1. Frightening Frontiers [5:42] MP3 soundclip of Frightening frontiers [1:00]
  2. Entities [6:30]
  3. A Moment Frozen [2:16]
  4. Mutating Realities [10:32] MP3 soundclip of Mutating realities [2:06]
  5. Compulsive Mechanics [5:38]
  6. Not Being Mirrored [8:25]
  7. Shade [6:02]
  8. Urgency [8:25] MP3 soundclip of Urgency [1:38]
  9. Towards [5:09]
  10. Ungreat Certainty [3:48]
All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Bakis Sirros (with hepl and advice from John Sirros) between 2007 & 2008 in Wavemountain Studio, Athens, Greece.

John Sirros - treated voice on track 2,8 and 10

Shade is the studio album follow-up to Obsessive Surrealism and is the fifth CD release by Parallel Worlds (the main musical project of Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros).

Parallel Worlds employ a vast arsenal of both vintage and modern analogue modular synthesisers with extensive use of classic sequencing techniques to produce a sonic world that combines modern electronica and ambient music styles with the feel of retro electronic music. His attention to detail is astonishing and his careful sculpting of sounds and textures produce an organic, ever evolving atmosphere full of half glimpsed meanings and subdued emotions.
The purely electronic rhythms and beats seem to have a life of their own and showcase a musician who is a virtuoso with these types of instruments that are the antithesis of the quick fix pick-a-preset mind set of much of todays society. Musically he likes to explore various states of mind, no doubt influenced by his medical background and this adds a tension and darkness to his compositions that are punctuated by disarmingly simple and wistful melodies.
With Shade Parallel Worlds show a musical maturity and command of sonic atmospherics that takes the music on a journey, moving through dreams and shades, aiming for the light.

2009. Press Information This album is full of analogue modular synths, including the Serge modular music system, Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular, Doepfer A100 modular, Arp 2600, EMS VCS3, Technosaurus Selector system D, Livewire/Plan B/Harvestman modular, Metalbox/CGS modular, Analogue Solutions Concussor modular, Korg MS50, Oberheim 4 Voice modular, etc…

Bakis Sirros Since the release of his brilliant album "Obsessive Surrealism" its no secret that you can name Bakis Sirros from Greece one of the most innovative synthesizer artists producing wonderful electronic music. His approach working with synthesizers in the classic way combined with his visionary groundbreaking compositions is nonesuch.
Now with the release of his new album called "Shade" Bakis aka "Parallel Worlds" goes one step further.

This album combines classic electronic synthesizer music with a futuristic ambient electronic sound. It seems to me that Bakis took the best out of two musical universes and mixed it together like a DJ with the right feeling for the audience. But don’t get me wrong when I use the word Dj, I used this comparison to give you an idea for the unbelievable richness of combining different layers on this album. But each track sounds monolithic – Bakis merged different sounds, production techniques and musical visions together to a masterpiece.
A futuristic symphony, which gently caresses your ears and mind by using classic synth sounds and smooth ambient soundscapes. This album is strong and fragile at once. And the atmosphere it disperses is much deeper and soul touching that the tracks on its forerunner.
But maybe it’s a mistake to compare this album – I mean you can’t compare to rising sun with the stars at night… "Shade" is a brilliant album – tracks like "Mutating Realities" or "Urgency", just to name two of my favourites, owns such a deep atmosphere I never heard before.

Bakis owns two roles – a brilliant musician and a genius storyteller – by using such wonderful sounds. Shade will be one of the most essential electronic albums 2009 – that’s for sure!

2009. Cuemix Magazine / Germany I just got your new album and I'm listening to it, and again it is great!!!!!!! as usual and more than usual!

Great electronic music, your peculiar liquid rhythms and unique analogue sounds, are so meticulously assorted together... your dreamy cocktail of vitality, organic with a slight subtle nostalgia, have no comparison with others.. it is your personal style, and I like it !

You have a strong passion, and a great ability, I hope you'll get the acknowledgment you deserve :)

2009. Stefano (Alio Die) / Italy Seguo l'operato di Bakis Sirros ormai da diversi anni e quello che mi ha sempre colpito nella sua ricerca musicale è l'assoluta capacità di dare un tocco romantico e moderno all'utilizzo ossessivo di strumentazione analogica e in particolare di sintetizzatori modulari come il Doepfer A100 di cui è acceso sostenitore.
'Shade' è il quinto lavoro in studio dei Parallel Worlds e ha il compito di superare i risultati raggiunti da 'Obsessive Surrealism'.
Una volta ascoltato attentamente l'album è lecito affermare che i due ultimi episodi della discografia dei greci sono molto diversi tra loro. Il primo aveva una capacità di trasposizione visiva incredibile e nelle sue note potevi veramente raffigurare i tuoi sogni o le perplessità riguardanti la società di oggi e i suoi malanni. In questo 'Shade' invece Siros ha lasciato che le sue carezze melodiche rivolgessero le sue attenzioni a un tessuto più ambient e meno articolato rispetto al passato.

