1. Synth.nl - Nachtwacht [7:41] MP3 soundclip of Nachtwacht (synth.nl) [2:00]
  2. Remy - Ascending and Descending [6:08] MP3 soundclip of Ascending and descending (remy) [2:00]
  3. Gert Emmens - Muurhuizen [8:24] MP3 soundclip of Muurhuizen (emmens) [2:00]
  4. Eric v.d. Heijden - Nuit étoilée sur le Rhône [7:20] MP3 soundclip of Nuit etoilee sur le Rhone(Eric vd Heijden) [2:00]
  5. Void - Temptation [7:21] MP3 soundclip of Temptation (void) [2:00]
  6. Rene Splinter - Tower of Babel [5:57] MP3 soundclip of Tower of Babel (rsplinter) [2:00]
  7. Bas Broekhuis - Forrest Machines - Wuivend Riet [10:14] MP3 soundclip of Forrest machines (broekhuis) [2:00]
  8. Ron Boots - Tuin der Lusten [6:43] MP3 soundclip of Tuin der Lusten (Ron Boots) [2:00]
  9. Rene van der Wouden - The Zeppelin [8:04] MP3 soundclip of Zeppelin (rvdwouden) [2:00]
  10. Meesha - Back to Square One [6:41] MP3 soundclip of Back to square one (meesha) [2:00]
As follow-up to the highly successful Analogy series (part 1, 2, and 3), Groove Unlimited is now releasing a new sampler.
This time the approach is very different. The idea is to do an album with Dutch EM artists and let them compose music to a painting they like. The album is called 'Dutch Masters' and you will hear music the artists composed to paintings of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Mondriaan, Escher, Bosch and many more.

Artists that participated are: Ron Boots, Gert Emmens, Eric van der Heijden, Bas Broekhuis, Remy, Synth.nl, Rene Splinter, Meesha, and René van der Wouden. If you want to hear how these artists translate the image of their favorite painting into music get a hold of this album!

2010. Press Information Put into music the inspiration and comprehension that you have from a painting of a painter from our country, such is the basic idea of this new Groove Unlimited album. This rather original concept, and very audacious, germed in the mind of Michel van Osenbruggen (Synth.nl) and leads in the form of compilation album entitled "Dutch Masters Vol.1". Now, I don’t really know my history of art, thus I cannot judge the degree of comprehension that every artist can makes from a painting, but I do know music enough to admit that there are great inspirations among the 9 countrymen of Michel who agreed to take up this artistic challenge. An album compilation represents as many ideas and orientations which emerge that styles which intertwine and "Dutch Masters Vol.1" includes 10 tracks which don’t all converge in the same style and of which composers' talents differs from an artist to another. There are superb moments on this compilation, as there are holes and some lengths. But the editing and mastering made by Ron Boots correct these differents and made of "Dutch Masters Vol.1" a beautiful hyper melodious album with very nice pearls.

