1. Fish 34m21s
  2. Alpaca 9m32s
  3. Eagle 29m40s
Three Day Week is a tour de force of Sequencing. Get 2 musicians in a room, fire up the synths and Sequencers and let them run!! That is what we did in April 2019. Stephen was over for his E-Day performance and after the weekend we set up in the studio and just started experimenting. What happened after we pushed start is partly on this release. The Sequencer parts are recorded live and in one run. We concentrated full on the Sequencing parts during these runs, no soloing (not even Stephen!!) and no accompanied parts. Bare Raw Sequencing was what we where left with. After that we listened through them a decision of which recordings to use was made and started with the additional music. We even asked Harold to join in after we had our UK concert in Lea Hall where we did parts of what we did in the Studio. We hope you enjoy this Sequencer fest!! And yes PLAY THIS LOUD!!