1. Prelude
  2. Prelude to a Requiem
  3. Lament
  4. You Are My Ears
  5. Voices, Voices, Voices
  6. Eternal Light
  7. Eternity St.Clement
  8. Hall Eternal Rest
  9. Finale
I felt it was time to try something different which resulted in a sort of “putting the cart before the horse” project which I call “Prelude to a Requiem”. I created my own inspiration for the music by designing the graphics for the production long before I started composing the music. Maybe for most people a rather strange way of doing things but then again, I have never been what most people would call ‘normal’.

With “Prelude to a Requiem” I have realized a dream. My love of the piano, the human voice and classical choirs seem to have reached a new level thanks to my discovery of virtual (software) instruments and to quote someone’s reaction after listening to an early proof-mix: “It has added a brand new dimension to John’s musical style and for those who love his previous works... ”Prelude to a Requiem” will truly amaze them“. Creating this album was certainly extremely challenging but a great deal of fun!