'Entities' e 'A Moment Frozen' liberano la mente prima che la realtà muti e tutto attorno le macchine prendano il possesso dell'universo. In un contesto tanto opprimente i rintocchi delicati di 'Shade' possono apparire come piccole luci di speranza ma anche malefici ghigni di chi ha scoperto il modo più subdolo per perpetuare dolore. Non riesco a scegliere quindi.

Sia 'Obsessive Surrealism' che 'Shade' sono due sfumature del surrealismo elettronico dei Parallel Worlds e l'unica certezza è che Bakis Sirros rimane uno degli esponenti più lungimiranti dello scenario elettronico alternativo.

2009. Divine / Italy "Shade" is the fifth release of Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros, aka Parallel Worlds, which is the studio follow-up to the album "Obsessive Surrealism".
Bakis himself considers the outcome as his "most technically-advanced work" in terms of the use of his large collection of modular synths.

Although there is a distinct sense of darkness roaming through the veins of this imaginary sonic landscape, various patterns of tension, crispy sounds, effects and subdued emotions come to the surface. But this not just an affair of warm well crafted soundscapes and melodic, analogue sequenced music, as Mr Sirros also aptly implements his sonic wizardy with beats and electronic rhythms to give things an extra lick of paint and depth. Occasionally, the adventurous music takes a surreal, slightly experimental turn, as e.g. on "Compulsive Mechanics", but I absolutely love the great cinematic feel and tensions embedded in tracks such as "Urgency" and "Ungreat Certainty".

The remarkable, very well produced and mastered music of "Shade" is able to capture and keep the attention of the listener all the way. Or, to quote the last line of the press-sheet: with "Shade", Parallel Worlds show a musical maturity and command of sonic atmospherics that takes the music on a journey, moving through dreams and shades, aiming for the light.
Bakis again did a good job!

Bert Strolenberg / Sonicimmersion "Shade" is the brand-new album by Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros who uses a helluvalot of gear, including large analogue modular systems. The cover gives it a rather austere look but let's hear if the music is similar or not.

"Frightening Frontiers" gets things going with a dubby bass line and echoing experimental sounds. Soon a mysterious melody emerges, as the bass drum quickens its pace. This music is full of tension and anguish. It effectively combines IDM with traditional EM structures, leaning more towards the former. I must mention the great melodic content - it's really something that makes this track stand out from the crowd. Besides, there's a great attention to details and sound programming. The synthetic textures are used effectively and masterfully.
With "Entities", we enter a darker realm. Analogue sounds wander on, as a slow bass line asserts itself of the blanket of synthetic pads and glitchy textures. A rhythmic section follows, interrupted by an atmospheric interlude where simply wonderful electric piano sounds appear. The track ends with quiet, Cluster-type chords that gradually fade into silence.
"A Moment Frozen" is totally ghostly - two minutes of static, vinyl-like cracking and mysterious, deep chords. Wonderful, cinematic stuff.
"Mutating Realities" is the longest track at 10 and a half minutes. Weird sounds are joined by a slow bass drum rhythm, as menacing chords persist in the right channel of the stereo field. More strange sounds are added, as the track sets up a menacing, dark mood. Surprisingly, distant Mellotron flutes surface after 4 minutes. These do not overstay their welcome, though, and are soon drowned by the rhythm and other synthetic sounds. For the last several minutes, this rather intense section is replaced by a barely-heard soundscape - ghostly, aquatic and shimmering. Soon the soundscape transforms into a reprise of the rhythmic theme that was heard before, this time it sounding more minimal and stripped down to the essential elements.
"Compulsive Mechanics" is fittingly industrial. Metallic sounds are arranged into a curious rhythmic pattern, as the melody is hypnotic and repetitive. A key change follows, as the track gets more dramatic. Another key change and what we get in the end is a very enjoyable EM number of experimental nature.
"Not Being Mirrored" begins with repeating bass, before a busy rhythm is introduced. A weird melody appears, developing into something more shaped and distinguished. Still not something you could hum to, though. A ghostly, musicbox-like melody is introduced, accompanied by synthetic rhythms.
The title track plunges into melancholy with its repeating minimal melody and a gently popping rhythm. This is also probably the most emotionally charged track, although the emotions it expresses are those of the stark variety.
"Urgency" starts with a voice sample before a stiff, slow rhythm is introduced. After a while, in come upbeat sequences and suspenseful strings. This could serve as the soundtrack to a chase scene in a futuristic movie. The rhythms here are a bit harder than what Bakis is usually known for. There's also a great, mysterious melodic theme near the end.
"Towards" is ethereal and flowing, with the rhythmic elements mostly consisting of looped clicks, gentle bass throbs and other such subtle sounds. The track makes nice use of the piano.
Finally, "Ungreat Certainty" finishes off on a purely Dark Ambient note. The track mostly consists of floating drones, processed sounds and subtle bass loops.

