1. Rumor Control [5:36] MP3 soundclip of Rumor Control [3:00]
  2. Cutting Branches part I [13:00]
  3. Ice Fields [5:04]
  4. Cutting Branches part II [11:04]
  5. Reflecting Thoughts [5:13] MP3 soundclip of Reflecting thoughts [3:00]
  6. Bohirrim [10:57]
  7. Far Bounderies part II [11:09]
  8. Alert No 1 [6:28] MP3 soundclip of Alert nr. 1 [3:00]
Songs composed and arranged by Ron Boots
Ron Boots has been making great electronica for years. "Cutting Branches" continues his tradition of excellence. Created totally on electronic instruments, Ron is able to generate authentic-sounding drums, guitar and bass. He mixes them expertly to create exotic soundscapes and vivid imagery. The images are very pastoral and organic. Much in the vein of Robert Rich, Ron creates organic juxtapositions through scientific exploration.
This music is otherworldly, ethereal and serene.

1999. Jim Brenholts Again this album is a remarkable example how electronic music should sound like. Almost immediately the great "Boots" atmosphere is set when the listener actually takes off with the first track "Rumor Control". Powerful sequencers and rhythms go together with great plains of clear sound, solos and effects which made this album a big success in Europe.

1996. Bert Strolenberg It's taken me quite a time to get round to reviewing this 1995 Ron Boots release. Ron has always impressed me with his use of sequencers and careful application of melody, especially on 'Detachment of Worldly Affairs' and 'Different Stories & Twisted Tails'.

The album kicks off with 'Rumour Control' (inspired by and containing the voice sample from Alien 3), a superb tapestry of pulsing sequences and extended synth chords.
'Cutting Branches Part 1' opens grandly with booming drums and brash fanfares, backed by syncopating guitar. Soon though it develops into a driving sequencer outing of impressive proportions, shifting and developing constantly with well judged interludes and changes of pace. Excellent!
'Ice Fields' is a more laid back piece with subtle effects and rhythm, and this style is continued throughout 'Cutting Branches Part 2' with more oscillating embellishments.
Ron again takes things easy on 'Reflecting Thoughts', however he dramatically switches gear with 'Bohirrim'. After five minutes of the track he suddenly introduces some blistering sequences, opening and closing the filters in classic fashion. Lead synths combine well with the electronic rhythm producing another sparkling piece which mid 80's TD fans will find very appealing. 'Far Boundaries Part 2' ('Part 1' can be found on 'Detachment...') again finds Ron in subtle mode, a track full of latent power and energy.
'Alert No. 1' closes the album with more impressive uptempo electronics. Yet another quality album from Ron Boots. Not a bad track in sight, and a number of the tracks are real gems (especially the brilliant 'Cutting Branches Part 1').

He seems to have concentrated even more than usual on producing complex patterns of electronic rhythm and effects, and it works superbly. Definitely an album for fans of modern sequencer music and modern EM in general.