1. Monolith [4:29]
  2. The Edge of Infinity [6:18] MP3 soundclip of The Edge of Infinity [3:00]
  3. Travel into the Nexus [5:43] MP3 soundclip of Travel into the Nexus [3:00]
  4. Binary Code 51 [6:42] MP3 soundclip of Binary Code 51 [3:00]
  5. Reflective Synapse [6:31]
  6. Vistas of Magnificence [6:40]
  7. Dusk Descending [6:12]
  8. Distant Visitation [5:25]
  9. Purge [6:01]
Composed and produced by Gregory T. Kyryluk at the Sound Cave between 1995-1996
Sequenced on an Atari 520ST and recorded live via Mackie 1202 and Casio DAT

Gregory T. Kyryluk - Roland DR-660, Roland U-220, EMU Vintage keys, Kawai K-3 and K-1, ESQ-1, Korg Poly 800 mk2, Yamaha SY-22

The second CD from Gregory Kyryluk offers a further step into the world of delicate ambient and spacemusic. His vast, still inviting soundscapes carry the magic that keep the listener fascinated until the last minute. The Edge of Infinity is Alpha Wave Movement's second release. The artists at Groove liked Transcendence so well that they invited Gregory Kyryluk, the artist behind Alpha Wave Movement, to submit his new work to them. The tracks on The Edge of Infinity are much more percussive than those on Transcendence, and have more drive and movement. I personally like this release much better than the first. It is both more exciting and more interesting to me, and shows considerable maturity and sophistication. The ambient landscapes created are spacious and mysterious, with both light and dark textures. Recommended tracks include: "Binary Code 51", "The Edge of Infinity", "Monolith" and "Purge", although all tracks are strong. This album should please radio audiences of electronic/ambient shows. Give it a serious listen.

Jeff Johansen / Music For Asylums 'The Edge of Infinity' from Alpha Wave Movement is a very calming album of melancholic strings and subtle sequences. The songs are uncluttered and flow together nicely.
'Monolith' begins with sad synths and a distant drum drenched in reverb. A filtered sequence emphasizes a mood of solitary contemplation.
'The Edge of Infinity' continues the melancholy mood with a pulsing bassline, warm strings and quiet arpeggio's. Gentle percussion compliments the mix and an air of optimism is introduced.
'Travel into The Nexus' has long ambient layers of choir-sounds and a rhythmic melody.
'Binary Code 51' increases the pace a little with foreboding strings, an urgent arpeggio and a nice electro-style break beat.
'Reflective Synapse' has a beautiful, lonely opening, continuing the theme of sumptuous pads and bell-type sequences.
'Vistas of Magnificence' has an inquisitive flavor and a nice lazy bassline (!)
'Dusk Descending' opens with solemn sounds which are joined by slow conga slaps and another great synth melody.
The first two minutes of 'Distant Visitation' is, for me, the highpoint of the album. If you want something to listen to while sitting comfortably indoors with a hot cup of coffee, watching the rain roll down the window pane, then this is it (I know what I mean!).
'Purge' sounds almost alien, with owl-like hoots, big bass tones and an Egyptian flavour tune.

Overall, 'The Edge of Infinity' is an excellent CD. It sustains a thoughtful mood of calm throughout, and is a must for those of us wanting a soundtrack of well-conceived soundscapes to accompany us through the twilight hours.

Shaun Holley