1. Stranded3:23
  2. Eruption12:21
  3. She6:49
  4. Rainbow [6:37]
  5. City Of [10:00]
  6. Earthbound11:15
  7. Shuttle Lock Part [32:13]
  8. Random [9:51]
  9. Hurry On [8:48]
During his career, Belgian synthesist Patrick 'Wille De Wael' Kosmos did a lot of quite memorable, visual attractive live concerts. Some of them were recorded and made it onto cassette in the early days.

Patrick had the firm belief that the synthesiser was made for the sake of cosmic music.

I have a clear memory of seeing and hearing him perform his pure analogue music in Schulze-style, sitting on the ground in front of his beloved synths. While playing, he most often would immerse quickly in a state of trance as his enchanting, Berlin-School inspired cosmic music made his audience embark on a journey into the heavens.

He regarded each performance as unique and, in addition to a number of set pieces he also improvised a great deal. It was all about the music of the spheres and about the feelings with the aim of carrying the audience along in such a way that it eventually became a cosmic whole.

This live recording, made during The Visitor tour in fall 1988, is another testament of Patrick Kosmos’ talent. Hearing it again in the here and now still gives me goose bumps.

With the release of “The Visitor”, the 8th disc of “The Chronicles”, Patrick's precious musical legacy lives on...

Bert Strolenberg / SonicImmersion.org