1. The Obsidian Eye [38:30] MP3 soundclip of Pbsidian eye [3:00]
  2. Closer Than You Think [24:30] MP3 soundclip of Closer than you think [3:00]
  3. Slave To The Groove [11:46] MP3 soundclip of Slave to the groove [3:00]
Track 1 performed Live at Awakenings, November 24, 2008
Track 2 featuring Hashtronaut
Track 3 is a Sequencer Workout

I use a mixture of preset/custom patches when I record my albums.
I record everything into Cubase which is the master clock for the sequencer which means everything is in sync!:-)

Steve Humphries (Create) On Create's second self-released project, coming close on the heels of his last official release for Groove "In The Blink of an Eye," Steve Humphries eloquently proves once again he is a force to be reckoned with amongst an international elite pantheon of artists keeping the classic Berlin School EM sound alive, to include Redshift, Free System Projekt, and Radio Massacre International.
"Words Just Get in the Way" unfolds in three long, immerse pieces of electronic magic.

Opener "The Obsidian Eye" is a sprawling, moody 38-minute epic, morphing effortlessly between quiet cosmic passages, Mellotron sounds, sequencer interludes, and then back again, never falling short of inventive themes and ideas or getting stuck in one place for long.
"Closer Than You Think" is a more upbeat affair, but no less intense, melding symphonic keys, Mellotron sounds, Ashra-like rhythms, and tasteful Gilmour-ish electric guitar solos courtesy of Hashtronaut. RMI fans take note! An extremely effective track.
The final piece, "Slave to the Groove," is a darkly visceral, apocalyptic masterpiece. Echoing, spiralling synth notes dripping with menace and attitude give way to a hypnotic sequence which builds with more Mellotron sounds and soloing into a miasma of eviscerating, swirling dark ambience.

But don't let my "words get in the way" as they do this album little justice compared to hearing it for yourself. Definitely an album no serious connoisseur of EM should be without...

2009. Drone On / USA Just finished listening to "Words just get in the way". Very nice, better on the second listen (I'm not sure the car stereo did it any favours).
I think the 2nd track is favourite - Hashy's guitar adds a depth to it that really works.

2009. John Christian (Airsculpture) / UK Excellent album, good sequencing and solos, fine guitar playing by Hastronaut on track 2. Very good !

2009. Alvaro / Spain Yes Words Just Get In The Way is a nice album. It reminds me a lot of TD's POLAND. Especially those Prophet and Wavetable sounds.

2009. René van der Wouden / Holland Just listened to the sound clips and they really sound great! Perhaps a bit darker than the Create I know so far (and is there an electric guitar in the background of track 2?). If it wasn´t for that this record isn´t released yet (and might delay the ones I´ve just ordered) I would have bought it in the blink of an eye :)

2009. Patrik Fries / Sweden Another nice album from Mr Humphries, but! it relies too much on preset sounds, I'm not sure if he does any kind of proper synth programming, the sequences aren't too great either, sometimes they seem out of sync with what is going on. The Schaltwerk if that's what he is using for sequences was primarily designed by Doepfer to be a percussion sequencing device.
As the first reviewer said it sounds a bit darker than his previous albums.

2009. Karl / Germany