1. Garden Gnomes and Goblins part 4
  2. Garden Gnomes and Goblins part 2
  3. Garden Gnomes and Goblins part 9
  4. Garden Gnomes and Goblins part 666
  5. Garden Gnomes and Goblins part 7
  6. Garden Gnomes and Goblins part who cares!!
  7. Garden Gnomes and Goblins part pizza!!
This livealbum was recorded at the garden party of German Winfried Wiesrecker. There are not a lot of people who can say that they had a concert in their backyard. After Winfried asked Ron Boots to play there, Ron promised he would do something special. Sometimes, Ron is in his studio in the Dutch village of Best not working on an album but just enjoying himself with his toys. At a certain moment, Eric van der Heijden and Harold van der Heijden joined him and the music you can hear of this album started to grow. Also Frank Dorittke (FD Project) was asked to accompany them on electric guitar. Off course, these four men are now known as MorPheuSz. The music the musical friends played in Winfried’s garden, is the first under this name so the garden is the birth cradle of MorPheuSz.

The title of the cd is well found for an album that is recorded in a garden. After a quiet opening in “Garden Gnomes & Goblins Part 4”, Steve Roach-like “tribal” rhythms are added and it starts to get more lively. “Garden Gnomes & Goblins Part 2” (don’t count the parts, please) is more traditional with a great, low, sequence and a fat synthesizersolo. In “Garden Gnomes & Goblins Part 4” both Frank and Eric play their solos in a nice and calm way. Calmness is an important factor on the cd, also in “Garden Gnomes & Goblins Part 1000-1” (you have to come up with a title) and “Garden Gnomes & Goblins Part 7”. “Garden Gnomes & Goblins Part Who Cares!!” is more lively again but it remains modest. “Garden Gnomes & Goblins Part Pizza!!” has some traces of the music of Mike Oldfield, especially a masterpiece like “The Songs From Distant Earth”. Here, Frank can shine on his guitar.

It must have been something quite extraordinary, having MorPheuSz play a concert in your back garden. Hopefully, more of these wonderful initiatives will be undertaken in the future. Off course, first notify your neighbours…

2011. Paul Rijkens WOWWW this is a very different album as DAYS OF DELIRIUM & NOCTURNAL NIGHTMARES... very Quit, easy and relaxing.... there are no big guitar riffs and hard drum tracks this time, but the guitar and sound you hear is so very well tuned good composed and played.
I played this cd very many times...diffecult to choose, new Boots, new van der Heijden new FD-Project....I`m in Synth-Haeven I`ve seen severals concerts of Morpheusz, these guys are one GOOD OILED MACHINE.

2012. Ralph Camu Utrecht-NL