The Embrace
  1. Confrontation, Realisation and Acceptence [34:03]

    The Inevitable
  2. What's Mine is Yours [12:57]
  3. Let's Go Have A Party, Man! [2:51]
  4. Return To Reality [7:41]
  5. Repetition an Enhancement [11:06]
John Kerr commenting on his latest CD release "EMBRACING THE INEVITABLE":

"I'm a great believer in letting the music speak for itself and with my latest CD that's no exception. But nevertheless, maybe you're asking yourself what the music of "Embracing the Inevitable" is all about. Suffice it to say that it's about turning around those negative situations that life sometimes deals us and focusing on the positive ones. It's possible. I have personally proved it! "Embracing the Inevitable" is maybe my most personal, maybe my most emotional and maybe my last..." Excellent, thought provoking and emotive. Very powerful.

2017. Tom Dingwall / UK