1. Rücksturz [24:50]
  2. Quitting Time [14:24]
  3. La Tendresse [12:57]

    Bonus track:
  4. Dreamdance [11:51] MP3 soundclip of Dreamdance [3:00]
All titles composed, arranged, performed by Bernd Kistenmacher.

Dreamdance was recorded in 1990 in Berlin during a live performance. This is strong instrumental music made up of very grandiose sweeps of heavenly synthesizers and surging keyboard rhythms (much in the vein of Klaus Schulze). Although the structure is mostly a slowbuild of these sweeps and rhythms, the melodies are far from passive for the pace becomes quite frantic at times as the music creeps through epic layers to astral majesty. It's powerful stuff--an excellent dose of new age with a keen razor's bite."Head-Visions" is Kistenmacher's debut album from 1986.

This CD reissue also features a 12 minute live bonus track, so you get over 64 minutes of his driving keyboard oriented synthesizer melodies.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity Head Visions is the debut LP of German composer Bernd Kistenmacher. His music is in the direct continuation of 70's Berlin space electronic music.
Each track features floating, serene, aquatic & epic ambiences based on vintage synthesizers. This first album is really achieved, reaching a high state of maturity, pre-figuring the release of a few little classics.

The opening theme is a dreamy-like and melodic composition using extended synth chords, minimal spaced out patterns based on sequencers. This is very closed to Klaus Schulze's late 70's efforts, very calm and lienar, providing powerfully flowing electronic waves that create a charming trip throw the unknown.
Quitting Time is a realy hallucinatory, vibrant electronic epic featuring eerie ambiences and moving, repetitive electronic rhythms & hypno loops. Once again it reveals real references to Schulze's majestic abstract soundscapes.
La tendresse is my favorite track on this one, a cosmic-proto new agy piece, always bringing to the fore tranquil-spacious synth lines punctuated by concrete noises & effects.
The album reissue features a live extract released in 1990 for programmed percussions and epically meditative synths capes.

A pleasant listening that can ravish every fan of 70's cosmic music.

Philippe This is Bernd Kistenmacher first album, after the making of 3 MC’s (Dream Sequence, Music from Outer Space and Romantic Times). Considered by some as his best work, Head-Visions continues the musical experiences of cosmic and psychedelectronics of the 70’s.

Rücksturz is a long exhilarating title to slow evolution, but very mesmerizing. It starts with hesitating chords, to dreamy tints even melancholic, which float in a thick cosmic and caustic fog of which the opaque sound waves oscillate between a melodious approach and psychedelic hazes. A hybrid intro which stirs gently with a line of bass to drummed pulsations and a prism of minimalism keys that pierces a synth to loud mordant veils and slow sinuous dénouement, of which long spectral solos get entangled around a progressive and hypnotic tempo. Percussion, kind of cow bell sounds, deepens the rhythmic structure of which tempo remains rather slow, heavy and ambiguous. Little by little the synth waves, which wind indefatigably, modify their tempos to shape a steadier phase, thanks to a clear line of bass adding a warm approach to a very long tetanized title which remains still caustic and metallic on a very hypnotic structure, stuffed with long and sinuous solo of a synth in the purest Berlin School tradition, post Timewind and Body Love Schulze years.
Fine synthesized waves unfold on Quitting Time opening, creating a hypnotic minimalism melody which navigates below a sky streaked with solos of an eerie synth. Cut by an incisor wave, the intro dives into a frenzy movement where chords collide under tones of a wrapping mellotron and a foggy synth. A much livened up title, from where fuses stunning synth solos very close to Schulze kinds on Irrlicht and Blackdance, which concludes as its opening.
Morphic lullaby, La Tendresse is endowed of a caustic intro where an ochre sonority fits a wind of metallic whirl. Softly this eclectic sound cloud dissipates to let in sweetness to astral tones which soak in an abyssal cavern, under a synth to industrial mists and a mellotron to appealing caresses. Some great cosmic and floating Berlin School!
Recorded in 1990 during a concert in Berlin, Dreamdance is offered in bonus with this cd reediting. A little just like Quitting Time, but in a more ethereal and less tetanized version, with waves of synth which become muddled, creating a soft synthesized hem which rolls on a beautiful and warm line of bass. Slowly, the tempo becomes denser without ever overflowing its warm frame, cause of a magnificent fluty mellotron which bewitch pleasantly the listening.

Several say that Head-Visions is Kistenmacher album that sounds the most as Schulze. So much that an Australian fan once told Bernd that it’s the best Schulze album he heard! We can’t deny the resemblance with Schulze works, but Head-Visions is unique because of its sonority so ochred which insufflates a caustic wave to an album which blends audacity and melodies with its absolutely divine synths which cross enormously the Schulze ones.
An inescapable, still available, for the fans of analog Berlin School EM, era Klaus Schulze’s Picture Music to Body Love.

Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness