1. Devoted Loss MP3 soundclip of Devoted loss mix 2 [3:00]
    With Gert Emmens
  2. Confronting Conscience MP3 soundclip of Confronting conscience [3:00]
    Ft. Gert Emmens
  3. Atmosphere Of Amalgamation MP3 soundclip of Atmosphere of amalgamation [3:00]
    With Gert Emmens
  4. Reversion To The Unborn
  5. Path To Phenomenon
  6. Virtual Reality
  7. Catalysis
    Ft. Gert Emmens
  8. The Silent Visit
  9. Conclusion
    With Gert Emmens
Gert Emmens participates on 5 tracks.

Groove Unlimited is proud to present "Peregrination", the debut-album by the ambient composer, songwriter, sound designer and arranger Cadenced Haven. This pride has also to do with the fact that "Peregrination" is the very first album by a female artist on the label, Laila Quaraishi. "Peregrination" means journey. Cadenced Haven has started this journey not long ago. It is yet to learn and see more in future years to come. It’s a journey of hope, desire, acrimony, love, positive attitude, nature, consciousness, humanity and other related conceptual matters. It’s a journey which has its destination built up by the power of will. There are many roads to choose from, many people to meet on the way, but the most important asset that holds the capability to remain at the end of the journey….. is our mortality.
The music by Cadenced Haven does reflect distinctive thoughts of various sorts. When she composes music, different kinds of observations about certain things in life, various kinds of experiences build up certain emotions to create an image of melody that hopes to reflect sub-consciousness of the composer and the listeners as well. Every piece of a musical note does bear individual personality. If combined together, the whole output seems to reveal another new story. Started of as a songwriter with an acoustic guitar, she has slowly moved into the realms of electronic music. "Peregrination" was created with the aid of two great artists. Susan Baird, a.k.a. Dreamaiden, made the beautiful cover art for the album. And no-one less than our "own" Gert Emmens helped her out musically. His great craftsmanship can be heard on five of the nine tracks. Every track on "Peregrination" is an element of a story as a whole. Each track symbolises different stages and aspects of life, some are understandable but yet inexplicable to some extent and carries certain meaning of existence, individuality, personality, vision, thoughts, etc. Cadenced Haven’ music is beautiful, uplifting and relaxing. A piece like "Devoted Loss" opens with fine electronic sounds and the voice of her mother, after Gert’s excellent sequences take over. The pieces with Gert, manage to combine the individual styles of the two musicians: the melodically sequencerwork and retrosounds of Gert and the gently atmospheres and rhythms of Cadence Haven. The best example of this is perhaps the fantastic track "Atmosphere Of Amalgamation". Cadence Haven’s solotracks, like "Path To Phenomenon", "Virtual Reality" and especially "The Silent Vision" have a soft, sometimes even lounge-like, sound. And sometimes, like in "Catalysis", the two together also manage to rock" (well, of course in a certain way). Cadenced Haven and Gert have created something very special on "Peregrination". Let’s hope this journey will last for a long time. And let us also hope that in the future more female electronic artists manage to find their way into the family of Groove Unlimited.

2010. Press Information Cadenced Haven is an artist born in Bangladesh that Gert Emmens discovered and taken under his wing while recording The Nearest Faraway Place Vol.3. Besides she played synths on Conclusion and since then, they worked in close collaboration in order to polish Laila Quaraishi’s first CD: Peregrination. In fact, 5 of the 9 titles that build Peregrination are the fruit of this artistic collaboration, giving to Peregrination a strange artistic signature where the fascinating world of the Dutch synthesist is melted admirably well with Cadenced Haven’s own.

Fine slightly metallic percussions delicately hammer the padded and misty intro of Devoted Loss. Feminine voices are joining and groan under discrete sinuous layers of a vaporous synth which embraces a phase as celestial as spiritual. Devoted Loss offers a very ethereal intro which quietly leaves its morphic trance under irregular pulsations, vaguely reminding the sequential universe of Gert Emmens. The rhythm is finally revealed. Delicate, it pulsates on beautiful sequences with hypnotic wobbling and keyboard keys which hop in a tender musical universe. A universe where everything seems fragile. As much as these soft layers of a symphonic synth, whose solos are shape in silk, than these sequences which draw rhythmic imprints of tenderness. A cosmic softness wrapped of oniric vocalizes which fit to perfection this hybrid pace where the rhythm sways in a celestial ambiance. An ambiance rushed by a final of which hammering rhythms come and go in a soft chaos of rhythmic rebellion flavors. This final to tergiversating tempos gives the kickoff to an album where rhythms are in constant duality. Following resounding NASA voices, metallic percussions à la Jarre style on Calypso fall with crash.
Confronting Conscience leads then to a cosmic intro where space voices intermingle with human voices tinted with anguish. Witness of the scene, a synth moulds long sinuous layers which undulate under fine pulsations. And bang! The percussions fall with crash, drawing a heavy and slow tempo imprisoned of a synth whose slow layers undulate and interlace on harsh and noisy strikes which hammer a constant tempo. Loud and sinuous on hammered rhythm!
All the opposite of Catalysis and its infernal tempo which rests on a good line of bass and sequences which palpitate under layers of a syncretic synth and from Atmosphere Of Amalgamation whose heavy pulsations follow each others at high speed and a synth with enormous endless sinuosity. More experimental than purely electronic, Atmosphere of Amalgamation is the rhythmic equivalent of a series of minimalist pulsations that overlap the rails of a train rolling at high speed, under the slow deployments of heavy cumulus.
Reversion to the Unborn is the very first title where we are alone with Cadenced Haven. After an atmospheric intro where fine Tablas percussions mold an impressive tempo in a heteroclite sound universe, a slow synthesized layer opens a new gate where the rhythm is more lively. A tempo supported by good percussions and wrapped with great mellotron synth pads where choirs and flutes intermingle to offer a soft melody which floats above a solid rhythm.
Path to Phenomenon offers a strange cadenced structure where sequences palpitate and hem at high speed, a little as on Atmosphere of Amalgamation, with a quasi atonal movement. A long series of pulsations divided by passages of synths with symphonic strata, piano notes and ethereal vocalizes which sing of key in this musical universe still so bubbling of wriggly sequences.
Virtual Reality plunges us again in this rhythms duality that animates the musical universe of Cadenced Haven. The 1st part offers an ambient and floating movement where strata of a morphic synth are getting lost into strange stuffed voices. Symphonic, synth spits briefs mislaid solos, whereas percussions force the tempo. A beat which is holding lasciviously on solids percussions and synth with languorous layers which pierce a structure always sit down between two tempos.
The Silent Visit is a superb title which requires more than one listening. After a good atmospheric and landscape intro, sequences flicker on the spot, such of dragonflies wings, molding an inanimate rhythm, but quite real, which takes life on good percussions. Dynamic percussions that ravel under a synth to sober layers and syncretic streaks. Some great sci-fi in music where chaotic anarchic rhythm reigns in a sumptuous electronic atmosphere! Those who liked the strange world of Clara Mondshine will just love this.
Conclusion is similar to the Conclusion of Gert Emmens CD’s; The Nearest Faraway Place Vol.3. The very first title where Gert met his Muse.

Peregrination is as attractive as melodious! Certainly, the 5 titles with Gert Emmens skew the facts. On the other hand, on each one of these titles, one feels pretty well the Haven touch. An approach carefully elaborated on the 4 other titles, where the duality of the rhythmic universe of Cadenced Haven is articulating on cadences and ambiances as unexpected as appealing. In fact Peregrination offers 2 for 1; a Gert Emmens mini album where one finds his ebullient sequences in an extremely syncretic sound world in parallel and a mini introductory album of Cadenced Haven which reveals us an astonishing artist rich in ideas and audacities on rhythmic structures full of surprises.

2010. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness Cadenced Haven is a project by Bangladesh-based female artist Laila Quraishi, who got some great help from accomplished Dutch synthesist Gert Emmens on her debut-release "Peregrination".

The CH-project itself is a mind soothing, New Age based art form with the goal to reach the listener’s inner soul, hidden mind and consciences through the melody. In the end it wants to leave a mark of new possibilities and discover the new being within themselves. Don’t expect this to be a quiet album though, as the first three tracks feature the great electronic contributions of Mr Emmens, who provided some great and catchy sequencer patterns and lush synth pads to get things into motion while creating comfortable moods.
Laila’s solo tracks sound more classical, mystifying, almost loungy and sometimes even a bit psychedelic to my ears. The way she occasionally uses her voice is also something one must like. Highlights on the cd are the album opener "Devoted Loss" and the groovy sonics of "Catalysis".

In the end, and although the music doesn't meet my musical preference, it’s the fascinating combination of Laila’s gently atmospheres and rhythms with Gert’s great vintage sounds and spicy sequencer patterns that lift "Peregrination" above the average electronic music album.

