1. TROPICAL SLEEP - [12:19]
  2. TRIBAL TRIP - [11:09]
  3. SACRED RITE - [10:26]
  5. PERLE - [3:57]
  6. FLOWERS OF HEAVEN - [11:05]
  7. LOVE DREAM - [7:00]
JoŽl BERNARD (Awenson) is a french electronic researcher and keyboardist. He can be considered as the great successor of french 70s proggy kosmische wizards (Bernard Xolotl, Zanov, Didier Bocquet).
His first album published in 2010 on Dreaming reveals astonishing, luminous dreamscapes based on floating synthesized waves and circular electronic arpeggios, reminiscence to the Berlin school of electronics and notorious figures such as Klaus Schulze , Edgar Froese and Michael Hoenig.

Tellurian, spaced out musical impressionism in an original peculiar way.