1. Flying south [7:51]
  2. First home [6:57]
  3. Love, lies and magic [5:02]
  4. Borderline [2:41]
  5. Interleave [5:37]
  6. Last stand [7:34]
  7. Cetacean [4:03]
  8. Glide path [8:29] MP3 soundclip of Glide path [3:00]
  9. The alchemist [3:44]
  10. Twelve towers [10:15]
All titles composed and arranged by Paul Ward except track 6 by Paul Ward and N. Thompson
Track 3 produced by John Dyson and Paul Ward

Phil Easton - guitar on track 9

Paul Ward's name is familiar to many people for many reasons. Originally one half of the 80's Newage synth duo Quiet Point he went on to record music under his own name and work closely with artists such as Wavestar, John Dyson, Kik and John Parr to name but a few.