"Shade" is certainly the most accomplished work by Parallel Worlds so far, with great choice of sounds and a claustrophobic, shadowy atmosphere. It's difficult to emphasize any track, but the ones that I thought really stood out were "A Moment Frozen", "Compulsive Mechanics", "Shade", "Towards" and "Ungreat Certainty".

2009. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music Pure electronica luxuriating in a broad range of synthetic analogue sound sources. Shade has a strong contemporary feel whilst drawing on the powerful musical heritage of Berlin school dynamism and ambient atmosphere and texture construction. The sound is very rich, varied and energetic as is true of much DiN output - sequencers percolate against programmed beats, setting up intricate rhythms that shift and evolve constantly whilst layered waves and washes of tone drift in heavenly light or groan in grey shadow. Melodies on the aptly named Shade are primarily sombre, serious forms sometimes with melancholic infusions or subtle touches of beauty. Peculiar sonic forms are everywhere: gutsy, plastic gurglings beautified by delicate chimes; shuffling beats and echoing sibilance with mechanical measure softened by warm melodic currents; hazy ambient introductions with clicking patterns and white noise dashes; sci-fi moods and night time spaces.
The overriding tone of Shade is one of low light, techno-structure and flickering, colourful ambience. An organic-mechanic atmosphere pervades most compositions as burbling sequencer patterns and intricate grooves dance over melodic synth strains calling to mind Blade Runner-esque dark futures and complex, alien technologies. Indeed there is often a sci-fi soundtrack feel as Parallel Worlds build up their moody sound environments, sometimes with an air of tension hanging, sometimes a bathed in doleful melancholy, in other places driven along with an engine-like urgency.

In traditional DiN style, Shade comes in a jewel case where an abstract image sits between pale borders. As if taken from a TV screen, the main image is cut through with fine lines criss-crossing a series of horizontal bands and colour blocks. This design runs across to the second panel of the CD insert and re-appears with a different crop on the reverse. Track lists appear both inside and out, each with times shown. The innermost section of this two panel insert holds a complete gear list, brief credits and generous thanks.
Parallel Worlds is the combined project of electronica artists Bakis Sirros and John Sirros, originating in 1994 and releasing four albums prior to the current Shade. Very much in keeping with the label sound and ethos, Parallel Worlds have chosen to deliver this disc via Ian Boddy's DiN Records. The previous album Obsessive Surrealism was reviewed here at Morpheus on its release back in 2007. The ten tracks on this new product clearly exhibit a shared love of traditional hardware synthesisers and deep sound sculpture; exploring possible mental conditions and emotional states. The maturity of form and thematic content is strongly evident as Parallel Worlds continue their inevitable upward journey into the electronic halls of fame.

This album has been well chosen to appeal to the growing army of DiN fans. It is perhaps one of the label's more readily accessible products with plenty going on to hold the attention and a rich sonic chiaroscuro effect providing plenty of emotive ambience. If you enjoy brooding, dynamic electronica crawling with atmosphere - then this is a strong contender.
Rating 5 out of 5.

Morpheus Music PARALLEL WORLDS is the project of GREEK native Bakis Sirros who’s ever since the project’s inception pulled off four acclaimed albums. Now, 2 years after ‘Obsessive Surrealism’ he’s coming back with an all new collection of work, namely ‘Shade’.

‘Frightening Frontiers’ first builds up some muffled rhythmic groundwork and then phases in the notion of a gloomy mood that’s starting to branch more and more becoming a roof of sophisticated and alluring atmospheres as the beat’ s coming out of its muffled hideaway to the front pleasing the ears with its diversified sound design.
‘Entities’ follows a similar strategy regarding the atmospheres toying with different preferably dark-coloured layers piercing through the flipping structures of the rhythmic machines.
Bubbling, crackling synths wrapping themselves up in a cloth of nostalgic appearing effects are the foundry of ‘A Moment Frozen’ while droning out melodies circle around inside its enthrals.
Undeniably the core piece of the album is ‘Mutating Realities’ going over a distance of over 10 minutes toying with shifting moods and mouldable spheroids of tangible atmospherics dragging you deeper and deeper into the shadowy realms of ‘Shade’.
The rhythm admittedly changes as well yet the changes remain on a minor scale ‘Compulsive Mechanics’ in its early stages is like a chaotic swamp of monotonous machine noises but slowly a structure…order becomes audible bringing disquieting undertones up to the surface as well. Only from the distance we hear indefinable sounds and melodies as we’re entering the last chapter ‘Ungreat Certainty’. But during the track’s almost 4 minutes the distance shrinks and the wintry beauty of the tune becomes apparent.

