1. Standing at the edge
  2. Dark descent
  3. The deep
  4. In the realm of Poseidon
  5. Leviathan
  6. Flow current flow
  7. Sirens call
  8. Aquanaut
  9. Re-Emergence
  10. Surface flight
  11. Sub-Aquiem
  12. Sargasso
  13. Submersible
Produced and engineered by Ian Boddy and nixed to DAT at Something Else Studios April-August 1994 All tracks composed by Ian Boddy, except track 9 by Ian Boddy/David Berkeley.

The Deep is probably the closest Boddy's ever come to a 'concept' album. He has made no secret of the fact that several of the pieces are heavily influenced by the James Cameron film The Abyss and indeed the opening track which fades in with the sound of a submarine sonar perfectly sets the scene with it's eerie crescendo of voices. There are many orchestral influences on evidence as well with tracks such as In the Realm of Poseidon and Sub-Aquiem lending an air of grandeur to the proceedings. Other tracks such as The Deep, Sirens Call and Re-Emergence add to the overall dark atmosphere of the album although there is a bit of light relief in the shape of Aquanaut and Flow Current Flow. The opening four tracks were performed to spectacular effect at concerts at The Derby Guildhall and also at the first EMMA Music Festival during 1994.

And this re-release features 2 Bonus tracks.