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Ron says he doesn't like lists, so here is a collection of words instead: Firstly, thanks are due to Ron, his family, the Groove crew and Harold for getting this project on the rails -and John Dyson, Paul Ward and Graham Getty for keeping it there.

Ron keeps a real kaleidoscope of lovely gear in his studio so recording was often a choice of selecting which bits to use. I liked some synths so much I have since bought ones myself , and others I crossed off my shopping list.

A sub-project was to evaluate his new Minimoog; I've owned and played 2 for more than 30 years, so the test was to see if it behaved like mine. I was quickly at home with it and used it for all my lead-lines (whereas Ron tended to use other instruments).

Although production work was pretty well split between us during recording, Ron deserves special credit for the subsequent work tweaking and finalising.

Jan 2017