Carefully crafted atmospheres and rhythms is what you’ll get on ‘Shade’ while especially the atmospheres are outstanding pieces of work. Even though the project’s released already 5 albums including this one, this was the first time I ever heard its name but I’m sure to keep an eye on PARALLEL WORLDS from now on and you should as well.

2009. Reflections Of Darkness webzine / The Netherlands Shade is the fifth album of Parallel Worlds, a musical project of the Greek Bakis Sirros. The reviews on the previous album Obsessive Surrealism were full of praise so I got quite curious for the electronic music of this project. To directly come to a conclusion: nothing too much was said.

The warm analogue synthesizer sounds meander in a rich musical soundscape characterized by terms such as ambient and electronic music accompanied by sparse electro influences. Bakis Sirros managed to invoke a dreamlike and dark romantic atmosphere resulting in a timeless musical world which for a listener it is nice to dwell in. Analogue rhythms and sequences melt with modern electronics and ambient music which gives the music a nostalgic and at the same time modern sound which is a unique quality of the music of Parallel Worlds. The cinematographic spheres combined with the rhythms and beats ensure a certain depth in sound. Shade moreover is excellently produced and mastered and thus a pleasure to enjoy with headphones on.

To give some references one should actually look at the influences that can be traced back in the music, like from artists such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Tomita, Biosphere, Seefeel and Kraftwerk. Not the least of names to be compared to.

2009. Gothtronic Web Magazine Deux ans après le surprenant et audacieux Obsessive Surrealism, Parallel Worlds (Bakis Sirros) nous présente un 5ième opus avec comme toile de fond les ombres et leurs frontières inconnues.

Utilisant toujours une vaste panoplie d’instruments autant numérique qu’analogue, cet ensorceleur des sonorités ambigües explore les recoins de l’obscurité. Un sujet audacieux à parcourir sur une distance de 63 minutes. Frightening Frontiers ouvre le bal avec un doux rythme échotique et hypnotique. Le travail des percussions est efficace et accompagne une ligne de basse névrotique qui inspire une course folle dans les pernicieux couloirs d’une angoisse croissante aux sonorités aussi bigarrées qu’intrigantes, croisant le dramatique et la schizophrénie latente. Les arrangements sont d’un réalisme saisissant, allant jusqu’aux derniers souffles d’un névrosé hors d’haleine. Entities continue cette exploration des peurs nocturnes avec des arrangements séquencés saccadés, créant un rythme imprécis qui suit une tangente un peu comme sur Frightening Frontiers. Mais avec une texture plus jazzé, plus lounge, grâce à une superbe basse qui foule des sentiers brumeux et un piano aux accords charmeurs qui roucoule dans une ambiance sombre pour une aussi belle ligne mélodieuse. Un beau mélange entre Spyra et Vangelis.
A Moment Frozen est un titre sombre et inquiétant avec sa démarche emplie de statique et de avec boucles circulaires sur effets sonores gutturaux. Toujours imbibé d’une recherche sonore très efficace, Mutating Realities est une longue marche dans les couloirs sinueux du complexe monde des ombres et de la noirceur. Graduellement, le titre gagne en crescendo, partant de démarche craintive aux contours sensuels à l’exploration tactile de la peur. Bakis Sirros a beau détendre l’atmosphère avec un mellotron flûté à la TD que le résultat reste sensiblement le même, surtout avec l’ajout d’effets sonores des plus hétéroclites à date sur Shade. Avec ses percussions légèrement enclumées, brandissant le spectre des chaines fantomatiques, Compulsive Mechanics est un superbe titre qui évolue musicalement dans une structure lourde et abstraite. Malgré ce mode, et ce monde surréaliste, une étrange mélodie macabre émerge de cette approche musicale industrielle. Le genre de titre à écouter en haute définition, afin d’en gober toutes les subtilités sonores qui y coulent paresseusement.
Une basse intrigante ouvre Not Being Mirrored qui progresse dans un univers sonore parallèle avec une approche constamment en quête d’une mélodie des ombres. Une mélodie qui fait son nid parmi une panoplie de sonorité composite, dont une guitare qui laisse ses accords glaner ici et là, ouvrant le passage entre le réalisme et la fantaisie. La pièce titre est une belle mélodie minimalisme qui coule au travers un piano mélancolique et une ligne de percussion inoffensive dans une faune sonore unique à Parallel Worlds. Après cette douceur, pourquoi pas une explosion initié par une marche névrotique? Indescriptible, Urgency crève d’une violence retenue avec ses boucles symétriques qui survolent un tempo nerveux, explosif mais hésitant. Une retenue qui asticote la passion de la peur se terminant dans une douceur inconfortablement métallique.
Towards et Ungreat Certainty concluent dans un calme relatif. De l’ambiant sombre et planant avec des intercades menaçantes, histoire de rappeler le contexte de ce 5ième opus de Parallel Worlds qui ne cesse d’étonner avec une approche musicale aussi curieuse que mélodieuse.

Histoires à dormir debout, histoires de peur sonore, Shade est un bel album d’une musique plus contemporaine qu’électronique pure, qui déroutera plus d’une fois à cause d’une profondeur sonore insoupçonnée, des rythmes imprécis qui se situent dans un genre de ‘’lounge’’ pour ‘’weirdos’’, mais qui cache de belles mélodies qui rendent la noirceur un peu plus sympathique.

2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness Web Magazine Parallel Worlds is a Greek project set up by Bakis Sirros. With some little help from John Sirros "Shade" is the 5th full-length album of this project. I have to admit that I wasn't familiar at all with Parallel Worlds, but this album is one I'll definitely keep in mind!
The analog electronic sound of Parallel Worlds is quite space-like while it still covers some trip-pop ground.

The opening cut "Frightening Frontiers" directly reminded me to Endraum for its typical atmosphere. There’s a kind of guitar sounding electro part here that is absolutely irresistible. Another great piece reminding me to Endraum is the title song "Shade". All songs remain instrumentals, but there’s this kind of cold trip-pop feeling mixed with atmospheric soundscapes. It injects a kind of soundtrack style, which comes to the surface on a song like "Entities". The more you walk through the sonic universe of this project the more you'll be caught by a kind of mysterious and indefinable atmosphere hanging on top of the composition.
"A Moment Frozen" and especially "Not Being Mirrored" will for sure make it clear. It’s a kind of neo-psychedelic touch that I'm not used to hearing. Parallel Worlds innovates with a wider ambient spectrum and the more I went through this album the more it becomes difficult to label this band.

"Shade" only reveals mature compositions full of fascinating sonic germs. This is the kind of album that sets old-standards in a bad spotlight while revealing a refreshing new path. It doesn't really matters how to define Parallel Worlds, but their work here simply deserves a wide recognition!

Side-Line Magazine / Belgium I listened to your new album several times. Definitely a masterpiece of modern electronic music and a pleasure to track your musical changes during the last few years from "Insight" via "Far Away Light" and "Obsessive Surrealism" to "Shade".
It's kind of a musical evolution of your compositional creativity that comes closer and closer to my personal liking.

From my personal view you have developed to a really brilliant musician during these years! It's difficult to pick out a favorite song from the new album. Whenever I listen to it there are new aspects of each song I wasn't aware before. But I think the theme song Shade is outstanding and that's probably why the album got that name. My other favorites are Frightening Frontiers and Urgency. But this may change if I listen to the album again and again as I find new aspects during each passage that may change my mind.

In any case: outstanding stuff and keep up the excellent work. And I hope our A-100 system will continue to be a good partner for this job.

2009. Dieter Doepfer / Doepfer Musikelektronik It’s not hard to see why Ian Boddy likes Parallel Worlds aka Bakis Sirros.
Quirky, darkly aggressive tracks abound, sounding very much like the sort of compositions Boddy himself creates. Shade occupies the same sonic territory as Bakis’ previous release Obsessive Surrealism.

This is shadowy, moody music that you can tap your toes to, as on "Frightening Frontiers." If Otso Parikinen were to restrain his experimental leanings a bit more, the result would be quite similar to this I would think.
Even more moving is "Mutating Realities," although the dance-friendly beat disappears abruptly a couple minutes before it ends. At that point it turns into very minimal ambient, nearly silent in fact. It’s a surprising turn but the effect is cool nonetheless.
"Compulsive Mechanics" sounds like machines gone haywire, but with a nifty groove running through it. The emphasis is on unique melodies and unusual sounds and beats. Dynamic rhythmically throughout, there are a couple of beatless sections here and there, but never for very long.
The title track is exceptional, as is the dramatic piano-tinged "Towards", both playing like newly discovered pieces from industrial Berlin school masters Node.

Sirros has finely honed his craft, fully coming into his own with this album.

2009. Phil Derby / Electroambientspace This release from 2009 offers 63 minutes of sinuous electronic music. Parallel Worlds is Bakis Sirros (with help from John Sirros).

While keyboards play a vital role here, a majority of the music's charm lies in the inventive use of effects and pulsating tones (both in forefront and foundational application). The electronics display a remarkable flow, generating lavish streams that defy gravity and indulge in a form of dynamics akin to oil in water. Bewitching sounds spill with adroit abandon, establishing sultry riffs that shimmer like electrified honey. Textural elements peer through as a vaporous foundation that excellently matches the overall temperament of the music's thematic nucleus. The keyboard-driven chords adhere things together, conjoining harmonic oscillations with more melodic pulsations. This gentle union possesses a distinct gentility that borders on astral mesmerization while retaining an oomph that captivates the listener.
Rhythms abound, but they are usually of electronic origin, tempos born of looped non-impact sounds. This percussive definition tends to ooze through the mix instead of pounding with demonstrative residence. The compositions make ample use of the alluring conjunction of novel sounds, all propelled by sinuous keyboards and nickering rhythmics. Sirros has found a way to harness illbient elements and apply them in a graceful fashion that produces melodies of rippling appeal.

The result is highly gregarious and extremely tantalizing.

2009. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity Such powerful and atmosphere works haven't appeared in the horizon for a long time already. Name Parallel Worlds is new for me, but after album Shade this musician got to the center of great attention. Using oldschool analogue synthesizers together with modern drum-section Bakis Sirros creates really astounding sound canvas.

The album constantly keeps you in suspense, like in a good thriller, there is a hint of suspense in each sound and sample. The project is called Parallel Worlds not in vain, there is really a feeling that you get into some parallel world of Shades. Shade is a rather odd place and you start feeling rum, but this is exactly why I liked this album. Sound design and the record's sounding in general are worthy special mention. It's felt how carefully one or another element was chosen.
Skillfully used reverbs and delay help to force the atmosphere very much, also the perfect effect of an old vinyl which is present, for example, in track "A Moment Frozen". To my mind, it's one of the best things. Only two minutes, but how much it includes, how many nuances and details which like diamond sides, emphasize and create the obvious beauty.
If we speak about beauty, well "Shade" with the same name is also worth special attention. The composition catches not only due to the performance technique but thanks to the melody itself, a little bit sad and lonely, though perfectly adding to the general sounding.
The album's music also includes something mechanical, cyberpunk and "Compulsive Mechanics" is perhaps the best example for it. During the whole composition we are in the heart of some infernal machine, with its merciless squeaks and knocking bringing the nervous system into stupor. Imagination starts working on itself, creates some associations and images, not each musician is able to create such music.

Shade to my pure personal opinion, can already be considered one of the best albums of 2009. There is few such incredible, tangible music nowadays, one must literally "separate the wheat from the chaff". Here is no run-of-the-mill track, each composition is a piece of mosaics, if you gather it you will get a perfect picture.

Dmitry Quarck / Sound Proector / Russia Sequenced analog bliss from Bakis Sirros.
Fans of analog sounds will no doubt be familiar with the work of Bakis Sirros and his musical project Parallel Worlds. On previous discs Sirros has demonstrated a strong technical understanding and talent for analog manipulation, and with the release of "Shade" Sirros firmly establishes himself as an extraordinary sound sculptor, creating dense and lush music through sequenced patterns and highly sophisticated tonal structures and forms.

The track "Frightening Frontiers" opens the disc, a fast-paced piece that establishes a tension that can be felt throughout the release. Abrupt shifts in direction work nicely throughout the song, complementing established themes that act as a constant identifier for the listener while being moved through new locations and environments.
The later track "Urgency" follows a similar form, opening with a mysterious vocal and leading into a frantic percussive rhythm where occasional tonal stabs add a particular drama to the track.
Over its course, "Urgency" changes direction a couple of times, but retains a steady feeling of presence that links the different movements in a very successful way.
Sirros is equally skilled in creating beautiful melodic pieces on "Shade" as well, demonstrating not only his technical proficiency, but also an impressive understanding of texture and mood.
The track "Entities" is a beautiful melodic electronic piece where layers of sound build on a steady pulsing beat to create a very appealing framework. Adding some nice arpeggios and bell sounds to the mix, Sirros creates a very tastefully layered track that is quite inspired.
Title track "Shade" also stands out as a particularly appealing track, beginning with a slight piano melody and gradually adding in light percussive elements and a slow drone. As the track continues the soundfield gradually opens up, gaining in complexity and sophistication, with phrases being redefined through repetition.

Listening to "Shade", I can't help but recognize Sirros' immense talent and artistry. The carefully created soundscapes on this disc present him as an artist who cares deeply about detail and space within his work, who can successfully take the listener through a wide range of environments capturing multiple emotions and feelings. I've enjoyed Sirros' music as Parallel Worlds for some time now, and on "Shade" he surpasses all my previous expectations and sets a new standard of excellence in my mind.