The first pearl goes to Synth.nl and his "Nachtwacht". It’s surprising to see the progression and maturity this artist who offers here a gorgeous melody which sounds like the best of Vangelis. It starts with a violin synth which sings among bells and hubbubs of a public market. A delicate piano deposits its notes to espouse and replace the violin melody while a discreet sequence emerges to flicker and that a bass line adds more depth. Soon, synth and piano tune their harmonies. But the synth overflows and offers brief nasal solos, while "Nachtwacht" progresses slowly towards a sublime bolero with choirs which hum and a drum rolls and hammers a military march in a delicate ambiance as melodious as melancholic. It’s very nice quite as Remy’s "Ascending and Descending" who goes on with a theatrical track to nightmarish ambiances. Fine crystalline arpeggios climb the stairs in a movement which follows the music scale. They permutes into a sequential movement which goes up and down in a long spiral filled with composite tones. A hiccupping sequential line is add and draws a rotary movement, snatched by percussions which hammer a heavy rhythm and of long solos which chisel a crazy race, as much crazy than surrealist. Gert Emmens' "Muurhuizen" follows with a sober and suave rhythmic structure which will know some subtle permutations. Chords spin slightly in a synth mist, while drum implosions shake the structure and that spectral solos are circulating there, from which one is escaping around the 2nd minute to make deviated "Muurhuizen" towards a warmer tempo with its breezes of ethereal synth. Towards the 4th minute the tempo still delicately permutes with a nice dance of twinkling arpeggios, watered by great synth solos. A little as Synth.nl, Eric van der Heijden’s "Nuit étoilée sur le Rhône" is strongly tinted with a romanticism à la Vangelis. This is a pleasant surprise with a delicate keyboard which frees its chords in a beautiful melancholy wrapped with suav e orchestral arrangements, among which a poignant violin which fetches the emotion. It’s very nice, soft, quiet and deeply moving with mellotron impetus which smooth such as spectres of sadness. After a soft intro Void’s "Temptation" plunges into a heavy rhythm supported by pulsating sequences and electronic percussions. Heavy, long and sinuous solo glance through this structure, which could easily be compared to heavy EM with a gradation in the intonations barely touching the influences of a Jarre and Mark Shreeve. It’s striking and a bit out of tune from the structure of "Dutch Masters Vol.1" but it also gives the taste to discover the musical universe of Void. Rene Splinter is the other unknown name to me and his track "Tower of Babel" shows a strong influence for the music of Tangerine Dream with a melodious structure of the 80’s where metallic sequences alternate in a sweet and complex anarchy beneath fine and delicate synth solos. I quite like this propensity for a bit complex structure with nice arrangements which end with a solitary piano. That’s another artist to watch for. Bas Broekhuis"Forrest Machines - Wuivend Riet" is another small jewel which dresses of a mesmerizing Berlin School structure à la Keller and Schönwälder. Soft chords sounding as an electric guitar skip slightly in a dense mellotron foggy. A mellotron violin which espouses the quiet sensualism of a bass line, shaken by cymbals to nervous jingles. The synth releases a scent of harmony with its violin which is floating of sweetness morphic on arrhythmic pulsations and percussions to delicate hypnotic strikes. Quietly "Forrest Machines - Wuivend Riet" evolves with its pulsating hypnotic structure which permutes in a fine technoïd approach, before resuming its mesmerizing structure which fades little by little letting glimpse these fine discreet choirs which smell with soft keyboard and piano notes which embrace the sweetness of its intro. Atonal but a stalk melodious with its synth to multiple violin layers which intertwine in an infinite melancholy, Ron Boots"Tuin Der Lusten" spreads its melancholy with hatched strata which intermingle in others more fluid. Complex, dramatic and corrosive, in accordance with Hieronymus Bosch paint, it follows very well the orchestral ambiances of "Forrest Machines - Wuivend Riet" but with sad plentiful layers which create a glaucous atmosphere. After an intro to various eclectic and experimental stages, René van der Wouden’s "The Zeppelin" takes its flight on hesitating sequences which increase the pace on an ascending minimalist movement, accompanied by a verbal synth and heteroclite sound effects. Th at’s an enchanting track, by its minimalist ascending approach, which will break the chains of its spellbinding to establish a dynamic rhythmic where crystalline arpeggios sparkle on heavy deviating rhythmic and resonant sequences. Strongly inspired by Jean Michel Jarre (Within the Parallel) Meesha encloses this last Groove Unlimited compilation with the very nice and lively "Back To Square One" where reminiscences of Jarre can’t be ignored on a beautiful melody forged in the spatial universe of the French synthesist. It’s quite a nice track surrounded with rhythms and sound effects à la Jarre, leading towards a galactic western which shows that the abundance of styles and the meshing of 10 ideas on a compilation album can bring its lot of interesting surprises.

