1. Everything Fades Into Mist
  2. Dream Maker
  3. Staying Alive
  4. From A Dead Man
  5. Endless Dreams
  6. Love at Dawn
  7. Secret Run
  8. Over the Mountains
  9. A time of Stone
  10. A Coin for A Night
  11. Sixty Years Later
  12. Time to say Goodby

  13. Dreamtime
  14. Epilogue
  15. Sadness
Thinking back to the days before Internet and no reviews, every mail order brought surprises.
Alice was no exception with itís striking cover grabbing my full attention till I turned it over and realized I was contemplating a vocal album.
The real surprise came after hearing the first two (vocal) tracks dispelling all my reservations.
Walter has successfully bridged the seemingly impossible gap between vocals and instrumental electronics with a flowing concept album.

That was thousands of albums ago and hearing it 30 years on, Alice sounds as timeless as ever.
The original form eluded a CD release and in a positive way,
it still does. It was great preparing this classic from a fan and
collector to other peers.

Dan, Perth
2017 Wat een prachtige,tijdloze muziek! En ja,die stem!!!! Vera Mann :I LOVE HER!!!

Dit album doet verlangen naar nog VEEL MEER muziek van Walter Christian Rothe!!! LAAT MAAR KOMEN!

2017. Door Van Boeckel / Belgie