1. Marrakesh - 12:01.00
  2. Far Beyond - 12:31.28
  3. Adante - 10:26.02
  4. Freak Mout - 11:28.33
  5. Enkore - 11:14.50
With Totem - Beyond Berlin brings us a fantastic new release of Berlin School inspired music. Beyond Belin are Rene de Bakker, Martin Peters and Oscar van den Wijngaard. The music has it's foundation in the Berlin School of Electronic Music. "We try to go back to the basics when analog synthesizers and step sequencers ruled the electronic music" the artists say.

But this release takes it a step further. This is a brilliant release that I (Ron) have listened to over and over again. It is intoxicating, provoking and utterly brilliant. A must for all Berlin School fans!!