1. Of Desolate Places and Urban Jungles [21:30] MP3 soundclip of Of desolate places & urban jungles [3:00]
This is a 3" Limited Edition (1000 numbered copies) Amplexus mini disc

Composed, recorded and produced by Ron Boots

Ron Boots - synthesizers, EnviRONmentals, sampling
Harold van der Heijden - electronic and acoustic drums, rainstick "Of Desolate Places and Urban Jungles" is a deep and dark atmospheric soundscape from ambient master Ron Boots.

Ron builds his walls of sound on a minimalist synth line that fades in and out. The line builds to a deep bass drum rhythm. The atmosphere is enhanced by nature samples and - whoa! - a didgeridoo! That's right! A didgeridoo appears on a Ron Boots project! The samples belie the urban atmosphere. The imagery evoked is of wilderness in the city. The urban jungle metaphor is brought to life by the samples imbedded among the heavy synth and didg drones.

The music is urban. The samples are pastoral. The oxymoron works!

1999. Jim Brenholts A special project on the Amplexus label. This piece of music reveals the more quiet side of Ron Boots. In this 21+ minutes song you hear enviRONmentals, like children and frogs, with Ron nestling his soundscapes between them.

Early 1997, Ron Boots was asked to contributed some music to a special project on the Italian Amplexus-label, run by Stefano Gentile. The label released a number of limited and numbered cd-singles, which all were packaged in nice cardboard digipack with beautiful photographs. Of each cd-single, only 1.000 copies were manufactured.

Ron composed a piece of ambient music called "Of Desolate Places And Urban Jungles". Itís a wonderful 20 minute deep and darkening atmospheric soundscape composition (which even contains a sample of a didgeridoo), on which he was joined by drummer Harold ("De Hakker") van der Heijden.

Well, the music shows some resemblance to the music of Steve Roach and Michael Stearns, two musicians who also paid a contribution to the project.

Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion This is a strange one. A limited edition 3" CD single which comes with an outer A5 card sleeve. Dave didn't actually send the sleeve to me, he simply scanned the image you see to the left, so I'm a bit thin on background info. (I can just about make out that Harold van der Heijden is also involved).

It's the music that's important though, and I can tell you it's rather good in that department. The first adjective which comes to mind when listening to this is "earthy". It's got bags of atmosphere and effects, with vast layers of synth waves brushing shoulders with jungle sounds. In keeping with this theme, the rhythms and sequences are tribal based and develop from rudimentary drumming into a careful selection of electronic patterns which have the distinct Ron Boots trademarks running through them.

Overall this is another fascinating angle on Ron Boots' repertoire of styles and sounds. I think you'll find it worth-while digging out that 3" adapter!