1. Twisted Tales [17:04]
  2. Amor Facit [6:19]
  3. The Call [12:35]
  4. Cuivienen [14:58]
  5. Gwahir [6:10]
  6. Omnus Mundi [6:19]
  7. Different Stories [11:05]
On this album, again with great cover art, both rhythmic and ambient tracks can be found which made Ron Boots one of the most respected electronic musicians in Europe. The first tracks really knocks you over with it's fantastic shifting sequencing. Different Stories and Twisted Tales is a documentary, of sorts, by Ron Boots. He has spun a yarn of about how tales become legends and how individual lives are, in and of themselves, tales and legends. Ron creates the story-telling mood by mixing Berlin school sequences with dense atmospheres. Track 3, The Call, features a smoking electric guitar by Klaus Hoffman Hoock. The guitar is a dynamic compliment to the atmosphere. Ronís overall diversity allows for dark AND pastoral atmospheres. The darkness is heavy and overt. The pastorales are dense without relying on new age or symphonic textures. They rely on Ronís innovative use of sequences to create lightness. That unique texture is awesome and essential!

2001. © Jim Brenholts I spent a few hours listening to the Dutch synthesist Ron Boots. I listened to 3 of Mr Boots CD's Close But Not Touching, Ghost Of A Mist and Different Stories Twisted Tales.
I have to say I didn't realise what a wonderful composer this Gentleman is. The guy is brilliant.

BIG RON is MAGIC. Go out and BUY some BOOTS.

2003. Colin Jouxson