1. If I could speak to my father again [13:50]
  2. Polymodular [10:00]
  3. Zyma - (winter) [7:44]
  4. Temnyy - (dark) [12:00]
  5. Vesna – (spring) [10:08]
  6. Svetly – (light) [15:28]
  7. Mundus in Motu [5:36]
This album was created during the two pandemic years without life performances. The title refers to our changing world, where it seems to be out of control. People are moving around the world to find a save place due to the climate change and wars. this album is dedicated to all that people who lost their homes. Families and friends. Some of the tracks on this album are darker than I usually tend to do. I also use a modular synthesizer which I bought second hand and I was very surprised with the possibilities of this system. Thank you, Rene Chaigneau. Track one was recorded live in a shutdown 680 mW coal fired powerplant, where I used to work for, but due to CO2 rules the plant was closed and I lost my job. Happily, I was asked to assist in the demolition process (my new job). Thank you, Ruud van de Star. I had the possibility to make some live videos there for the Raumzeit II festival. Thank you, Stevan Erbe. Ron Boots and Andre Stooker. It was very special to stand there between thousand’s tons of steel in the main boiler-room (80 meters high) close to the coal grinders and perform music.

Hans van Kroonenburg