1. The Journey Starts
  2. The Arrival and Discoveries
  3. The First Day (Morning and Night)
  4. Dancing in the Woods
  5. Mary alone
  6. Encounters
  7. Friend and Enemy
  8. The Cave
  9. The Last Day
  10. Goodbye and back home
There it is, my first concept album ... "NIKO".
No typical F.D.Project album ... "A musical Journey" with complete new sounds and sound designs in it.
10 Songs merged into one musical story.
But what is NIKO ?
NIKO is what you make of it.
For me it is a 55 minutes dream fulle of hope, happiness ... but also of fear and sadness.
A soundtrack for the mind ... without a movie.
10 Songs ... 10 Titles ... Let's start your dream.