"Dutch Masters Vol.1" is a nice compilation which embellishes as we listen to it. It’s a great album that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and which can serve the causes of EM and its fans, because those who are obstinately anxious to obtain all the tracks from Remy, Ron Boots or Gert Emmens will find beautiful finds with artists such as Synth.nl, Eric v.d. Heijden and Bas Broekhuis as well as heavier ones such as Void and René van der Wouden, while Rene Splinter and Meesha are undoubtedly worth a to be listen too.

2011. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com Vorab, um alle zu warnen, die Lobhudeleien nicht mögen, auch, wenn sie ehrlich gemeint sind … Für mich verkörpert diese CD eine Sternstunde der Elektronischen Musik. Sie ist bis dato durch Nichts zu toppen!
Dutch Masters - schon der Titel klingt für mich doppeldeutig; denn das Album ist ein wirkliches Meisterstück der Niederländischen Musiker. Jeder Einzelne hat sich mit dieser Platte den Titel eines Dutch Masters mehr als verdient. - Ob diese Doppeldeutigkeit nicht vielleicht so gewollt ist, entzieht sich meiner Kenntnis, denn das Konzept von „Producer“ Michel van Osenbruggen sah vor, dass holländische Musiker ein Gemälde von flämischen Malern vertonen sollten, also von den Dutch Masters
Nur ein Schelm könnte jetzt denken, dass wir mit schallwende bei unsrer „schallplatte 13“ (Konzeptalbum: Vertonung eines Buches) einfach auf denselben Zug aufgestiegen sind, doch mit Nichten! Ich nehme an, Michel und wir hatten nur ungefähr zur gleichen Zeit einen ähnlichen Gedanken. Keiner wusste ja vom Anderen - das möchte ich hier ausdrücklich betonen!
Die musikalischen Meister auf diesem digitalen Meilenstein der Elektronischen Musik heißen: Synth.NL; Remy; Gert Emmens; Eric van der Heijden; Vid; René Splinter; Bas Broekhuis; Ron Boots; René van der Wouden und Meesha.

Auf „Dutch Masters“ wurden u.a. Rembrandts „Nachtwache“ und Hieronymus Boschs „Garten der Lüste“ ebenso vertont, wie Pieter Breugels „Turm zu Babel“, Vincent van Goghs „Sternennacht über der Rhône“ oder M.C. Eschers „Wasserfall“ - um nur mal die bei uns bekanntesten Maler und ihre Gemälde zu nennen. Schön, dass wir aber durch diese Compilation auch noch auf andere - hier unbekanntere - flämische Maler gestoßen werden, wie z.B. Anton Pieck, Maerten de Vos oder Carel Willink.
Musikalisch klingen die Dutch Masters so hochwertig und abwechslungsreich, wie noch keine Platte vorher. Sie sind so vielfältig, bunt und variantenreich, wie die Gemälde der flämischen „Götter der Malerei“, die sie hier noch einmal musikalisch in Szene setzen. Meiner Meinung nach, hat hier fast jeder der Musiker wirklich das Beste aus sich herausgekitzelt. Nur die Musik von René van der Wouden und Meesha hier auf diesem Album überzeugt mich leider nicht ganz, was aber dem Hörgenuss nicht wirklich schadet. Ich hätte diese beiden Titel vielleicht nicht ans Ende getan, sondern zwischen die anderen platziert, damit dieses unwahrscheinlich superbe Album nicht zum Schluss etwas abfällt. Doch auch das ist ja wieder Geschmacksache, wie die Kunst im Allgemeinen. Ansonsten fällt es mir sehr schwer, irgendeinen „Dutch Master“ herauszuheben, allerdings kann ich meine Affinität hin zur Musik von Eric van der Heijden, René Splinter und Ron Boots auch hier nicht verbergen …

Wie im Prolog bereits erwähnt, sind die „Dutch Masters“ nun für mich das Non-Plus-Ultra in der Elektronischen Musik. Sie müssen sich diesen Platz allerdings mit Brainworks „Musical Clock“ teilen …
Ich bin dankbar, diese musikalischen Meisterwerke besitzen zu dürfen.

