1. ADEM Part 1 - [10:39]
  2. ADEM Part 2 - [9:12]
  3. ADEM Part 3 - [9:17]
  4. ADEM Part 4 - [8:48]
  5. ADEM Part 5 - [8:18]
  6. ADEM Part 6 - [12:55]
  7. ADEM Part 7 - [4:11]
  8. ADEM Part 8 - [6:11]
C-Jay…while his name will resonate with some readers, he has been arguably more synominous with another, different scene.

C-Jay has been a producer/composer and DJ since the age of 11. This talented musician found inspiration from Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. His childhood was characterised by tweaking knobs and sliding faders, conjuring up ethereal melodies on a variety of old skool synth gear. Since those formative years, one core theme has remained – synthesizers.

In the early 2000s, a shift occurred, one which may have gone unnoticed with the wider synth community. C-Jay morphed his musical output into a stronger, rhythm dancefloor approach, and suddenly was at the forefront of an exploding dance music scene. he owned a record store, a record label and found himself in demand as a DJ, playing all over his native Holland and then around the world.

Whilst never losing his musical roots, C-Jay’s music had become more upbeat, never neglecting those ethereal melodies and textures, layered sounds with buckets of emotion, in a genre known as progressive house. C-Jay’s dexterity in the studio within this new found sound saw him reach the pinnacle of the dance scene – he released two albums on British DJ/producer’s John Digweed’s highly acclaimed Bedrock records in 2016 - BackSlider and Echoes.

Now, C-Jay’s latest album entitled ADEM sees this talented Dutchman return to his first love – synth inspired sounds. He completes the circle with a stunning piece of work which crosses boundaries in a spectacular way, described as a mixture of Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Klaus Schulze, Jean Michel Jarre and many more legendary synth inspired artists.

ADEM is like listening to the classic sequence works of Klaus Schulze and a love baby between Cafe Del Mar and The Orb.

This is C-Jay at his best, his return to his beloved roots for a deeply personal journey.

This is ADEM What I got here is the debut album on Groove Unlimited of Dutchman Christian Jansen who works as an experienced producer, composer and dj under his C-Jay moniker. As such he has put out numerous releases on some of the world’s most respected music labels, most notably John Digweed’s Bedrock Records where C-Jay released the electronic dance albums “Backslider” and “Echoes”. This newbie actually came out in download-only format in January 2019 on RePlug Records in January 2019 but now received its well deserved and highly requested physical release in the end.

“ADEM” features contemporary electronic sound design presenting a keen, captivating and vibrant mix of Berlin School and soundscapes through eight parts. The latter forms a contemplative, hypnotic trip of atmospheric ambient electronica moving smoothly through various stages and energy levels, reaching a highlight on the mesmerizing “Part 5” and “Part 6”. Besides this artist bein g a great addition to the Groove catalogue, there’s simply a lot to enjoy on the nicely and attentively crafted “ADEM”. Definitely recommended!

2019. Bert Strolenberg / SonicImmersion.org Absolutely mesmerizing, hypnotic, vibrating, and mindblowing. Simply great! It has a mix of sounds I hadn´t heard before and that characterize C-Jay without a doubt.