1. The uncertain path [19:20]
  2. Wake up call [7:44]
  3. Procrastination [7:39]
  4. Positive signs [12:48]
  5. Adaptility [9:50]
  6. To calm waters [13:36]
New album Rene de Bakker - The uncertain path

After the successful Beyond Berlin album “totem” and Rene de Bakker his 6th solo album “Our Gift” (his 1st Groove album) Rene ended up in a new solo project. New equipment arrived in the studio and new inspiration drove him to new music. You will recognize his predilection for the early KS and TD era, but new synthesizers have bridged the gap to a full-fledged 2020 sound. It became mainly sequencer based music with smooth melody lines and daring sounds and effects. Most tracks are based on the Berlin School style, but with a very personal twist. It has become a product where only hardware synths were used, such as analog synths and modular systems, but also digital equipment. a must for those who want to dream away with a long floating track, and want to be on the edge of their seat with some rougher tracks.

Groeten Rene de Bakker