2009. Ping Things / Canada After an overly impressing debut on DiN records that leaves us all astonished in its own quality and original perspective presented, then a new work is at hand again, just when we were just taking a recovering breath from the previous aural magnificence, so take a deep breath again dear listener because there is a new surprise in your hands as this album really comes ready to absorb our minds in a completely new design.
Newest work from Parallel worlds "Shade" certainly stand the Greek author Bakis Sirros as one of the more representative figure from the darkest side from the IDM scene, as a matter of fact "Shade" comes as the ultimate modern cinematic for a Cyber Gothic movie, full of dense atmospheres of ghostly machinery and bizarre landscapes. It does concentrate the manoeuvres from the previous album in a different direction, more synchronized with some Bio-Mechanical journey into the very reign of the creatures of HR Giger, all enveloped in the fabulous mould previously created by a set of sophisticated analogue sequences and a vast array of effects synchronized with vacuous rhythms. This is an utterly mysterious record that runs all the alarms inside the listener for attention, opening beneath him a vortex of an utterly strange dynamic of mysterious sound.
The special sound conformation from Parallel worlds is definitively incomparable with anyone in the IDM scene which makes it truly original and representative. The set of old fashioned analogue sequences, beeping pulsations and low paced intestinal like peristalsis rhythms definitively construct an archetypical sonority that comes as an exemplar trademark that now gets immediately associated with its name.
"Shade" is not really a continuation from their previous albums although share certain characteristics in terms of construction. "Shade" remains applying the Instrumental soundtrack tradition but expanding the idea in an uncharted territory more kindred with Industrial music but preserving that progressive and surreal direction found in the previous album issued by DiN. The mood is definitively more somber, applying lots of dark variants and eerie backgrounds that communicate a lot of tension and bizarre vistas on the listener.
Creepy analogue sequences evolve in unpredictable formations, the rounded textures of the analogue drones aided by the competent mix of richly details and rhythmic synchronization offers a general aura of mystery and demonstrates once again his dominion in the camp of analogue synthesizers.

The album starts somberly, applying atmospheric tension instead of rhythmic pressure. In general the work presents a set of tracks that conforms a perfectly progressive transition, each track complexly structured and richly varied in development; As common strategy the tracks are constructed around the cosmic profundity of the synth lines that slowly submerges itself in the ever increasing river of beeps and sequential transitions that constantly reabsorbs and transmutes in never ending passages of analogue beauty, suddenly you’re transported in a new world of sound, this music is really suggestive and rapidly displays its aural magic over the listener like silent spell. The array of effects is aside from eloquent very intriguing in its result adhering perfectly to the construction. In this regard he uses some glitch and beeps as effects, these set of elements stand out as a minimalist proposition that contrasts with the somehow bombastic perspective of the atmospheres and intriguing rhythmic sequences.
The most terrifying tracks are "Compulsive mechanics" that it’s like stepping into a crowded hall of cybernetic entities coming to life and the following with its well concocted industrial rhythms aided by the morphing sequences followed by "Not being mirrored" which presents that strange quasi gothic atmosphere, full of foggy tonalities that increases tension with the complexity of the rhythmic cadence, almost like walking in a futuristic castle of horror where an ignote race of vampires inhabit.
The sophomore track "Shade" presents an ethereal melancholic ambience, consolidated with a synth controlled basement of nostalgic notes and a softened line cold background with a subtle almost imperceptible like orchestral choral administered through the ambient background and amidst the analogue sequences.
"Urgency" is perhaps the most explosive tracks, focused on adding pulsing bass lines that constantly evolve in sunflower contours, additionally instilling a portion of bio-mechanical rhythms that gives a formal rarity to the track.
"Towards" adds minimal piano chords full of transcendental influx where the rhythmic effects and sequences flourish around.

Finally the movie is over, but the level of intrigue and corresponding questions raised imperatively remains. This is the kind of music –or art, for the matter-, that really shakes you inside, transforming your intimate fibres and relocating the plane of your unconscious, leaving you speechless and emotionally touched. So aside from being an excellent demonstration of IDM and modern electronica, or aside to be an exemplar on how to re-rubberize the qualities of "old" or "outdated" sonorities from synths and analogue equipment and to relocate the genre as something far new starting from old principles, Parallel world’s "Shade" constitutes a great achievement again in what respects to aural influence over the mood, thoughts and acts from the listener. A work that just not opens sonic universes of ignote mystery and deep questions beneath its audience, but also raises high remarks about the technical ability from its author, showing him as some sort of new guru in the scene of dark ambient IDM.
Highly recommended!

2009. Heathen Harvest Web Magazine / USA Es ist logisch, dass in Zeiten extremer Spezialisierung und Technologisierung auch ein genau gegensätzlicher Trend entsteht. Dementspreched verhält es sich mit der Digitalisierung und dem partiellen Trend hin zu analogen Klängen. Martin Gore von Depeche Mode packte der Kaufrausch für analoge Klangerzeuger und auch Bakis Sirros aus Griechenland ist einer jener Vertreter, die vor allem analoges und lieber zu viel Equipement als zu wenig benutzen. Zwei Jahre nach seinem letzten Album "Obsessive Surrealism" zieht Herr Sirros mit seinem Projekt Parallel Worlds und seinem Doepfer A100 erneut in die analoge Schlacht und das bis an die Zähne bewaffnet.

