1. Hymalaya2:31
  2. SymfonieŽn5:40
  3. Landscape5:31
  4. Electronics3:38
  5. La Corde [9:13]
  6. Plage4:41
  7. Ritmo3:45

    Bonus Tracks
  8. Tides
  9. AGE in concert 1
  10. Age in concert 2
Landscapes by Age is One of the gems of the early 80's then released on Vinyl. It represents for me one of the pinacles of Belgium Elektronic Music.. EmmanuŽl D haeyer and Guy Vachaudez created a stunning warm album that even until today stood the test of time. The Track SymfonieŽn still is one of my favorite EM songs of all time.

With the re-release on CD we also have added 3 tracks from the early era of the music of AGE. Tides is from the time that Landscapes was made, but never was released before. AGE in concert is from the unique KLEM cassette from 1986, a fantastic track that builds from very small to an epic end!

Composed By, Performer Ė EmmanuŽl D haeyer, Guy Vachaudez
Drums, Percussion Ė Marc Vachaudez
Recorded By, Mastered By Ė Herreman Jacques Finally, the long-anticipated re-release of this historical record. Congratulations and a great thanks to Groove for making this happen! To me personally, this is at least in part a nostalgia trip: the very first concert I attended was "Age" in the Ostend Casino, back in July 1980, organised by the legendary EM radio program "Muziek Uit De Kosmos". Listening to this album brings back memories of this and subsequent AGE concerts (Leuven, Louvan-la-Neuve, ....) where much of this album was performed live.

Apart from the nostalgic touch, this remains a musical delicacy. Age at that time definitely had their own musical identity, and a very unique composition approach. The tracks are relatively simple, combining just a few repeated melody, sequence and chord structures, but often with a shift halfway the trakcs. It makes unique, delicate music which, after more than 38 years, still sounds very appealing and is by no means outdated. I sus pect that the compositions were recorded live in the studio, played by the 2 keyboard players, and this generates the organic feel of the music. At times the drum lines are not fully in sync with the sequence, but this adds to the organic and live feeling of the disc and is by no means disturbing. Songs like "Plage" or "La Corde d' Argent" remind me of the best synth works of for instance Roedelius and Tim Story. The three bonuses (not listed on the cover and booklet) are legacies of the AGE concerts in the early eighties. The second bonus "Age in concert 1", is in fact "Listen to the Music", the opening track of the concerts in that era, the title sung through a Vocoder. It keeps resounding in your mind for the rest of the day after listening to this CD.

This is AGE at its early musical peak, when the group attracted enthousiastic crowds at their live performances and when they seemed ready to conquer the world of EM. The latter eventually did not happen, probably beca use of a variety of reasons: EM lost its mass appeal early in the '80s, family and professional lives may have demanded priority, musical styles shifted with introduction of digital synths, etc. For those who never heard this album and early AGE, this will no doubt be a fantastic discovery and a revelation. This CD belongs on the shelf of every EM enthousiast. I hope to also see the second AGE album, "Dimensions" re-released over time. For now, enjoy this one and enjoy recent AGE music too: AGE is back on track as shown by recent concerts (Cosmic Nights 2017, Planetarium Brussels 2017) and the brilliant recent album "Entropie".

2018. Jan Tack / Belgium