1. Gift [18:22]
  2. Climbing the Sandhill [12:09]
  3. Brexit [7:31]
  4. Arguing Voices [13:00]
  5. Space Carousel [14:03]
  6. Final Farewell [11:10]
Rene de Bakker is an electronic artist, also known from Beyond Berlin. At age of 15, he became interested in symphonic rock bands and synthesizers used by them. But it was Timewind by Klaus Schulze that made him wanting to play a synthesizer. Beside Schulze, Rene was influenced by all great electronic music of that time like Tangerine Dream, Tomita, Synergy and Vangelis. With this heavy Berlin School influenced release the sequences rule. Rene's first release on Groove is an solid mature release that will be liked by any who love the big Berlin Sound!