1. Huge Spaceship
  2. Antique Heart
  3. She is a Mona Lisa
  4. We too are Gods
  5. Left for Dead
  6. Edgars Hat
  7. Sundog
  8. Where the Rivers meet
  9. On the Seventh day
We Too are Gods is an imaginative electronic music album from Lord Of The Ants. It combines his trademark cinematic style but with classical influences. It is complex and intriguing and results in a thematic, atmospheric work that might be classed as avant-garde. In addition, it is pulsating with contemporary rhythms and deep basses. The arrangements are well structured with a constant air of anticipation. However, the interesting soundscapes do not venture into the experimental. In other words this beautifully played music is, above all, showcasing excellent piano, synth and guitar work.

In conclusion ‘Lord Of The Ants’ continues to produce fascinating music. He incorporates musical styles ranging from Tangerine Dream and Vangelis to Moby and Boards of Canada. The result is alluring abstract music to make us think.