1. Introduction
  2. Juxtaposition Part 1
  3. Juxtaposition Part 2
  4. Aurora Choralis
  5. Oceans of Commotions
  6. Mirrorland Part 8
  7. Sentimental Values and Industrial Feelings
  8. Time Node
  9. And The Room Was Filled With a Deafening Silence
  10. Still Loving you
  11. Retrospective Futures
JUXTAPOSITION The Oirschot Concert was recorded live during E-Day 2016 with guest appearances by John Dyson, Frank Dorittke, Jeffrey Haster Bas Broekhuis and Harold v.d. Heijden. The recording was done from the Master desk in a stereo Wave file and additional audience recordings are from "illegal recordings by Andre Stooker and Niko Olofsen" thanks for them it made my life much easier :-) (Ron)

The filming was done by Niko Olofsen and his Son on 5 Samsung Phones. So although the quality is not solid 4K I think it is a remarkable achievement. The video was Tangenized (extra enhancements added) and edited by Niko Olofsen. We think he did a fabulous job on this with the material he had!!

John and I would like to thanks John Dyson, Frank Dorittke, Jeffrey Haster Bas Broekhuis and Harold v.d. Heijden for their remarkable performances during this concert. And if you keep in mind that all rehearsals where split (Yes we had NO full band rehearsal prior to the day it self which gave us about 15 minutes of rehearsal time!!) we are blessed with these 5 brilliant musicians. And a big thanks to the technical staff at the Enck (Bart and Bram) who helped us enormously! And for winfried Trenkler to come all the way from Sweden to see us live!

BUT the biggest that is for all you our audience. Over 300 people came to this E-Day 2016 which was the best visited E-Day to date! John and I would like to send our warmest regards to you all and we hope you will enjoy this registration as much as we did when we saw it the first time.