1. The Sun Shines, The World Smiles (Alternate version) [7:48]
  2. Surfacing from Beyond (Live Duisburg 1998) [7:30]
Both tracks are NOT for sale, and are only available as download.
You can get them for free when you order something from Groove Unlimited.

2008. Press Information

If you buy something from Groove Unlimited you get a nice MP3 bonus: you are given the right to download two exclusive and rare tracks. One of them is an alternative version of "The Sun Shines, The World Smiles", and the other one is a completely new composition.

The first bonus track starts with cosmic and ethereal synth pads. A nice and bright atmosphere permeats the intro, quite different in sound and mix from the album version. Soon bass sequences appear, as the pads become more synthetic and melodic. A laid back rhythm starts, in stark contrast to the original version. The choirs return adding a heavenly touch. Strange samples are joined by electronic twitters for a relaxed, easy-going ride among the clouds. The great and already familiar melodic theme appears - gentle, uplifting and bright. This song is probably the catchiest tune Kees has ever composed. Check it out, it's simply wonderful.
The second bonus track is called "Surfacing From Beyond". It's a live performance from Essen. Dark sounds give way for a rhythmic pulse and some dramatic pads. The tension grows until some profound synth sounds turn into aggressive drones and a fast-paced electronic sequence appears. Another sequence is chugging nicely along and then another upper register sequence appears, as pads play a simple two note motif. A symphonic lead line appears bringing in some bombast to this rhythmic composition. Surprisingly, a guitar lead surfaces towards the end of this 7+ minute piece, occupying the right channel of the stereo field, as the pads change keys along with the sequences.

Fine stuff and another good reason to buy Kees' latest effort, not to mention the great music on the album itself.

2008. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music Last week we saw the launch of keesaerts.com and to celebrate this event we offer two free downloads of Kees' music. The first track is a different version from our track "The Sun Shines, The World Smiles" with a complete different beginning.
Track 2 is is a live version of "Surfacing from Beyond" a highly energetic version I might say. It was performed by Kees and James Clent in Essen, Germany on January 26 1998.
I am sure you're gonna love these tracks as much as you like the new cd.

2008. Ron Boots