2011. Sylvia Sommerfeld Having listened the example tracks of Dutch Masters I must conclude this is a MASTER album! Dutch Masters... A giant step forward in Dutch synthesizer quality! Respect! Greetz from Fata Morgana!

2011. John van de Rest / The Netherlands People can express themselves through art. Art exists in many ways: painting, sculptures, poetry, film, dance, music, etcetera. There is a link between all these artforms and on many occasions artists are influenced by other forms of art. Groove Unlimited combines Dutch masters of painting with Dutch masters of electronic music. In a way, making music is also a form of painting with sounds. A fine initiative that can be regarded as the follow-up of the I-series. Ten musicians choose a painting they are influenced by of/and feel connected to.

The album opens with perhaps the most well-known Dutch painting: "Nachtwacht” of Rembrandt, put into music by Synth.nl (Michel van Osenbruggen). It is a quiet Vangelis-like piece with fine piano melodies. His music grows and grows. Remy follows with sequences that are built up slowly and with a great atmosphere in Ascending And Descending from M.C Escher. It is always nice to hear Gert Emmens music. His "Muurhuizen” (Anton Pieck) shows his typically sequences and soloing. Eric van der Heijden describes Vincent van Gogh’s ”Nuit Etoilee Sur Le Rhône” with his romantic approach (also a bit like Vangelis) and pointy solo’s. We haven’t heard much lately from Void (Danyo Romijn). His “Temptation” (Mathias Grünewald) has traces of the melodically side of Jean Michel Jarre. René Splinter is a big fan of Tangerine Dream. Especially their music from the early eighties can be heard in his “Tower Of Babel” of Pieter Bruegel. Bas Broekhuis’ music is always special and it is a pity he doesn’t make more solo-albums. Forrest Machines - Wuivend Riet- not to be confused with the piece of the same name by Johannes Schmoelling-)” is a recognisable Broekhuis-composition with lots of rhythm, craftful sequences and Roland D50 strings. The perhaps biggest Dutch Master is Ron Boots. His "Tuin Der Lusten” (Hieronymus Bosch) is an experimental track with a modern orchestral side that captures the painting very well. René van der Wouden comes with strong sequences in “The Zeppelin” of Carel Willink. Meesha (Misha in better Dutch…) is a relatively new talent. In ”Back To Square One” he brings a wonderful piece of music with traces Jarre.

The “Dutch Masters”-project has proven that it is very well possible to mix two artforms into something special. Now, let us switch turns and ask painters to make a painting inspired by music from the best electronic musicians from The Netherlands… This must become an exiting challenge!

Paul Rijkens Now here’s a very nice art concept album initiated by Synth.nl (aka Michel van Osenbruggen), aptly called "Dutch Masters", meant to further promote the Dutch synthesizer music scene.

Ten talented Dutch synthesists were offered to collaborate on this project, for which they all derived core inspiration from a painting by a Dutch master painter, later on transforming that into a unique, vibrant composition.
The outcome in my opinion offers the best of both worlds, the ancient meeting the modern, offering some lyrical, airy, moving and romantic sound imaginaries of which the strong album opener "Nachtwacht" by Synth.nl is already great example. Next to Synth.nl, the other nine Dutch participating musicians on the project are: Ron Boots, Gert Emmens, Eric van der Heijden, Bas Broekhuis, Remy, Void (aka Danyo Romijn), René Splinter, Meesha, en René van der Wouden. The output on each of the ten tracks is fresh, versatile: ranging from romantic sketches (Eric van der Heijden), retro-sequenced outings (Gert Emmens, Void) and circular excursions (Remy) to dreamy, airy stuff (Bas Broekhuis) and even a bit of peculiar experimental electronics combined with the orchestral (Ron Boots).

All in all, there’s some quality electronic music featured on "Dutch Masters" (released as a limited edition of 400 copies), displaying a diversity of painting with sound that’s most rewarding and satisfying. Chapeau!

2011. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion