1. Echolalia - [17:18]
  2. Bipolar distrotion - [30:06]
  3. Mood Swings - [30:16]
I wish to thank: You for buying this album, Tom Carpenter of Analogue Solutions for providing the Korg KR-55 with midi and individual outputs, Music House in Utrecht for restoring the pulse wave of the Korg MS-10.

´Echolalia´ was inspired by the story of Echo, retold by Stephen Fry in his book ´Mythos´. It was the last piece I recorded for this album and I dedicate it to everyone who helped me survive to record it.

Akikaze, written in Japanese as ??, meaning autumn wind, is the musical exploration of Pepijn Courant. This is his twelfth album. Music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Pepijn Courant. Mixed and engineered by Pepijn Courant on Tascam SX-1 and DM-3200 digital mixers and a Soundcraft EFX-12 analogue mixer. All tracks were recorded, edited and mastered at home in high places in Utrecht, The Netherlands from 1 April 2018 to 20 April 2019. Painting ´The rake´s progress: Bedlam´ by William Hogarth. Artwork by Pepijn Courant. Pepijn´s picture by Wanna Namdokmai.