1. Bound To Live [7:15]
  2. Secret Sarai (Part [2:27]
  3. Secret Sarai (Part [5:05]
  4. Secret Sarai (Part [4:39]
  5. River Of [8:41]
  6. Road To Awareness (Part [5:00]
  7. Road To Awareness (Part [6:54]
  8. A Song of Gratitude and Delight (Part [1:50]
  9. A Song of Gratitude and Delight (Part [6:23]
  10. A Song of Gratitude and Delight (Part [2:07]
  11. Ocean So [6:26]
  12. Setting Sails For Unknown [5:57]
The Magician is back! Having become a legend of his own by his numerous musical adventures with Secret Sarai the artist sets another milestone on his long creative road continuously following his vision of a global kind of music beyond the limits of categories and clichés.

The album undoubtedly is one of Gandalf’s most powerful and versatile productions in a long while. Accompanied by a number of supreme musicians he shows his full range of capabilities as a composer arranger and multi-instrumentalist. Some long-time-fans of his music will be more than happy to recognize the unmistakable sound of his electric guitar they may have missed in the recent years.

A special note is given to Gandalf’s compositions by the enchanting vocals of songwriter and vocalist Eva Novak.