2010. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion The debut album from Cadenced Haven has a psychedelic-trippy feel to it then add to that the very recognizable melodic touch from Gert Emmens and you have a album of differing styles that merge very well. East meets west. Laila has a good thing going here, combining her own originality with that of one of EM's best.

2010. Bruce Gall / Sunday Synth This release from 2010 features 79 minutes of dreamy electronic music.
Cadenced Haven is Laila Quraishi. She is joined on five tracks by Gert Emmens.

Delicate electronics achieve a flowing dreaminess that is given a pleasant oomph by glittering keyboards and subtle rhythms. Texturals play a vital role in this tuneage. These tonal textures are atmospheric and tinged with an understated nobility, establishing celestial foundations for the rest of the electronics.
Calm keyboards generate rolling cycles that comprise the backbone of these songs. Additional riffs are layered in to provide soft embellishment, expanding the overall serenity with their temperate presence. A selection of effects season the flow with their inventive influence.
A variety of modes are used to provide the songs with rhythmic propulsion: traditional e-perc, quirky tempos, and the application of pulsations harnessed to establish a surging sense of locomotion. Choral voices are employed to enhance the music's heavenly quality.

These compositions possess a sparkling purity and a distinct serenity. While a few tracks exhibit a more sprightly demeanor, the general tone is one of thought-provoking sedation, an intention that is very capably pulled off with gentle electronics that sneakily creep into the subconscious and settle in to induce a soothing calm.

2010. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity "Peregrination" supone el debut musical de Laila Quaraishi conocida como Cadenced Haven, además supone el début de una mujer en el sello Groove Unlimited.
Para su début, ha contado con la colaboración de alguien muy especial como es la figura de Gert Emmens, un hombre de sobra conocido por todos dentro de la música electrónica, alguien que se ha convertido una referencia y su estilo se deja notar en este "Peregrination" ya que además, participa como compositor en cinco de los nueve temas que conforman este trabajo.

La música de este disco es bella y harmoniosa, muy agradable de escuchar, con temas como "Devoted Loss" en el que además nos encontramos con las voces de la madre de la compositora, "Confronting Conscience", "Path To Phenomeno", "Virtual Reality" o "The Silent Visit".

Este "Peregrination" es un buen début para comenzar a mostrar las ideas de una nueva compositora dentro de la música electrónica, además, cuenta con el benéplacito de uno de los grandes compositores actuales como es Gert Emmens, que aporta toda su sabiduría y conocimientos a las composiciones.

2010. Roberto Vales / Ultima Fronteira Radio Cadenced Haven is a project of Bangladesh-based female artist Laila Quaraishi. She presents here a melodic type of music with a relaxing vibe. The album was released on Dutch EM label Groove Unlimited and Gert Emmens, one of the mainstays of the label, lends a hand on a few tracks with his trademark sequences and mellotron choirs / pads.

Case in point is the first track "Devoted Loss" where exotic singing is combined with relaxed rhythms and said mellotron chords. This is nice, moody stuff, somewhere between the cosmic and the relaxing. Soon a steady rhythm emerges as Gert's trademark sequences support the rhythmic flow of the piece and the rich symphonic synthesizers. A nice blend of Laila's and Gert's individual styles.
Radio voice samples get "Confronting Conscience" underway. It provides a nice spacey backdrop for dramatic strings and pads. A relaxed rhythm starts and the track turns more or less into a loungy, downtempo type of thing. However, there's a feeling of menace or just unease lurking beneath the waves of silky pads.
The next track is called "Atmosphere of Amalgamation". It is yet another collaboration with Gert Emmens and you can hear it right from the beginning, as sweeping bass sequences in typical Emmens style gradually come to the fore, taking the central stage. And what a nice EM track it is - it's brimming with energy and emotional power. Dramatic and yet strangely comforting it just gets under your skin with its classic EM vibe and warm analogue textures.
"Reversion To the Unborn" takes us to exotic lands, with its tribal, tabla-like rhythm and bird sounds that soon give may for a dramatic soundscape and a downtempo rhythm. It's all rather relaxing but rich in symphonic synthesizers and flutes.
"Path To Phenomenon", on the other hand, is laden with electronic arpeggios, pads and an ethereal voice. It's something of a Space Music feel to it, even reminding on Andreas Akwara's works. There's some nice piano playing towards the end.
"Virtual Reality" is brimming with shiny textures and has a slow, relaxing rhythm, and mucho electronic flutes.
"Catalysis" starts in a relatively aggressive mode, with a few noisy textures (nothing too grating) and an upbeat rhythm that chugs along nicely as we are treated to an array of floating synthesizer sounds and atmospheres.
"The Silent Visit" begins with the sounds of a storm and what sounds like sudden car break, then beating heart and car door flung open and then shut. If the description sounds like musique concrete to you, it is not too far from the truth. However, once the sound of crashing waves is heard, we are treated to a strange electronic soundscape. An Enigma style rhythm starts but the music itself sounds nothing like Cretu, it's more like Space Music combined with those typical downtempo rhythms. Not entirely my type of thing, but nice to listen to as background music all the same.
"Conclusion" is a collaborative piece known from Gert Emmens' "The Nearest Faraway Place Vol. 3" album. I love it. It's a dramatic amalgamation of sound and emotion, one of the best things I've heard in Electronic Music of late.

