1. The rising Sun [8:54]
  2. Floating [3:24]
  3. The Well [8:40]
  4. Meadow [10:32]
  5. Malibu Beach [7:17]
  6. The Escher Drawing [10:38]
  7. Ocean Tale [21:25]
This CD contains the music of the same cassettes, composed by Ron Boots and Bas Broekhuis. Accessible, visual music perfect for relaxation and dreaming. Hydrythmix: Project TWO Point ONE" is a heavy-handed sequencer set from Ron Boots and Bas Broekhuis. Ron and Bas have demonstrated their improvisational skills before on other studio and concert collaborations. They are able to improvise within a loose structure. To quote Kees Aerts, in the liner notes, " two musicians became one Project TWO Point ONE." This CD has loads of sequenced atmospheres and orchestral crescendos. They merge perfectly to create a unique soundscape that is both majestic and massive. It is evident that Ron and Bas had fun making this album. Ron has always been willing that fun with his listeners. That is a nice trait. This is a great CD!

2001. © Jim Brenholts