1. Prologue - The Story [8:18]
  2. The Landing [4:13] MP3 soundclip of The landing [3:00]
  3. Mission Briefing [5:04]
  4. The Key [3:39] MP3 soundclip of The key [3:00]
  5. Alien Offensive [5:15]
  6. Activate Power Supply [5:17]
  7. Central Building [5:37]
  8. Retrieve Logfiles [6:36]
  9. Mission Accomplished [6:16] MP3 soundclip of Mission accomplished [3:00]
  10. The Voyage Home [6:34]

    Bonus track:
  11. Alien Offensive (BOOM !!!) [5:15]
The Blue Team consists of Jean Paul van Engelen and Robert Marselje. I suppose you'd call this a concept album a it kind of depicts in sound (and phased voice on the opening track), an interstellar voyage.
The first half of the album is taken largely at a pace you'd call "slowly rhythmic", it uses a horizon-to-horizon stretch of string synths in many passages, and overlays with a wide array of flowing melodies, always languid, sometimes with a more solid rhythmic backdrop, elsewhere set in the vastness of space.
Firmly "European" sounding synth music, it is definitely the "tune factor" that dominates in what is a quite atmospheric if deceptively simplistic musical environment.
The second half of the album actually breaks the spell by accelerating the pace and almost becoming Techno-synth in the process, initially quite strident but then slowing to solid but still tune-based.
All in all itís smoothly done, great for those who like melody with their space and, although it could be accused of being a bit lightweight, by me anyway, will please many.

2004. Andy G. R.Marselje and J.P.van Engelen have produced the archetypal space concept album here.

'Prologue (the story)' introduces the album, describing the plot via a computer generated voice then embarking on a well conceived sequential outing with some fine synth leads. It's a moot point as to how well the subsequent tracks continue the story (as the titles so clearly state that's the intention) but really it doesn't matter because musically theres some good material on show here.
'Mission Briefing' is a laid back piece akin to Waveform's stylish outings, and 'The Key' continues the form with a delightful melody.
'Alien Offensive' airs a slightly chaotic sequential rhythm, but Brainwork fans will appreciate the rhythmic 'Activate Power Supply', and one of the guys must be fan of Jarre's 'Magnetic Fields' judging by 'Retrieve Logfiles'.

OK, so the concept is noth-ing new and none of the tracks are out and out barnstormers, but this is good, clean, honest EM which is easy on the ear and not taxing to the brain!