"Peregrination" is a sensual and emotive debut from a promising act of current EM scene.

2010. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic music The atmosphere that Gert Emmens & Cadenced Haven has conjured up on ‘Peregrination’ is stunning. These two magicians knows how to make infectious EM with an exiting atmosphere that keeps the interest and excitement up from the 1st track to the last. Rarely do I get to hear such extraordinary EM like this!

The 1st track, ‘Devoted Loss’, introduces us with a woman singing "aahs and ooohs" together with some catchy sequencing mixed with perfectly balanced rhythms that keeps building with it’s infectious & cinematic feel. It has a great re-play factor, and is definitely the stand-out track on the entire CD, simply a masterpiece of it’s own! This is Gert and Cadenced Haven at their very best!
The following track called ‘Confronting Conscience’ follows up with a subtle and slow sequence that soon gets accompanied by a lush and serene rhythmic beat that is full of magic. I like how it comes along with the mystic sequencing in the background.
Coming next is ‘Atmosphere Of Amalgamation’. This one is perhaps one of the more fast-paced sequencer tracks on the CD. It has a distinctive and rapid synth approach and is sounding very much like a typical Gert Emmens track, but some of the background synth sounds has the flavor of ‘Cadenced Haven’ as well, and carries the music away nicely! Perhaps just slightly repetitive, but great sounding nevertheless!
As we get further into the world of ‘Peregrination’ we also get more and more indulged by it, and ‘Reversion To The Unborn’ shows just that. This track features a more varied style in EM, and is less focused on sequencing and more onto drums and rhythmic patterns.
‘Path To Phenomenon’ starts out in a hypnotic manner and builds on that with other nice vocal sounds and synth effects. After a while a sharp edged sequence kicks in with a background Grand piano sound that closes the track in a nice, almost classical way.
Further on, ‘Virtual Reality’ slowly emerge. Here we get to hear long, melodic sequencing, almost space-music sounding. When listening to this track, I quickly get reminded about the works of ‘Jonn Serrie’. But this track offers a more versatile style than just your ordinary space-music. It comes with swirling synth effects and other rhythmic structures, and at times a futuristic sci-fi sounding sounds appears to make things more interesting.
Next is ‘Catalysis’ and is yet another cracking sequencer track! Excellent catchy melodic sequencing and flow with top notch rhythm is what we will find here! This track and ‘Devoted Loss’ is among my favorite tracks, and they do stand out from the rest quite a bit, probably because of it’s melodic style and structure. Brilliant!
‘The Silent Visit’ (I like the name of this track a lot, very innovative!) has influences of nature, as you can clearly hear the rain pouring in the background. A very mystifying track with some haunting moments and subtle sequencing. If you like Enigma or ‘Dreamaiden’ then this is for you. It certainly has the feel and structure of a typical Enigma/Dreamaiden track. Anyway, this track is not entirely a Enigma sounding track though, it certainly has a lot more to offer the listener, and it’s obvious after the 5 min mark and onwards. Another very good track with great harmony!
So, the conclusion is the track ‘Conclusion’. As said before in my ‘Gert Emmens’- Nearest Faraway Place vol.3 review (in which this track is featured), this track has a very laid back atmosphere. It is rather cinematic and could easily be considered as a ‘End Title’ track from a film. Some nice but dark sequencing is breathing in the background and closes the album perfectly!

I would highly recommend this album for fans of ‘Gert Emmens’ music in general, and for those who are seeking something new and innovative when it comes to EM. Also, sequencer fans will have tons to enjoy here as well! This is definitely a new EM masterpiece in my collection, and I can't wait to hear more from these two very talented artists. I can't do anything else but give this album a 5 star ranking.
So, 5 stars out of 5 from me! Another infectious EM peregrination for sure! A Must buy!

2010. Kristian Persson / Sweden