1. Intrip [6:15]

  2. Annular [6:50]
  3. Nodular [15:24] MP3 soundclip of Nodular [3:00]
  4. Angular [8:43]
  5. Before The Storm [17:06]
  6. Phasenverzerrung [18:57]
This could become a wanted item throughout the electronic scene.
The first releases by RAMP have been issued on samplers as Gold TRI 1 & 2 and Sequences No. 18 (England).

On this CD the line-up is: Tranquillity, Martina Fantar, Stephen Parsick & Lambert Ringlage.
Tracks 1 and 6 were composed and performed by Lambert Ringlage, Stephen Parsick and Frank Makowski.
Tracks 2, 3 and 4 were composed and performed by Frank Makowski and Stephen Parsick.
Track 5 was composed and performed by Martina Fantar, Frank Makowski and Stephen Parsick. Ramp is Frank Makowski, Steve Parsick and Lambert Ringlage (with Martina Fantar on infrequent vocalization on one track). Besides being a term from synthesizer technology, "Ramp" is also the Dutch word for "mischief," "disaster" or "catastrophe".
Released in 1998, this 73-minute CD features six tracks of live improvised electronics from 1996-97.

The nature of the music? Textural with strong harmonics and surging qualities. Dense waves of rhythmic chords, gathering like sentient stormclouds to circle the listener. Sparkling discharges fired through complex circuitry to produce melodic tones, propelled by cyclic tempos and swimming with dynamic sequencer rolls.
The melodies begin innocently enough, washing like an electric surf on a metallic beach. Soon, though, the interplay of synthetic sounds develop a predatory nature, weaving and dodging through the air in search of organic prey. As sneaky e-perc surfaces in the mix, the hunt is on. The riffs hone in on their prey, cavorting with unseen glee and mingling to produce greater riffs. This music is hunting--and you are the prey. Fortunately, Ramp is in control of these hungry electronics, channeling them into an aerial spiral for your enjoyment. Once you are at ease, you will appreciate the sinuous patterns and diving tuneage. The pace accelerates as the sounds crest and wash over you.

Under Ramp's guidance, these sonic beasts revert to their primary function: engaging music that will take your breath away (but in a good manner).

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity