1. Jellyfishes [4:58]
  2. Yassur Parle Au Concret (Hommage Pierre Henry) [4:21]
  3. Synesthesia 2 [5:43]
  4. Kuuri [5:58]
  5. Hirsiliä (Reflection) [7:10]
  6. Fractal 10 [3:50]
  7. Uus-Pukarantie [4:20]
  8. Synesthesia 5 [5:44]
  9. Melancholia [7:11]
  10. Fractal 6 [8:14]
Music For Installations is not your typical “art-room ambient” provider as the name would suggest. Music For Installations, in its best Eno-tradition, provides the soundscapes for the installation of life, whether it is in the form of a homage to a deceased Master, a book of sound to grasp the concept of the wholeness of the universe as we know it or just the soundtrack to a long-lasting trip into the high north. Music For Installations asks you to use your imagination while he subtly massages your brain.