"Shade" heißt das neue Album und gleicht einem Wespennest. Es summt, surrt und klickt überall. Parallel Worlds belädt seine Songs bis zur Grenze des Wahrnehm-, oder besser Aufnehmbaren. "Shade" ist somit so rein gar nichts zum mal eben rein oder gar nebenbei hören. Das Album würde im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes nur vorbei rauschen. Dabei hat sich dieser griechische Meister der analogen Sounds so viel Mühe mit den Details gegeben. Eine Klaviernote reicht nicht, es muss gleich noch hier klingeln, da rhythmisch tuckern und dort wabern.
Wenn Bakis Sirros seinen Songs mal Leine lässt, wird es richtig vertrackt und kopflastig. Es kommt zu einer neuronalen Umprogrammierung durch neue Hörerfahrungen. Sphärische Melodien, die Ambient vortäuschen und darüber komplizierte Rhythmusgeflechte, die zu entwirren den Spaß verderben würde. Selbst bei den dunkleren und zurückgefahrenen Songs wie "A Moment Frozen" kann es Parallel Worlds nicht lassen, noch etliche Elemente oben drauf zu packen, die man erst nach und nach erkennt.

Es ist nicht immer einfach, Bakis Sirros zu folgen. Mit der nötigen Aufmerksamkeit ist es aber ohne weiteres möglich. Die Vielzahl an Eindrücken und Einzelheiten des Albums sind schier überwältigend. So wie "Shade" würde sich vielleicht die moderne Version des Balderunner-Soundtracks anhören. Nur dieses Mal gewinnen die Androiden.

Medienkonverter / Germany Parallel Worlds is the work of Greek musician Bakis Sirros. He is a leading light in the progression of electronic music with his involvement in the development of modular synthesizers in Europe and as a teacher of programming to aspiring electronic sculptors.

Shade, his 5th full length release, is a dark and atmospheric journey. Other-worldly in its spatial context, it varies between oceanic waves of sparkle and pulse and lunar soundscapes where gravity has fled the scene and the blips and effect-heavy ambience freewheel around your headphones.
This album sits in somewhat of a netherworld in that it invokes the reverb heavy feel of dub, the drift of Eno and the more contemporary glitch of IDM. On ‘Towards’ Sirros even veers toward the more abstract end of Depeche Mode and Massive Attack, incorporating some foreboding melodies into his gurgling analog rhythms.
What makes this such a captivating listen is how Sirros melds virtual and actual analog sounds. It ensures the music cannot be placed in any one time. As soon as you start feeling a Kraftwerk flashback taking hold the dark and dense digital sounds of Autechre emerge from the mist.
Sirros has created an album that really does transform your immediate surroundings. As background music it serves its purpose well yet when you sit down and let the music take over your senses you enter a contradictory world where you feel both apprehension and calm. ‘Entities’ in particular is unnerving and comforting at the same time.
Parallel Worlds also nods toward the more experimental side of electronic dub that artists like Robert Henke and Gas excel at. The elements of decay, delay and reverb on ‘A Moment Frozen’ and ‘Ungreat History’ weave a digitally smeared haze that makes it sound like it is the last time these pieces of music will be heard.

Shade should reward anyone with a taste for classic 70s electronica and/or an interest in contemporary experimental music. It has an emotional currency that is not always easy to locate in much of the cold and barren soundscapes released in this field. As its title hints, Shade exists in the ghostly shadows. As the final signals disperse you will be left still wondering as to its spirit’s intent.

2009. Chris Familton / Cyclic Defrost Magazine Shade is the studio album follow-up to Obsessive Surrealism and is the fifth CD release by Parallel Worlds (the main musical project of Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros).

Parallel Worlds employ a vast arsenal of both vintage and modern analog modular synthesizers with extensive use of classic sequencing techniques to produce a sonic world that combines modern electronica and ambient music styles with the feel of retro electronic music. His attention to detail is astonishing and his careful sculpting of sounds and textures produce an organic, ever evolving atmosphere full of half glimpsed meanings and subdued emotions.
The purely electronic rhythms and beats seem to have a life of their own and showcase a musician who is a virtuoso with these types of instruments that are the antithesis of the quick fix pick-a-preset mind set of much of todays society. Musically he likes to explore various states of mind, no doubt influenced by his medical background and this adds a tension and darkness to his compositions that are punctuated by disarmingly simple and wistful melodies.

With Shade Parallel Worlds show a musical maturity and command of sonic atmospherics that takes the music on a journey, moving through dreams and shades, aiming for the light.