wright closes the cd with another of this projects, Code Indigo. “Eden To Chaos (Corrupted Time Mix”) is a remix of “Eden To Chaos” from his 2004 album “TimeCode”. Also here, we hear a melodically piece with nice piano melodies but again with excellent guitar playing, now somewhat heavier than is the case on “Gaia”.

E-Day 2010 was again a very nice festival with superb concerts. Hopefully, E-Day will be just as a household name in electronic music as E-Live.

Paul Rijkens